Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Awakening the male Nipples

There's a common belief out there that male nipples aren't as sensitive as female nipples.  I'm not really sure where this started or how this came into being but I've met many people who have held this belief.

I seem to remember reading a little article in a fairly serious publication about 12 years ago that men actually have a higher concentration of nerve endings in the nipples than women since women are designed to breast feed and their nipples are meant to take a bit more "abuse" without experiencing.  It could very well be wrong information.  I tried to do a bit of research on this subject but wasn't able to dig up any scientific evidence in support of either gender having a greater concentration of nerve endings, so for the purpose of this post I will be working under the assumption that male and female nipples can be equally sensitive.

I use the phrase "can be" since many men seem to be a lot less nipple sensitive than women.  Also about 12 years ago (during my piercing phase) I read on a non-scientific website that men's nipples could be as sensitive (if not more sensitive) than women's, but since men have tougher/thicker skin (and often excess chest hair), it can take some work to build the same kind of sensitivity.  Basically they said that male nipples had to be "activated."

As of that time I didn't have very sensitive nipples and I explored some of the methods listed on the site for making them more sensitive.  Some of the methods described were to gently rub the rough skin around the nipples until they are erect and then holding them firmly and gently twisting them from side to side, rubbing them back and forth/up and down through a shirt/sheet/layer of fabric, etc.  It took a couple of months of doing this while I fell asleep at night but very soon after I found nipple stimulation causing intense arousal and after a while my nipples became incredibly sensitive and able to trigger erections if they were teased.

Since then I have become a fairly firm believer in the idea of awakening male nipples through regular contact and nipple stimulation has become one of the more pleasurable aspects of erotic play.

If you are a sub that doesn't have very sensitive nipples (or a Domme whose sub doesn't have very sensitive nipples) this may be a tactic you could try in order to increase arousal and sexual intensity.


  1. We're in complete agreement on this one. I've done more than my share of activating male nipple sensitivity over the years. Even the subs who have been initially quite reluctant have been, in a short period of time, re-educated. One of my favorite "toys" for a beginner is a pumice stone. Used gently on the end of a male's nipples, then more firmly as time goes on, it's quite effective as an introduction to the joys of nipple sensitivity. And it's fun to make a sub use the very pumice stone that has just been used on his nipples as a foot smoothing device for his dom.

    Clamps, of course, are a wonderful invention. I've used just about every type there is, and though I've never found a pair that is absolutely pull proof (without piercing) a gradual raising of the intensity level of the clamps, and artful placing on various parts of the nipple, usually result in a sub whose nipples become an immediate connectivity point that goes directly to his cock as far as stimulation is concerned.

    1. Just trolling through some old comments. WOW!

    2. Thank you, Explorer. It makes me happy to see you being more talkative in your comments here :)

  2. Thank You again, Lady Grey.

    Eeek. Clamps and pumice stones make me cringe as my nipples are quite sensitive and tender much of the time. It's kind of a double-edged sword for me. They can be a source of extreme pleasure or extreme pain and discomfort.

    My nipples were awakened before I entered this lifestyle and it's something I've been teased about quite often by my girlfriends. I think it's also the primary reason I've rarely worn bras when they have feminized me since they want my nipples to be constantly stimulated in either a good or bad way (good involving pleasurable materials, bad involving rough, itchy materials).

  3. I have found that my nipples are very sensitive after a steady and daily regimen of pulling, twisting, and squeezing them with ever greater force. I now have extremely sensitive nipples that when touched, creates intense sexual arousal that cannot be ignored because the pleasure doesn't stop when the touching ends. My nipples are long (3/4" - 1") and because I use skin cream daily, very soft. They show through most shirts I wear. I love them and want them to grow longer.

  4. I love to pull my nipples and with a cigarette between my lips its heaven. The more I pull and twist my nippples the more I draw on the cigarette and dont stop until it is all gone.....then I light another...