Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Transformation... Or not...

Sorry if I've written something similar to this in the past... things have been so vanilla lately on the home front that it's tough to write about new topics when there aren't any new experiences.

Male to female transformation is a common theme amongst forced fem fetishists.  The idea of taking a man and turning him into a sexy womanly figure as either a slave or slut can be hot, but it doesn't really do it for me.  I'm not really sure why not, but I'm definitely wired differently in that regards.  It might be because I'm a female supremacist at heart and a lowly male creature shouldn't be able to pass as a woman.  It might be that the thought of becoming a woman's lesbian lover ranks us as equals and that doesn't sit right for me.

Overall, that idea just doesn't do anything for my subspace.

What does cater to my subspace that can be captured in this example dialogue:
sub: "why are you turning me into a woman?"
Domme:  "Oh, don't worry, just because you're wearing women's clothes, NO ONE will believe that you are actually a woman."

Humiliation comes from being stuck in between states.  Stripped of your masculinity but with none of the sexual allure, grace, or feminine charms of a woman.  Flat chest.  Boy hair.  Crotch bulge.  No hips.  Caked on whore's make-up with a 5 o'clock shadow.  Muscular build.  Clothes that don't fit right.

I think my first Mistress got it just right when she dressed me up, laughed at me, and bluntly stated, "no self-respecting woman would be caught dead wearing that." She was right, I'm not a woman and a humiliated sissy has no self-respect.  To sum it up, for transformation to bring on deep subspace, I have to hate what I have become... face burning bright red with shame and on the verge of tears.

Dream Bondage Device: Bondage Muff

Some comments on my earlier fur 2012 post really got my head spinning and brought back some memories of a dream I had a long time ago... Which leads me to doing my first dream bondage device in a while.

I may have mentioned this briefly during my humiliation boutique drawings from last year but here it is again.

It's a fox fur bondage muff.  It is attached to a heavy leather belt that runs through the inside of the muff and the belt secures it at waist height with a locking buckle at the back.  This keeps the hands secured at a fixed height and it also prevents the sissy from rubbing his lil clitty with the fur, as some sissies would be prone to doing that if left to their own accord.  There are one or more leather straps on the inside that both reinforce the muff's strength and provide D-Rings to serve as locking points.

In its basic use a pair of unlocked handcuffs can be threaded through the ring.  Upon closing the cuffs, they become too large to pass through the ring again, securing the sissy's hands inside the muff.   If a longer chain is threaded through the ring and locked to wrist cuffs, it is possible to allow the sissy to use one hand at a time, but removing one hand pulls the other hand farther into the muff.

Another option is to not lock the sissy's hands inside but to run a string of jingle bells attached to the ring.  As long as they hold the bells, their hands will mute the jingle.  If they remove their hands for any reason the bells will ring with the slightest movement and draw some potentially unwanted attention.  This situation is especially useful if the sissy has to purchase something and pays for it himself.

-A chain that connects the muff to the sissy's collar to further limit movement or belt slippage.
-A hidden pocket on the outside of the muff where the lock keys can be stored safely yet still out of reach.
-Metal cuffs sewn into the muff's ends so that squeezing the ends lock their hands inside.

Fur 2012 Part 2

As more winter 2012 items keep rolling out I'm feeling very polarized.  There's a lot of fur this year (more than last year and the year before) but I'm not really digging a lot of it.  The feelings are a lot less classy and a lot more patchwork.  I will say there's a good number of items that have me feeling indifferent as well as it's tough to get excited about a shapeless puffy parka with a small strip of fox on the hood.  Part of this might be that this year's crop of anorexic models really don't offer much in the breast, hip, or ass department to actually give some shape and curves.

It's love it, hate it, or meh.

I found a few more things that I really enjoy from an overall look and attitude standpoint (not all have fur).

I never really enjoyed tibetan lamb much until this.

I really like this look... Very 1920's-30's retro.

I have a couple more "hall of shame" winners.  The earmuffs are the most atrocious color scheme I've seen this year.  I just don't get the hats, though.  I'm sure they're functionally warm but I don't see a woman under the age of 65-70 wearing one of those and the colors are too neutral to be humiliatingly sissy.