Friday, May 28, 2010

Extreme Behavior Modification - The KTB

First off, I am going to start this post off with the statement that these things scare the living crap out of me and I wouldn't ever want to wear one.  The concept is, however, an interesting one.

For those unfamiliar with the KTB, the name is short for "Kali's Tooth Bracelet" or "Kali's Teeth Bracelet."  The KTB is a simple chastity device that involves a metal ring that is locked around the penis, but the inside of the ring is covered in spikes (ranging from short and dull to long and quite sharp).

The idea is that the ring will be fitted around the penis when it is flaccid.  The fit is snug but not tight.  If the wearer attempts to remove the ring the skin will bunch up and get pinched by the teeth (possibly causing bleeding depending upon the fit and types of spikes).  If the wearer attempts to get an erection, the penis will press against the spikes and cause extreme pain and the penis will immediately return to a flaccid state.     

Pretty simple.  If you are a guy and reading this you are probably crossing your legs by now.  If you are a woman and reading this I have absolutely no clue what kind of reaction you are having to this but I would guess it's probably at some extreme end of "Sweet!" or "HELL NO!"  I can say that I read somewhere before that these were out of production for several years due to too many injuries happening.

What strikes me as interesting about something that I would have no desire to partake in is that this is really a different kind of chastity device and it really provides some insight that there are really very different types of Mistresses out there. 

You probably already know that the traditional male chastity devices work by holding the penis at an angle or curve and restricting the amount of enlargement that is possible in order to prevent an erection.  By encasing the penis it also prevents any form of pleasurable touching.  However, it does allow for the penis to TRY to get erect against its confines, leaving the sub in a state of incredible sexual frustration.  In most cases, this frustration is the enjoyable part of chastity, heightened awareness of hornyness building to an explosive volcanic orgasm upon release.

This is the key difference of the KTB.  Instead of feeding the fires of sexual frustration, it provides a severe negative consequence for even attempting an erection.  Rather than preventing orgasms, it conditions in a factor of self-control:  the sub shouldn't even try to get hard without permission.  I actually think the end result is kind of neat.  If you had enough self-control to respond to verbal commands regarding whether or not you have an erection.  Aside from Buddhist Monks known for exerting incredible levels of body control, wouldn't subs trained with a KTB pull in a close second? 

I would never actually want to wear one of these but I would find it something to be prideful of if you could simply go erect or flaccid whenever ordered to. 

Any thoughts?


  1. A little over the top in my opinion, that could do permanent damage to a sissy's little clitty.
    How about a CB6000 with a little itching powder inside, to add to the torment make sure the sissy's in handcuffs to she cannot get at her little clitty.

    1. This is rather extreme. The availability of KTB's on the retail market tends to vanish every couple of years, I'm guessing due to lawsuits (or the threat of them).

      I find KTB's to be intriguing in that they try to condition sexual response rather than just prevent it... which is quite fascinating if it's successful in the long run.

      I agree it's over the top though... and I doubt I'd ever want to wear one. The concept is quite interesting though.

  2. Hello, do u have this to sell, or do u know where to buy?

    1. I do not have one of these for sale. There are many forms of the KTB available now. The one from the photo is likely out of production. It is rare for a specific KTB to be available for more than a couple of years as they inevitably lead to injury and liability concerns.
      Search engines are your best bet.