Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fiction/story ideas

I see from the surveys that people are fairly in agreement that they would like to see me write some stories or fictional scenes.  As I've said before I have a lot of half-finished writings as well as a lot of ideas for premises that could easily be extended to novel length.

Since it would be you, the readers, that would actually be reading said writings, I have a few questions for you that may steer in which direction I go with writing.

Think of this as a survey and you can respond with answers in the comments.  I don't care if it's anonymous or not but I like to know my audience.

1.  In school I was a math and science guy so things like writing style and prose aren't things I'm well-versed in.  I do my best to try to have some style but sometimes I struggle.  Are you okay with my writing being on the weaker side of things?   (it will likely improve over time)

2.  As you can probably tell so far, I have some rather particular fetishes, which to me are enjoyable but to others it may get rather repetitive and boring since it's not their cup of tea.  In all honesty, these will probably serve as masturbation fantasies for most readers, but for me to take genuine interest in writing them, it will probably wreak heavily of my own specific fetishes.  Are you prepared for (or even encouraging) this to happen?

3.  As I've also written before, on occasion I struggle to get into the true mindset and motivations of a Domme.  Basically, I just sort of assume that being on the dominant end of certain activities "does it" for her in a similar way that being on the submissive end of the same activities "does it" for me.  Would you like me to make an attempt at capturing the mindsets of both roles or just stick to the submissive side of things?  If I did try to capture the "essence" of a Domme it would be in stories where the Dommes were the primary characters.

4.  On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being most vanilla and 10 being the most extreme, how extreme do you like your Femdom to go? 

5.  Do you prefer stories that are more realistic or ones that throw realism and practicality to the wind and incorporate fantasy elements that go beyond what could happen in every day life?

6.  Do you prefer situations that flow along on a more consensual level or ones that are rather inescapable?  Or maybe a mix of both, sort of in a "bitten off more than he could chew" variety?

Any input would be much appreciated.