Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fur Fetish

As I wrote in my pseudo-biography, this whole thing started with a fetish for women in fur.  A fur fetish really isn't uncommon, it can be documented for a long time, especially with its roots tied to masochism with Leopold von Sacher-Masoch's novel, Venus in Furs.

It often appears that it's common for men to have a fur fetish than women (women might love it, but it's not of a "fetish" nature).  So what about those who would classify themselves as having a "strong affinity"?

For me, it's always been the fashionable aspects of it that drew me in.  I'm not a huge fan of the big shapeless 1980's power furs... I'm thinking more along the lines of more shapely items (sometimes belted/cinched) as well as a trim or accessory.  I have a strong affinity (borderline fetish) for women wearing many things.  I might be a bit cliche in these, but a woman in leather gloves, leather pants, sexy boots, hats, etc. all turn me on big time.  My fetish is a bit different than what might be generally termed as a fetish.  I love women in sexy boots (and have fantasized them a lot over the years) but I would never say, masturbate into a pair of sexy boots. 

I guess why I'm curious is that I've tracked down the majority of the blogs I follow and comment on via the interests selected in my profile (or other sites linked by blogs that shared common interests).  What shocks me is that I'm the lone user with "fur fetish" listed as an interest.  Why? 

All of my Mistresses have had a fur fetish.  Theirs was for wearing fur, they found the touch irresistible and loved its comfort.  It worked out nicely for my fetish for women in fur.

I'm not a fan of the cold but if something like the coat below could pass for anything remotely male I probably wouldn't mind it as much.  Anyone?

On a side note, part of the twisting of my fetishes that I have spoken of is that when I am ordered to wear something that is fur, little if any of it actually comes into contact with my skin (it's usually just an adornment).

Does anyone else have any favorite clothing items they find completely irresistible while worn by a woman?  Or if you are a woman, are there any favorite items that make you feel completely sexy or dominant?


  1. Furcissy,

    I've had a fur "thing" for as long as I can remember. Yes, I do like to see furs on women, but I'd really rather wear them myself! Currently, I don't own a fur coat, but have many fur-trimmed (REAL fur, please!) women's coats. Most have either coyote- or fox-trimmed hoods. I also own a raccoon collar and cuffs that were on a woman's wool coat (too small for me). I removed them, and use them on many of my untrimmed coats and sweaters, as the fancy strikes me. Your pink fur-trimmed accessories are really amazing. I'd like to have some of my own. I usually go out (during the fall and winter) at least a few times wearing what I term as "pseudo drab" clothing--women's jeans, top, shoes and jacket/coat, plus I'm underdressed with women's lingerie--panties, pantyhose and bra. I have a women's parka with a really fluffy coyote-trimmed hood that would not be mistaken for a man's that I love to wear. Last winter, I wore it when I went "out", and heard several snickers when people realized what I was wearing. It's both humiliating and exhilarating at the same time!

    Please keep posting pictures! It would be great if you could include some (even if it's a cartoon) of boys being made to wear girls fur and fur-trimmed coats and jackets by their sisters, moms, or relatives.


  2. Thank you for the comments, ReneeCD.

    It's nice to know I'm not alone out there.

    I will try to post more pictures as I find the time.

  3. love fur too ... love to see it being worn , but LOVE to wear it ( or me made to wear it :-)) too. There are so many fur trimmed jackets and parkas around now ... but very few with a full , furry REAL fur trim ...I have a couple of parkas which have been trimmed in real fur ... huge hoods ... and enjoy the looks and comments I get when wearing them out :-)

  4. im paul i love my parka coat with fur hood i love the orange lining it turns me on please email me send me pictures

  5. im hooked on women wearing the fox stoles with head and tail im now 55 and its turned me on since childhood , i love it so very much that im now sitting here wrapped in a bunch of them naked,there so soft i cannot remove them for hours,i cant get caught cause i live alone,sometimes i wish i had a cd,tv,or sissy boy or a women to share this with.

  6. Thank you for sharing.

    There are many others out there, I just wish that more of them would drop by here :)

  7. fox stoles,I felt sorry for the poor critters until my little body was wrapped in there soft sensual fur. next would be a full length coyote coat like I seen my teacher wearing as she was smoking a cigarette. she was a sweet and cute lady. I would never have thought she would be the type to smoke let alone wear the furs of a wild animals!!!

  8. Wwwoooow! Thought I was the only one! I have a wardrobe full of mans and womens coats and jackets, parkas etc etc, all with fur(mostly real fox fur) trimmed hoods. I absolutely adore them and hardly a day goes by with out wearing at least one, indoors or out. I have got passed that point of worrying about what other people think, who cares! Look at some of the crazy fashions that people wear. A lovely warm and furry hood is not that weird! Bring em on, and wear them up... always!!!

  9. There are quite a few fur fetishists out there. Most are rather private.

    It's good to hear that you are able to live for yourself and not by the expectations of others.

  10. I have been a fanatical lover of fur trimmed hoods since a child. Im a perfectly normal guy who leads a perfectly normal life, except I have a wardrobe full of fur trimmed hooded coats, jackets anoraks, jumpsuits, all with attached fur(mostly fox) trimmed hoods!! Hardly a day goes by without me wearing at least one of them either indoors or out.
    This all started Im fairly sure, when at the age of six or seven, I was made to wear my sisters shiny quilted hooded anorak, which had a big fur trimmed hood. I remember absolutely hating it and the more I played up the more I was made to wear it with the hood up! Dont parents know what they are doing to their kids!!! I remember, bizarrely almost deliberately being bad to punish myself in the hood! I have no idea why! But that was the start...........
    It would be wonderful to hear from anyone with similar likes and experiences. I thought I was the only one!
    Please email me at
    suitable name heh!