Sunday, April 25, 2010


Ahh... Sardax.  What can I really say about Sardax?  For those who have done a lot of surfing in search of Femdom artwork you are probably very familiar with his works.  If you are not, I highly recommend checking out his site or at least doing a Google search for him.  Sardax is a Femdom artist that has been around for years and is very talented.  In FLR/WLM circles he is probably best known for illustrating Elise Sutton's book covers.  In Femdom and fetishist circles, he's widely known for a whole lot more.

I stumbled upon Sardax long ago (when his site was still free and went under the name Sartopia) and I was searching for pictures of women in fur and I was immediately blown away.  The imagery, the beauty, the depth of the depicted fantasy world... it was like nothing I had ever seen and to this day, I have yet to find another artist who has been able to create works on this level.

As my interest in Femdom grew, many of these images became firmly burned into my mind.   He can truly capture the essence of fantasy.

I've always felt that Sardax is to Femdom art what Vargas was to pinup art.  He creates a stylized and idealized vision of a woman that is too perfect to be true.  Something that separates Sardax from the rest is the way he is able to integrate the women into his settings.  With the exceptions of many of his portraits that can look more like poses, the women are generally portrayed in two ways:  taking great pleasure in whatever activity they are partaking in or behaving as if the situation going on is completely natural.  I think that in itself is what makes these fantasies resonate so strongly within submissive men.

While people might believe that it's easy to give this impression, I find it is very rare in actual Femdom portrayals to see a woman (or women) having the time of her life while tormenting a male slave giving an expression like it is her favorite thing in the world.  Accomplishing the appearance of natural behavior in an elaborate fantasy setting is also a feat, although it's hard to compare a woman getting out of a carriage drawn by male pony slaves in front of a giant castle and stepping onto a "red carpet" made of hundreds of men laying on the ground next to one another to anything that you might find in reality.  These fantasy scenes are able to convey that this is how things happen every day and it's nothing out of the ordinary.  Men in his works generally serve more as props or victims and the difference in status is readily apparent.

It's odd to me because a large number of Sardax's works do not appeal to me in terms of their fantasy and content but it seems even the works that I find extreme or far-removed from my own fetishes and fantasies still manage to hold my attention with their imagery.
While I think it's great that Sardax's popularity has grown over the years and he is probably able to make a decent living (or at least a substantial supplementary income) from his website and other commissions, I'm not nearly as fond of his works over the past few years.  They have a bit of a mass-produced feel to them and I'm sure that can be explained by him kicking out 100+ new pictures a year rather than 10 but they also tend to have more of a target demographic with their content.  e.g. these pictures appeal to the foot fetishes, these ones are for those who like smothering, these ones are for the sissies, these are for those with a fetish for strap-on play, etc.
If you go back to his earlier works (the ones on his Classics page) and some of his specially categorized newer works they tend to yield an appeal to almost anyone, regardless of their fetishes.  They just perfectly capture some idealized mystique that subs dream about.

Basically, it's usually quite apparent which works he sunk his heart into... which ones really burned radiantly within him as he was creating them.  It is in these works that he manages to capture the essence of Femdom fantasy.
Sardax does have one book available for sale and his art is found on the covers of several Femdom publications.  All of the pictures I have posted here are from the free area of his website:


  1. I missed this post while reading through your others. I adore Sardax also, his work was ground breaking in the early days of internet Femdom.

    You mention: great pleasure in whatever activity they (the women) are partaking in or behaving as if the situation going on is completely natural. I think that in itself is what makes these fantasies resonate so strongly within submissive men...end quote.

    This is what also, resonates with women, that it is OK to treat a partner this way.I often suggest new Domme pay a visit to, just to show them we don't have to be stern faced bitch's to be part of the Femdom world.

  2. Thank you for writing, Miss Bonnie.

    It is very good to know the appeal goes both ways.