Monday, May 16, 2016

Reflections - An Autobiographical Account of my Journey into D/s

I realized as things went on for far longer than I intended that the more things went out of order and the longer it got, the more difficult it would be to navigate it all.

Part 0 - Prologue

Part 1: The Early Years
Part 1A - Background
Part 1B - Early Experiences
Part 1X - Additional Reflections on M
Part 1XX - More Thoughts on M

Part 2:  K and My Introduction to the Lifestyle
Part 2A: The Beginning
Part 2B: Learning and Training
Part 2C: Difficulties and Complications
Part 2D: Fur and Discoveries
Part 2E: slavespace and Feminization
Part 2F: The Painful Ending
Part 2X: More Thoughts on K

Part 3: Transitions

Part 4: F and Exploration
Part 4A: Connection
Part 4B: Dominance and an Assignment
Part 4C: Early Play
Part 4D: Losing My Virginity
Part 4E: Chastity and Orgasm Denial
Part 4F: Competence
Part 4G: Complications, Endings, and Changes
Part 4X: More about F

Part 5: T and Breaking Down Limits
Part 5A: Catching Up
Part 5B: Inadequacy and Overcoming

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