Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fur 2012

The fall clothing has started showing up on department store websites.  Early browsing says this will be a good year (although it felt that way last year and ended up being rather weak). 

My favorites so far:

I love this coat. It's hot, shapely, and can both conceal and reveal.

My first impulse on this was mixed.  It has a bit of a huntress/warrior vibe though and I really enjoy the middle picture of it.

I love the collar.  The sweater is its vehicle.

This is a pretty classic look. I love the waist taper to show off the hourglass shape even if it doesn't exaggerate the cleavage. 

I like this as well. I usually hate skinny leg pants, but the jacket has just enough flare at the hips to make that work.

This is nice but I think only certain body types could pull it off.

Sissiest item of the year goes to:

The hall of shame award... goes to something that looks like it came out of a backwoods taxidermist but about $1500 more expensive: