Thursday, October 21, 2010


Things are a bit rocky right now but Mistress and I managed to go out shopping a few days ago.

Each year we go out looking for a coat or two for her and build an entire wardrobe around it with coordinating gloves, boots, hat/headband, scarf, purse, etc.  Some years are better than others for what we find, especially when it comes to finding good deals.  We can dedicate a modest budget to this endeavor each year but sometimes we get lucky with sales/clearances and end up being able to afford two or three coats/outfits for her. 

We were able to find a coat or two that fit her style but not in her size.  The search will continue.

We did stumble upon a few items that she picked out for me.  She knows it pushes my buttons because when she approaches me with it and says something I'm unable to talk and I turn red.  This year's women's winter clothing seems to be a mix of some odd downplayed colors, diva-bling, and some very frou frou items.  She tends to prefer dressing me in the latter so I usually know what to expect.

At one store she found a pair of pink faux fur leg warmers.  Neither of us really care for faux but once she saw them I knew we weren't leaving without buying them.  At another store we found a few items, first was a pair of off-white mittens trimmed with white fur and a matching off-white hat trimmed with white fur.  After some deliberation she decided to pass on those since we already have a lot of similar items and she picked out a pair of huge, fluffy baby blue fox fur earmuffs.  She held them up over my head to put them on me and then laughed when she saw me cringe and rubbed the fur on my face while calling me a sissy.  She then said, "I think we're going to get you baby blue this year," and we ended up getting the earmuffs.

When we got back she made me model them for her until she had to get ready for work, when she had me lay on the bed face down while she gave me a spanking and then had to leave.