Thursday, January 20, 2011


Well, this drawing sort of turned out like shit but I figured I'd post it anyways.  The drawing felt uninspired but the idea behind the drawing is something I had a dream about a long time ago.

I'm not sure your feelings on the idea of the his/Hers types of matching stuff.  Sometimes you'll see towels/robes set up in that way, other times you'll find some outfits designed to match except be tailored to each gender.  In other cases you'll find the mother/daughter "mini-me" type matching outfits as well.

Why not a his/Hers sissy/Mistress outfits?

I've always wondered...

If people wanted to me to share more about myself on a personal level.  I'm fairly certain there are those who would prefer if I graphically recounted play experiences, and I'm guessing there are others that would prefer me writing and exploring different topics on an analytical level.

I get a handful of comments and feedback (all of which I am grateful for) but not enough to really know what to write sometimes. Maybe it's best during those times that I just draw hehe. 

Quite a change...

since yesterday as the weather dipped to 5-10 degrees today with overnight lows approaching -20 and a high of tomorrow estimated to be between 0 and 5.  Kind of a letdown after Wednesday.

At least when it gets this cold every place you might go is less busy...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Tonight I'm feeling a bit lonely.  I had a really long day and almost got into several car accidents when people changed lanes without looking and nearly side-swiped me.  I'm not really sure but there were a lot of up and down adrenaline rushes/crashes following a night where I didn't sleep very well.

I stopped by a lot of stores today and while it was "warm" by our standards reaching the mid-20's, when following days of snow and temperatures in the teens or below something strange always happens on these days (and I don't just mean extra long lines at the car wash).  Women that are out and about tend to dress particularly well during these times.  It's like, when it's super cold they bundle up to the gills and don't worry about fashion and when it's "super warm" (e.g. 30's) they tend to wear laundry day clothes since it's sloppy as hell outside.  It's these days where it's warmer than it has been but still decently cold that things tend to spice up a bit.

The shapeless nylon parkas go away and the stylish yet practical ensembles make their way out of the closet once again.  Huge over-sized ski gloves and mittens are replaced with leather, wool, and cashmere gloves, and everything gets a little stream-lined, although prime for my strongest fetish, that being women in fur and leather apparel, boots, gloves, and certain styles of hats (these pre-date all of my submissive tendencies).

I wrote about this in some of my earliest posts (in the first 10 or 20 entries or so) on my blog.  My sissy fetish is all about the forced part of forced fem and humiliation.  I don't wish to ever pass for feminine, nor could I with my muscular build.  I am jealous at how women's clothing differs from men's clothing.

To put it bluntly, I'm attracted to nearly every part of a woman.  While eyes and mouth tend to be what makes me truly drawn in (in a superficial sense), I love breasts and curves.  I love hair that accents the overall shape of the figure.  I love some more interesting facial characteristics like a slightly turned up nose or some imperfect teeth and small moles.  I can't help but (peripherally) stare at shapely hips, thighs, and ass.  I love the proportional differences between men and women, shortened torso, longer legs, shorter arms, and (proportionately) longer necks.

How does this apply to being jealous of how clothing differs?  Well, women's clothing does two things that men's clothing doesn't do.  First, women's clothing is meant to tease the eyes.  It lures you.  A low cut blouse and you can't help but peak at the breasts.  Leggings and tights (or any tight fitting pants) have your eyes tracing upwards.  Tunic length tops (with leggings) keep you wanting to see more.  Skirts are so inviting.  Stretch tops show off the curves of the breast and back.  Even though I was really busy with errands today I noticed at least six women wearing stretch pants, knee high boots, and belted hip length coats.  They would walk in with a pair of leather gloves in hand and sunglasses on.  On days like these they know they look good and they know people notice it.

The second part is comfort.  Form and function become one in women's clothing designed for winter.  Men have a cotton shirt with a semi-rigid collar.  Women have a form fitting cashmere sweater that caresses the body with every movement, retains warmth without over-heating, and makes the breasts "pop."  Assuming you shop stores that are a cut above what you would find at an average mall (or utilize discount retailers like TJ Maxx), women's outerwear is almost always geared towards style, comfort, and warmth.  With men's clothing it's notable for its lack of style, lack of comfort, and just the warmth.  The luxury fabrics turn up more commonly for women and usually at a better price than similar items for men (if they are even available) and in a manner that is meant to compliment various outfits via different colors.  What's key here is this:  men aren't supposed to enjoy wearing it, they're just supposed to wear it and look either practical or established/sophisticated or scenester/hipster, or whatever. 

My love of the touch of fur (with a lot of outside help) pretty much made me the sissy I am today.  Aside from trapper hats (which have become trendy with women in the past two years) and hood trim, fur has pretty much vanished from men's apparel.  Match that with the political climate towards fur coming up through the late 80's and the 90's and a material that had been used for warmth for thousands of years pretty much vanished for men.

Even with the invention of synthetic fibers, fur (including sheepskin/shearling/etc.) is still as warm if not warmer (with less perspiration).  Even if a synthetic could be as warm, there's something missing... and that is the touch.  Natural fur just feels really good on the skin.  So in our post-thinsulate and abundant faux era, there's still a reason that earmuffs are made out of fur, sheepskin, etc. and that's because it feels good and it's incredibly warm.  With that in mind, while earmuffs were invented by a man with the intention of them being unisex, the only male earmuffs (that aren't feminine and passed off as unisex) are those fleece behind the head style, which are neither as warm nor pleasing to the touch. 

Now I am of the type that really doesn't bundle up much in winter.  I rarely zip up my coat.  I wear thin leather gloves.  I never wear hats, scarves, or boots.  I don't layer at all, nor wear any flannel or fleece.  I find many of those materials, especially acrylic, to be more irritating than anything else.  I over-heat and then sweat and then get colder and the material tends to rub in a bad way, making my head and neck itch.  Now if I wanted to dress for warmth and comfort, my options are extremely limited without going en femme.

This is kind of how things got started.  I got my first Mistress a merino wool cloche hat with a fur cuff trim that went over the ears, some merino wool gloves with fur cuffs at the wrist, and a fur scarf as a gift.  She absolutely loved them.  While modern fashion has dictated that fur trims are meant for style, they were in fact invented to help retain body heat at the points where the warm clothes end.  It was during a discussion similar to what I am writing now that she originally wanted me to be comfortable with wearing fur and she wanted me to enjoy it as she had learned to on that fateful day when she made me wear the things I got her.  I resisted but she "insisted" (giving me a couple of checks in the punishment log) and soon I was wearing them and she teased my face and chest with the ends of the scarf.  After several minutes she realized I wasn't saying anything.  My face was red, my eyes were pointed at the floor, my lip was twitching and I had a huge erection.  I couldn't speak, I could only nod or shake my head.  Fur became part of her power and she soon abandoned the idea of making me comfortable with it and began to exploit my discomfort. 

It was later that week when the conversation from my May 4th post took place and she ended up buying it even after that conversation. 

I don't really know where I'm going with this post, nor did I know when I started.  I just feel pretty lonely tonight (Mistress is working an overnight) and I don't have anyone to talk to or be affectionate with.

All I know is that I am grateful for today's weather since there were many women about in sexy boots, fur-trimmed coats and hats, and an abundance of nice sweaters and shapely form-fitting pants while indoors.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I finally got my first message

on the chatbox that I added to my blog but unfortunately I was away helping to make dinner and by the time I got back the person wasn't there any longer.

I regret closing the window before starting this reply because I remember the basics from the question but not all of the details.  If you were the one to leave the message, please leave a comment here and I can try to address the specifics more directly.

Basically, if memory serves me, the writer was a sub in a long-standing marriage with some Femdom tones that was wanting his wife to have him wear a bra and panties and his request was denied and he was looking for advice on how to convince her of the idea.  (also I think there was a mention of chastity but I don't remember the specifics.)

I have written about this topic several times in the past but I will try to reiterate some of the more important points.  What you need to "sell" her on is how will it benefit her.  Basically, by forcing you to dress in a bra and panties, what does that add to her life, your relationship, and so on?  Will her life be better because of it or is it just something you want to do?  Will it justify its cost? 

You need to be able to answer these questions and be willing to make extra sacrifices to make it happen (assuming it is truly important to you).  You can try tackling them one by one.

Some examples:
"When you have me wear a bra and panties, it makes me feel more submissive and more loving.  I also feel more obedient and would be willing to do to prove that to you."

"I would be willing to give up in order to justify its costs and more than make up for it by ."

"It is something that touches my submissive soul deeply and I think I would be able to make you happier because ."

If you can't answer these questions you might have to just accept that it probably won't happen, beg and plead and hope it does something, or hopefully win a bet of some sort where that can be the reward.

The other compromise (after finding ways it will improve her life) is to seek a trial basis of it.  See if she notices a difference over two weeks and let her decide after that.  Unfortunately, if she's adamant about it you might be out of luck.

Here are some links to posts that I have made that have dealt with similar subjects:

Unfortunately there's no sure-fire way to sell it to her.  The best you can do is to come up with a compelling argument and hope that she will be willing to either buy into it or at least entertain it on a trial basis. 

Thoughts on submissive/sissy names and the pronoun game

I've served several women over the years, most of which have sissified me to some extent and the ones I was with for longer than a month always developed some sort of nickname for me.

I've been called pet, slave, my first initial, slut, sissy, etc. but I've never been given a girl's name.  The idea of being given a girl's name doesn't really do it for me although I know that's a common thing to do with Domme's that feminize their subs.  I'm not sure why it has no effect on me, maybe it's that I'm not feminine in the slightest or that I have no aspirations towards womanhood.  I also don't really know if being given one would do it for me, but only since I don't really care to have one.

That being said, when my Mistresses no longer called me by my name, it DOES do it for me.  A little bit of thinking on the subject and I started to analyze what types of nicknames did it for me and which ones didn't. 

What I noticed was that my submissive instincts (aka a hard on) usually stems from nicknames that either reflect status inequalities, depersonalize, or are insulting.  When being called "pet," it's not like saying "my pet," which would have a name, but more stating that I am in fact on the level of a pet. From my experiences, when demeaning/insulting nicknames, a single name is rarely used exclusively.  e.g. If she calls me slut, she will most likely call me whore, bitch, sissy, etc. and use any of them at any time interchangeably (or a combination like sissy bitch, slut whore, and so on).

Pronouns tend to be a bit different, except almost all of them affect me if they are used when I am present and being spoken about as if I'm not even there.  In this context I can see being referred to as "she" doing it for me.  That being said, being called "it" or "the slave" or "the slut" would have a similar effect.  Hell, even addressing me as "you there" or "boy" etc. tend to do it when the mood is right.

I guess all of it would probably have to come down to the context. 

I guess I'm curious as to why Dommes give their feminized subs girl's names, if it's to give them an association with being feminine or because they love it or hate it? 

200 posts

It seems that earlier tonight I broke the 200 post mark.  I know my web presence has been a bit sporadic but I'm grateful to all those who read my blog and everyone that I have communicated with both here and on other blogs.  You all help inspire me and hopefully I'm able to contribute to some of you as well.

Keep in mind I'm always open to requests for topics to write about or answering any questions you might have.

Another drawing inspired by MsMarie

MsMarie's recent post "Natural Habitat - Snow Plowed" got my head spinning in a good way and I used a few pics from her blog as models for this one.

 If I gave my drawings titles, this one would probably be called something like "Traversing the natural habitat in style."  Unfortunately with my current level of abilities I just couldn't get the whipping arm to look right...

(MsMarie, I know I borrowed you and your husband as models without permission, if you want me to take this down please let me know)

Monday, January 17, 2011

I stumbled across this picture a while back

I stumbled across this picture a while back and just saw it again today for the first time in over a year.  I can understand completely the body language and posture.  It's a display of shame and humiliation.  It got me thinking a bit about the subject.  In all likeliness he has some sort of fur fetish that brings him great guilt and shame, he likely has a fetish for forced feminization that also brings him guilt and shame, and he probably has a thing for humiliation, which is why he was willing to be photographed in the first place. 

For some reason tonight I started thinking about how conditional his fetishes probably are.  Tear him away from the security of a private home and force him into a situation well outside of his comfort zone and all of that desire would probably fade away.  Drive him to the mall to parade him around and he'll probably beg and cry and refuse to leave the car unless threatened with something much worse.  Turn your back on him for an instant and he'll have the fur hidden away as best he can and probably try to use the coat to cover his skirt and legs.  The mental anguish would be off the charts.  Start counting to five.  Tell him if you reach five you'll have him welded inside a steel chastity belt.  Assure him that it's not an empty threat.  Feel your lips mouth "fiii" and watch him snap to attention. 

What a terrible experience that would be.  A terrible experience that lingers as a fantasy in my twisted mind.

I really like this coat...

and would love to see my Mistress wearing it.

Life as it is

Well, it's been several months since our last serious D/s interactions.  Things are going quite well and we haven't been fighting much over the past couple of months.  I am okay with this but I think it's also why I've been doing so much with my blog the past couple of weeks.  My D/s needs aren't being met in life so I'm finding a way to feed them here.  It makes it hard sometimes. 

Catering to a Domme's nature

Some recent comments by Lady Grey got me thinking a bit about Dommes and something came to mind that I thought was worthy of its own post.  My apologies in advance if this basically comes off as the same thing as something else I wrote months ago.  With the ups and downs that I've been through this past year it seems like a distant memory.

A lot of responsibility is put on the Domme to keep the kink rolling in a D/s relationship.  I'm sure this can be frustrating at times for both parties.  A lot about D/s dating/courting/relationships revolves around sub "fit," which is basically how compatible a Domme and sub are on a kink level.

When it comes to deeper types of submission I think a lot of the specifics can be ignored as the basic needs are more like themes and the right type of Domme will fill those needs regardless of what the specifics are.

I think every Domme has two primary parts to their D/s nature:
A.  The part of the Domme that enjoys being dominant.  This is the part of the Domme that gets off on doing things to a sub. 

B. The part of the Domme that enjoys having a submissive.  This is the part of the Domme that gets off on having a sub do things for her.

The type A part of a Domme probably most enjoys spanking/beating, mind fucking, bondage, tease & denial, limiting privileges, etc.  Basically, she gets off on themes of power and control and wielding it over someone else.

The type B part of a Domme probably most enjoys being waited on hand & foot, receiving sexual pleasure, avoiding tedious chores/busywork, etc.  In these cases she gets off on themes of being cherished and pampered.  To simplify it even more, she goes for the displays of love and devotion in each action.

I do know that many of these activities could be classified as both, but I'm mainly getting at what part of each activity pleases her most.  "Turn your Woman into a Femdom" advice/writings generally cater to type B. 

Every Domme has at least some of each type but how they balance within a Domme differs greatly from person to person.  In most D/s relationships (working from the distribution of intensities I wrote about in, I would wager there is usually a 40A-60B split or greater in favor of B in most Dommes.  I think a lot of that probably stems from the guilt factor that many Dommes have about what they do to and with subs, but mostly from the fact that there just aren't as many women that get aroused by being cruel to someone else.  Because of this I think you'll find quite a few women who go as far as 10A-90B but VERY FEW women that would be 90A-10B.

If you are a Domme and aren't sure which type you lean towards, picture a naked sub prostrated at your feet and consider the following lines:
1. "I suffer for you because it pleases you.  That makes me happy."
2. "I would do anything for you to please you.  That makes me happy."

If you prefer 1, you probably lean to type A.  If you prefer 2, you probably lean to type B.

I also realize a Domme may change her distributions over time, so when I make these statements, I mean them over the course of a year or so and they may shift from year to year.

Subs have a similar sort of personality mix:
a. The part of the sub that enjoys doing things for a Domme.

b. The part of a sub that enjoys having things done to him by a Domme.

A/b and B/a probably make up the best couples in the long run, but unfortunately, I would wager that there are more type a subs than type b subs.  If there are truly more type B Dommes than type A Dommes, that means the largest group of subs has the smallest group of Dommes and vice versa.

In my opinion, it's best off for a sub seeking a Domme to be well-balanced (if not leaning heavily to type a).

More shading practice

I really love drawing.  I'm not very good at it but it really makes me feel alive.  I get a bit frustrated sometimes since improvements happen very very very slowly.  I was never able to take any art/drawing classes in high school or college.  My parents expected me to be perfect and get a scholarship since they said I was "gifted."  In turn, I avoided classes that posed a risk to my GPA, e.g. Art, auto mechanics, wood shop, creative writing (writing was a huge weakness of mine back then), etc.  Lots of things I wanted to do for pleasure or for practical knowledge I just had to skip over.  I managed to finish high school with a 4.0 but I really regret not just saying fuck it and doing what I wanted to.  In college the engineering grad programs I was looking at had pretty high GPA requirements and I had no room for any type of elective credits.  By the time I changed majors and decided not to go to grad school I got stuck taking all required classes until I graduated.  If I could do it all over again I'd make a much larger effort to make drawing/painting a much larger part of my life.

The model for this drawing was from a picture at
He's been around for years and if you have a thing for women in fur, you are probably aware of his site.

Also, the last few drawings I have done were using vector clip art for the eyes and mouth.  I drew these ones by hand and I think they're a huge step up from my earlier drawings.  I still suck at mouths and noses though :P
(I was going to draw a sub in the cage but I think it would have probably turned out poorly no matter how much time I spent on it).