Saturday, December 10, 2011

Humiliation Boutique - Job Interview

This one isn't one of my finer works... but it sort of continues along with the previous one.

Seated Striking with a short tool

This is the basic mechanics of an over the knee spanking.

Based upon what tool you intend to hit with and how much physical damage you wish to inflict, it may change the way you sit, your grip, and where you should place the target (e.g. the sub's ass). 

For a heavier-weight tool such as a wooden paddle or large hair brush, you will probably use a standard grip in most situations.  For deeper bruising you are best off using a legs forward position.

For a lighter-weight tool such as a ruler, slapper, wooden spoon, slipper, or strap, you can use an overhand grip if you want to deliver quick, repeated blows with a satisfying smack on impact.  You can use a standard grip if you want to hit deep and cause bruising.  Use legs back for the quick stinging blow and legs forward for a deeper penetrating blow.

*A quick note:  focusing on pulling the bottom of the handle will make the striking surface of the tool move faster than if you try to move the striking surface. 

As you can see the mechanics are similar for both strikes with a couple of small differences. With a stinging blow the focus should be on quickness instead of power (the power is generated by physics rather than muscle strength) and you stop upon impact rather than continuing to "pull through" the hit. 

One other difference of note is that you may have better luck shifting the target position depending upon what style of hit you are attempting. 

For penetrating blows the target should be placed (on your lap) along the right side of your body (assuming you are right handed, switch to the left side for lefties). 

For stinging blows performed with the overhand grip (and sometimes penetrating blows with the overhand grip), you may find you can hit harder if the target is placed (on your lap) at the center of your body.

One way to practice these techniques is to take something like a wooden spoon and try to perform the motions while standing.  You are better off staying as relaxed as possible until you near the hit point.  You can adjust things as necessary.  Your goal with the spoon is to make the "swish" of the air be as high pitched as possible, since that means the head of the spoon is moving faster.  If it makes something like a whistling sound, you are generating tremendous speed.   

Biomechanics - Hitting with Power

There are two factors that determine hitting with power.  The first is velocity (the speed the striking surface reaches before impact).  The second is force (how much power is delivered upon impact). 

Physics basics 1:
Speed = Velocity = change in distance / change in time.
Acceleration = change in velocity / change in time.
Force = mass x acceleration.

What this means for punishment tools:
A heavier tool can deliver more potential force if it can reach the same or greater speed than a lighter tool.  However, generating equal or greater speed with a heavier tool is generally only possible with downward strikes. 

With a horizontal or upward motion there will be a limit to how heavy a tool can be before you start to lose a significant amount of speed and control.

To the best of my knowledge there isn’t a lot of standard terminology used to describe methods for corporal punishment so I am creating my own.

Grip and wrist orientation:

Overhand Grip – This is the type of grip orientation you would use to hit a tennis racket or slap someone (backhand or forehand).  With this type of grip the wrist moves parallel to the striking surface and is the final determining factor in power.  This grip’s strength is dominated by the thumb and index finger.

Standard Grip – This is the type of grip orientation you would use to split firewood with an axe, pounding a hammer, or delivering a karate chop.  While the wrist has some motion, this grip derives most of its power from the elbow.  This grip’s strength utilizes all of the fingers in the hand.

What this means for punishment tools:
The overhand grip is better suited for shorter tools (under ~12” in length for rigid tools and under ~36” for whips/floggers) and will work for both rigid and flexible items.  The thicker the handle gets, the less force this grip can deliver.

The standard grip is better suited for longer tools as well as heavier tools.  It is very strong with long rigid items or longer whips with a bit of girth/weight to them.  This grip orientation loses less power with increased handle thickness.

Two types of strikes:
-A Stinging blow.  This is the boxing equivalent to a jab.  Quick and compact, it will smack hard on the surface with a lot of sting upon impact.  This is best suited for lighter weight tools that will reach a high velocity and the focus force is delivered to the point of impact.  A quick slap with a crop or leather paddle that reddens the ass comes to mind here. 

-A Penetrating blow.  This is the boxing equivalent to a right cross (think knockout blow).  Deep and painful, it will drive hard into the point of impact with the intent to bruise and/or split the skin.  This can be performed with any type of item but the heavier the item, the deeper it will hurt as it delivers force beyond the point of impact and into the underlying tissue.

Most tools will use an overhand grip to perform a stinging blow and a standard grip to deliver a penetrating blow.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Biomechanics - The Physics of Corporal Punishment

This is mainly for the Dommes that read here, but I was curious about something.  I have a background in sports instruction/biomechanics and could diagram some of the techniques and physics for things like:
-How to deliver the hardest slap with a paddle/slapper/hairbrush with the least amount of effort.
-How to achieve the greatest velocity (or greatest destructive force) with a crop or cane.
-How to vary the motion in order to create a quick, biting sting vs. a deep, penetrating bruise.

Would there be any interest in this?

I know it might seem kind of wrong in some ways, learning flogging techniques from a male sub, but I figured since I have the knowledge I may as well offer to pass it on.  It's so odd that the methods for hurting someone are the same methods used for hitting a ball, etc.

Humiliation Boutique - The next steps

I think with the next steps I'll do a mix of drawings followed by a "meeting" type drawing that sets up the next sets of themed drawings.  I'm not really sure though, but that's what I'm thinking right now.

In all honesty I would love to turn this into a comic sort of a thing but I'm just not good enough with backgrounds to do that yet.  I do have some characters in mind but I'm not all that confident that I can make them look similar in each drawing as well :P

I should add that I will probably be taking a small break from drawing on weeknights so I can catch back up on sleep.  Also, feedback/comments are always welcome.

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

A random observation

Based on a few of the Domme blogs I follow it's refreshing to know that the tendency to grow increasingly dominant over time seems to be just as noticeable as my own tendencies to grow increasingly submissive over time. 

Go figure :)

Sissy Fantasy: Humiliation Boutique

Lately I've been toying with the idea of doing some sort of on-going series/story/comic type of a thing but each time I tend to run into obstacles preventing me from doing so.  Usually it's something along the lines of being too complicated to draw, requiring significant background art, etc.

After having some pretty good feedback on my shopping fantasies that I targeted at Kimberley and reading about some of what Marc is going through on From vanilla to kinky, I had a few ideas swirling around in my twisted mind.

What if there was a shop that specifically catered towards providing a playfully humiliating shopping experience for single sissies and subs with Dommes seeking to humiliate them publicly?  Assuming said shop did in fact provide a relatively private safe haven for shoppers, they could probably get away with some rather enormous markups on products since they are technically selling a service that would be paid for with the items. 

The scenario my mind has been wading through is of this type of shop with the clientele being primarily single sissies with a few Dommes with sissies in tow.  The sales staff would be trained to tease, humiliate, and arouse the shoppers knowing full well that an aroused male has difficulty saying no.

This type of fantasy tends to turn me on in many ways.  A specific scenario, a catch-phrase here and there, etc. are the staples of fantasy, but for some reason I get way more "into it" when trying to develop the "back end" of the business model.  This is probably because I know some of it would be very effective and the thought of men (myself included) being taken advantage of always tends to get my head spinning.

Some examples:
What type of earnings potential and benefits would need to be present for a woman (dominant or not) to be willing to do this job?  Assuming there would be a constant stream of customers what type of mark-up would be needed to make this happen?  What kind of discount could be given to women shoppers yet still keep profitability intact? 

Male workers could easily be lured in to provide free volunteer help.  What kind of basic carrot (beyond the D/s environment) would be necessary to keep them coming back?  How badly should their rights be abused in order to weed out the wannabes from the dedicated workers?

How would business decisions be made?  What type of "market research" would be done?  What would the store rules and policies be?

I know this is probably better reserved for fetish fiction but there's plenty of these scenarios I've wanted to draw.  I may go further into this but I was curious if anyone had feedback first.  I have done a couple of drawings (one of which is a "lazy artist" type with minor changes to an existing drawing) covering some behind the scenes stuff and if I keep going it will likely be a mix of interactive shopping experiences as well as following specific workers across a given day.  I guess I'm also curious if people would be okay with single character drawings with a caption or if they need to have both characters present?  It seems that some of the better pictures I use for models are better suited for the single-character type... which leads to the question if people prefer the situation or the women in my drawings.  Feel free to chime in. 

Women's orientation:

male orientation:

A sales staff meeting:

New Drawing

I was originally going somewhere with this but it didn't work right for what I was trying to do...

so I figured I would just post it as is.