Saturday, November 19, 2011

Third Wheel

Drawing weakness

I realize just how limited my drawings are by the fact that I suck ass at drawing backgrounds.  I know I should practice/learn how to draw them... but it is of relatively little interest to me, especially when they will take as long or longer than drawing the people in the drawings. 

This is where I feel I've hit a wall. 

My all-time goal for drawing was to be able to draw a woman sexy enough to masturbate to (sad but true).  I feel like I'm reaching that point (although it's not perfect) but I'm stuck deciding if I want to develop a more complete ability or just keep working on what I enjoy doing more.


This is my first drawing with a fur-less sissy :P

Friday, November 18, 2011

Earmuff Headphones

It seems the headphone in the earmuff idea has finally worked its way towards the women's fashion style of earmuffs (and not just the unisex behind the head fleece kind).

I doubt they're the noise-blocking kind I wrote about a while ago in a post on sensory deprivation but oh well.

The previous post about this is located here.