Saturday, October 8, 2011

Femdom as an Economic Theory - Introduction

So... I was surprisingly motivated to write tonight (mostly stemming from my first stint of real commenting earlier this week on Lady Grey's blog) and I decided to theorize about a few things that really explain a lot of the inequities of the D/s lifestyle (beyond the lifestyle itself).

Femdom relationships, most noticeably the courting process and raw numbers can almost all be explained through economic theory.  I'm not sure if this is really useful to anyone, but it should hopefully shed some light on things especially for subs seeking Dommes and for Dommes seeking subs and weeding through the applicants.

My apologies in advance if these posts get a bit garbled and they may require previous writings to adequately describe the situation.  I will try to provide back links in those cases. 

Feedback is always welcomed.


So... Halloween is coming up again.  This time is always strange to me when it comes to forced feminization because it's a time when things open up a bit. 

Sissies have the freedom to shop for pretty much anything and simply cite that it's for a Halloween costume.  Similarly they can dress how they want without having severe social repercussions if they are "going to a Halloween party." 

Due to this, I've often seen many sissy assignments be ordered to perform "at a time other than around Halloween." 

I guess I'm curious if those who still struggle being outed would feel more comfortable being on display around this time of year than any other.