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More thoughts on fiction fs01

If you have read and/or enjoyed the fiction so far.  I'm running out of scenarios to write.  Part 5 is currently mostly done.  I decided to split my original plan for 5 into 2 parts on a natural break point.  I have brief outlines completed for parts 6, 7, 8 and 9.

9 will be the finale unless I can think up some more content.

The list of fantasies the Mistress assigned the sub to write is based upon an actual event in my D/s life (Reflections part 2 talks about it) when I was more of a "blank slate" submissive and K wanted to understand what made me tick and how to progress things.  I was to write about things I wanted, things I was curious about, and things I thought she would enjoy.   In the story, she's using his list of (what is supposed to be 30 fantasies) to create a "bucket list" of things he could possibly experience in real life and puts things in motion to make them happen.

The problem I'm running into... is that I'm almost out of fantasies.  I didn't actually write 30 of them, it was closer to 20.

Here is what has happened so far from the list (in any order):

1.  Serving 2 Dommes / 1 Domme + territorial sub.
2.  Lesbian cuckold.
3.  Extensive chastity.
4.  Nearly inescapable contract.
5.  Forced feminization.
6.  Being "revealed" to her friends.
7.  Public humiliation / display.
8.  Being loaned out to a wicked sadist.
9.  Being pegged.
10.  Being turned into a slave.
11.  Extreme speech and behavioral restrictions.
12.  Being beaten until collapse/unconsciousness.
13.  Being forced to sleep in chains / in a cage.
14.  Being conditioned to experience mental/emotional agony at failing to obey rules.
15.  Being conditioned to only be able to orgasm on command.
16.  Being turned into a maid.
17.  Following a set of rituals in behaviors to the Mistress.
18.  Being loaned or rented out to another Domme.
19.  (appears in part 6)
20.  (appears in part 7)

 So... I'm running out of material.  I know some of the situations cover multiple clauses, but not all of them are really evident to write about as an event, they are more environmental.

I'd ask for recommendations for new scenarios but I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings if I choose not to use them.  I also can't write (or will be bad at writing) things I'm not interested in or still remain on my extremely short list of hard limits.  If no more ideas pop in I already know how I will be wrapping things up.  

As a side note, I'm extremely curious as to how people will react to part 4... it was very different than the other parts with very few actions happening, more dialogue and feeling driven with the "important parts" involving peace of mind for the characters involved more than anything else.

Fiction: fs01 - Part 4


This takes place 2-3 weeks after part 3.
This part is much much shorter than part 3.  It's also very dialogue heavy but helps build up the fs character's mental state.


I wake to the rattling of chains.  My eyes slowly adjust to the light.  Lisa unlocks my collar from the wall chain.  I sit up on the cot.
"Time to get up, fs," she says with a smile.

Mistress is on vacation with Kimmy.  Theresa normally cares for me when Mistress is gone but she's busy with work for a few days.  Lisa volunteered to house-sit and watch over me.  I sit up on the cot.  She smiles at me.  I smile back.  Lisa is kind.  She has me sleep on the cot.  She doesn't like the idea of me sleeping in a cage.  I still have to wear my maid's uniform but Lisa insisted it would be a satin lining standard hem version for the duration of her stay.  At night my collar is kept chained to the wall, Mistress's orders.

I forget that I'm allowed to speak to Lisa unless she states otherwise.
"What would you like for breakfast, Miss Lisa?"
"Some cereal would be fine, fs."  I frown.
"Mistress would kill me if I served you cereal, Miss Lisa."  She laughs at my candid reply.
"What do you recommend, fs?"
"I could do an omelette with bacon, toast, half a grapefruit, some fresh-squeezed orange juice and cofee."
"I don't think I could eat that much, fs, do you really make that kind of breakfast every day?"
"Yes, Miss Lisa.  It makes me happy to cook for Mistress, I cook with love."  I blush and look down.
"Oh, sweetie.  Well in that case, how about an omelette, toast, juice, and coffee."
"Yes, Miss Lisa.  What type of cheese, meat, and vegetables would you like in your omelette?"
"Surprise me."
"Wheat or white toast, Miss Lisa?"
"Butter, peanut butter, or jam, Miss Lisa?"
"Butter and jam."
"Cream or sugar in your coffee, Miss Lisa?"
"2 creams, 2 sugars, please.  And fs, you don't have to be so polite, you can just call me Lisa."  I balk.  My eyes twitch.
"Oh, I'm sorry Miss Lisa, If I don't address you with a proper title..." I trail off.
"Or what, fs?   Miss Cassandra has already told me everything, you don't have to hold back."
"Miss Lisa, if I don't address you properly I'll get the strap."  Her eyebrows rise.
"Strap?" I point to the wall.
"The big one on the end, Miss Lisa."
"Ouch, that has to hurt."  I nod.
"What am I permitted to eat for breakfast, Miss Lisa?"
"What do you usually eat for breakfast?"
"A dry piece of toast, Miss Lisa.  Sometimes if I'm really good Mistress lets me have an egg too."
"Today you'll have an egg and two pieces of toast with butter, fs."
"Thank you, Miss Lisa."

We go upstairs and I prepare breakfast.  I'm good at multi-tasking and manage to finish everything around the same time.  I place my toast and egg in the oven to keep it warm and serve Lisa her breakfast.

"Can I get you anything else, Miss Lisa?"
"No, fs, this is great, thank you."
"You're welcome, Miss Lisa," I reply with a bow and stand at attention.
"Aren't you going to eat, fs?"
"I will eat after you finish, Miss Lisa. I'm here to attend to you."
"Please, eat with me, fs.  That's an order."
"Yes, Miss Lisa."

I retrieve my plate from the stove and fill a cup with water.  I kneel down next to the table.
"Why are you down there, fs?"
"The table is for people, Miss Lisa, not lowly slaves."  Her eyebrows arch again.
"I order you to eat at the table."  I bow, stand, and move my plate and cup to the table.  I hesitate before sitting.  It's an order.  I fidget.  She notices.
"Don't worry, fs, this is our secret, I promise."
"Thank you, Miss Lisa."  I wait for her to start before I take a bite.  Lisa breaks the silence.

"This is really good, fs, it's delicious."
"Thank you, Miss Lisa."  I smile.  This feels nice.  It's different.  No Kimmy.

We finish eating.  She picks up her plate.  I freeze and my hand shakes.  Lisa looks at me and sets the plate back on the table.  I exhale.  She's starting to understand.  I clear the table and start running the dish water.

"fs, save the dishes for later, come here, I want to talk to you."  I nod and follow her into the living room.  She sits on the couch.
"Sit next to me."  She pats the couch.  I tremble.
"I'm sorry, Miss Lisa, it's forbidden."
"The strap?"  I nod.

"Sit here on the floor then."  She motions to the area next to her.  I kneel and lower my head.
"That can't be comfortable, do you want a cushion or pillow?"  I make a small motion with my head.  Lisa takes a throw pillow from the couch.
"Kneel on this, it's an order."  I set the cushion down and adjust myself on it.
"Thank you, Miss Lisa, you are very kind."  She looks puzzled.

"Talk to me, fs."
"What would you like me to talk about, Miss Lisa?"
"I'll ask you a question, and you just answer, and be honest."
"Yes, Miss Lisa."
"Have you always acted this way?"  I pause to think.
"No Miss Lisa.  There was the me before I met Mistress, the me with Mistress, and how I am now, after Kimmy moved in."
"You seem scared a lot, is that true?"
"Yes, Miss Lisa."
"The strap?"  I nod.

"Did Miss Cassandra use the strap before Kimmy moved in?"
"Only when I did something really bad, Miss Lisa."
"And now?'
"Kimmy makes sure I'm bad almost every day, Miss Lisa."
"Does she bully you?"  I nod.

"Are you happy, fs?"
"I'm happy when Mistress is happy.  Mistress isn't here now though, Miss Lisa."
"So you're unhappy right now, fs?"
"No, Miss Lisa. Your kindness makes me feel good, but without Mistress, I feel... lost."

"I'm still trying to wrap my head around this whole D/s Femdom thing, fs.  I don't really understand it.  What do you think of Miss Cassandra?"  My eyes light up.
"Miss Lisa, Mistress is the love of my life, my everything.  She is my Queen, my Goddess, the keeper of my heart and soul.  I would do anything for her."
"Even though she hits you with the strap?"
"Yes, Miss Lisa.  That is for my benefit."
"Please explain."
"Miss Lisa, Mistress understands me like no one else can.  She senses and feels my needs.  She knows my fantasies, my entire being.  She makes them happen.  I love her so much.  If I'm not perfect for her, I feel like I've failed her."
"So you would rather get the strap and please her than avoid the strap and let her down?"  I nod.

"Interesting, fs.  So the maid's outfit?"
"It was a fantasy of mine, Miss Lisa."
"Sleeping in chains?"
"It was a fantasy of mine, Miss Lisa."
"The chastity belt?"
"Another fantasy, Miss Lisa."
"Being treated like a slave?"
"Fantasy, Miss Lisa."
"Your contract?"
"Another Fantasy, Miss Lisa."

I can't remember the last time I spoke to anyone like this.  It feels almost foreign.  Lisa makes me comfortable.  My speech slowly returns, less childlike, more like an adult.

"So what you're saying, fs, is that you had a bunch of sexual fantasies about certain things and now you're living out your sexual fantasies?"
"Yes, Miss Lisa, Mistress had me write down a new fantasy for her every day.  They are slowly happening one by one."
"And how do you feel about them, do you regret any of them?"
"Kimmy."  I blurt it out without thinking.  Another arched eyebrow.
"Kimmy was your fantasy?"
"Not so much Kimmy, as the idea of her, Miss Lisa.  Another woman."
"If you could change anything, what would you change?"
"Miss Lisa, I think I would prefer if the fantasies lasted for a week... not..."
"A lifetime?"  I nod.
"These fantasies turn Mistress on, Miss Lisa.  I would never take them away from her if they bring her pleasure."

"How were things before Kimmy, did you still wait on Miss Cassandra hand and foot?"
"Yes, Miss Lisa.  She is my Queen.  I pampered her like a Queen.  Worshiped her like a Goddess."
"The cooking, cleaning, chores, and so on?"
"All of them, Miss Lisa."  She shakes her head in bewilderment.
"Did that make you happy?"
"Very happy, Miss Lisa.  It made Mistress happy and that made me happy."
"Did Miss Cassandra have to order you to get you to do everything?"
"No, Miss Lisa, that's more recent."
"Kimmy?"  I nod.

Lisa grins strangely.  I can tell she's thinking.
"If I knew then what I know now, I think I would have waited to get married, fs." She smiles.
"Your husband isn't this way, I take it, Miss Lisa?"  She laughs.
"I can't even get him to put the toilet seat down, let alone cook and clean.  Thinking about this blows my mind."
"Does it interest you, Miss Lisa?"
"This type of life?  I'd be lying if I said no."
"Can I ask you something personal, Miss Lisa?"
"Sure, fs."
"Does the idea of it turn you on, Miss Lisa?  I don't mean to be rude, but I think that's important."
"I don't know, fs.  Does the thought of being pampered and waited on turn me on?  Yes.  It can't just be that easy though." I nod.

"There's more to it, isn't there?"  I nod.
"Miss Lisa, a strong Mistress shapes her sub from who he was into who she wants him to be.  It's important that that process turns her on or it doesn't work very well."
"By shape, you mean hurt until he changes, right?" I nod.  "Interesting."

"So does it turn you on when Miss Cassandra is cruel to you, fs?"  I blush.  I nod slowly.
"Do you feel embarrassed or ashamed admitting that to me?"  I nod and pause.
"Both, Miss Lisa."

"May I pamper you, Miss Lisa?"
"I promised Miss Cassandra nothing sexual, but anything else is fine.  What did you have in mind?"
"I can massage, both therapeutic and relaxing, I can give manicures and pedicures, foot baths, foot rubs, those kinds of things, Miss Lisa."
"What do you usually do in your free time, fs?"  I have to think about it.  I can't remember the last time I had free time.
"I usually lay in my cage and think about ways I can make Mistress happy, Miss Lisa."
"Why do you do that, fs?"
"If Mistress is home I have no free time.  If she's not here, I miss her, Miss Lisa."
"Why the cage?"
"Miss Lisa, the cage is... her way of keeping me... owning me... It makes me feel safe when she's not here."

"Can I ask another question, fs?"
"Yes, Miss Lisa."
"What does fs stand for?"
"Those are my initials, Miss Lisa."  She lets out a hearty laugh.  I smile but feel puzzled.  Lisa slowly regains her composure.
"After I dressed you up for the VIP showing I was certain it stood for fur sissy."  She laughs again.  My cheeks flush red.
"Can I call you fur sissy from now on, fs?"  My smile fades.
"You may call me what you wish, Miss Lisa."   She pinches my cheek.
"I can see that face blushing, does your new name turn you on fur sissy?  It's such a fitting name."  Shame fills me.  I feel my sex twitch.  I nod.  She laughs.

"You know, fur sissy, I love fur.  Not quite as much as Miss Cassandra, but I love it a lot.  That's why I took the job at her shop as an assistant even though I'm overqualified for that position.  Miss Cassandra pays me what I should make with my credentials, but I love working there.  I especially love the VIP showings.  It feels so naughty."  I can sense that Lisa likes feeling naughty.

"You know, fur, that Kimmy really cracks me up.  It took our crafters two full weeks to get the stitching and angles right so that the fur on your dress doesn't touch your skin unless you force it to, she insisted that they keep working until they got it right."  She lets out a chuckle.

"I know what I want to do, fur sissy.  Fetch my coat, hat, gloves, and boots."
I do as instructed.  Her coat is similar to one of Mistress's.  It's long, black cashmere with a huge fur collar and cuffs.  The hat is fur with a leather crown.

"I've seen your ritual.  It's hot."  She extends her hand.  I slide it on, pulling it snug at the wrist. Then the other hand.  Lisa turns and extends her arm.  I slide her arm into the sleeve and wrap the coat around her.  The other sleeve.  I close my eyes.  I feel peace.  I straighten the collar.  I wrap the belt around her waist and cinch it.  She turns.  I stand on my toes and place the hat on her head.

Lisa sits and raises her foot.  I kneel and slide it into the boot and zip it up.  Her left foot slides in.  I zip.  I look up at her from my knees.  Lisa clears her throat tapping her foot.  I kiss it, first the right foot, then the left.  She lets out a laugh.
"Oh, that is heavenly.  Now I get why Miss Cassandra likes it so much.  You've made me happy, fur sissy."
"Thank you for the privilege, Miss Lisa."
She sprawls back on the couch.  She pats her lap.
"fur sissy, I'm ordering you to kneel here and place your head on my lap."

I shuffle closer and lean forward.  I turn my head sideways and gentle rest it on her lap.  I close my eyes.  Lisa pets my head, eventually fixating on the fur earmuff facing her.

Lisa is kind.  My breathing slows.  I doze off.

I wake and Lisa is gone.  I hear some clattering in the kitchen.  I make my way there, following the sounds.  Lisa sees me.

"Before you freak out, fur, I wont tell Miss Cassandra.  I made us soup for lunch.  I order you to eat with me."

We sit at the table.  I smile at her.  She smiles back.  Lisa is kind.  We finish.  My hand extends for her bowl.  She stops me, taking my hand in hers.  A gentle squeeze.  Her smile beams at me.
"Thank you, Miss Lisa."
"For what, fur sissy?"
"For reminding me what it felt like to be a person."  She squeezes my hand even tighter.
"I think I'm starting to get it."
"Can I ask you something, Miss Lisa?"
"Did Miss Theresa really have contract discussions?"
"No, fur, she didn't."

My eyes tear up a bit.  I love Mistress so much.  She is my Queen.  My Goddess.  I miss her dearly.

"I like you a lot, Miss Lisa, you are very kind."
"You really are a perceptive fur sissy, aren't you?"  I blush.

"You know, fur, I will never doubt you or Miss Cassandra ever again.  I was surprised when she asked me to house-sit for a few days, I didn't quite understand why.  Then you told me she understands you and feels and senses your needs.  It took you less than 5 hours to figure it out and I get it completely."  She shakes her head in bewilderment.

I beam a smile.  She smiles back.  Lisa is very kind.

"You know, fur sissy, I know what I would like to do later."  I perk up.
"Let's go to the shop after-hours.  I'm hunting for a new coat.  Miss Cassandra says you have an excellent eye for style.  Would you help me choose one that looks sexy?"
I smile and nod.

In the back of my mind I loop it over and over again.  Thank you, Mistress.  I needed this.  I love you so much.

"By the way, fur sissy."  Lisa's voice breaks my train of thought. "I promise I won't tell Miss Cassandra that you forgot to address me with 'Miss Lisa' twice today."  She makes a whipping motion with her hand.

I blush.


Thoughts on the fiction so far

I just finished part 3.  I didn't have a lot of privacy the last couple of days so it was broken up over several stretches but I realize it took like 7 hours.  I almost broke it up into pieces but I've decided I want every act to have a truly intimate scene that shows love (although act IV may have to settle for "compassion.").

Part 2 didn't really turn out the way I had hoped.  The original comic idea was to have Kimmy's mean things be spread out over months, implying that there was probably only 1 bad thing per day.  Cramming 4-5 things into 1 day make her seem even more over the top than I had planned instead of just a slightly malicious bully.  What's done is done but it has affected how I plan to progress things.  If part 2 is the normal day to day faced by the sub, I can't really just repeat that, so my apologies in advance for the not-yet-happened jumps in continuity.

I'm really enjoying writing this so far.  Even if most people hate it, I think I will keep doing it.  I just end up with a really bad crash when I finish an act and wish I had someone to talk to about it.

If anyone is ever up for that my email and messenger info are in my blog profile.  I don't usually stay logged in to messenger, but if someone contacts me about it I can hop on.

For lack of a better title, and the glaring need for a name. I'm going to simply call it fs01.

Fiction: fs01 - Part 3


This takes place roughly 3-4 weeks after part 2.

EDIT: Removed cast of characters.  The updated list can be found here: Cast of Characters


I wake.  The chains connecting my wrists pull upward.  The clouds of my brain part with the pain in my shoulders.  A click.  My left arm falls limp to my side.  A click.  My right arm follows suit.  A heavy chain rattles against the floor behind me.  Kimmy's morning wake up call.  I rub my shoulders, the stiffness persists.  She chains my arms behind my back at night with the chain running over the top bars of the cage.  This ensures discomfort.

"Raise your legs," she speaks in a monotone voice.
My chest touches the cold bars at the bottom of the cage.  I arch my back and raise my feet as high as they can go, my legs spread in a V shape.  Kimmy grabs the ankle chain and slides it higher outside the bars.  My face hits the floor.  The first shackle releases.  I hold my leg high, Mistress forbids me letting them drop or lowering them before I am released.  Kimmy takes her time with the second shackle, watching my free leg shake under the strain of the position.  The second releases.  I lower my legs and hear the shackles "clunk" a few feet away.

The cage door opens.  I shuffle forward and climb to my knees.  I present my head.  Kimmy roughly tugs the strap around and finally releases the lock and buckle, removing my blindfold and tossing it to the side.
"Mistress wants you to shower and groom."
My eyes bat, eyes adjusting to the light.  Kimmy departs the room without another word.  This is unlike her to leave me without some form of abuse.

I gingerly move towards my bathroom, stretching my legs and shoulders as I go.  I've grown accustomed to the chill, sleeping naked in only shackles and a chastity belt toughen me up.  I turn on the shower.  There's no point in letting it warm up.  Kimmy thinks hot water is too luxurious for a mere maid and removing hot water from my shower reduces the gas bill.  Mistress agrees.  I wash myself quickly.  Showering happens faster since shaving my head.  Kimmy's idea as well. "Hair shows off personality, and why does a maid need personality?"

I soap my rear and flinch.  The bruises never seem to fade.  New bruises replace them almost daily.  I rinse and turn off the water, shivering in the cold.  I meticulously shave my entire body.  I don't mind this.  Mistress likes me this way. I dread the second rinse but it's necessary.   I finish up with brushing my teeth and aftershave.

A few minutes later I present myself to Mistress with legs spread and hands behind my head.  She inspects, touching me.  My sex strains against the belt.  It's Sunday.  I love Sundays.  She caresses my cheek with her hand.  Her face moves close. her lips approach my other cheek.  I feel her breath.  I love her.  Tonight is our time together.

"Today is going to be a very special day, slave," she breathes. Her perfume fills my nose.  The belt stops me in my tracks.  I lust for her.  My Goddess.
"You are relieved from normal chore duties today, slave.  Prepare us brunch.  You may have toast and an egg.  Wear these." Mistress points to some clothes on the bed.  A plain black sweatshirt and sweatpants.  I'm puzzled but relieved.
I kneel and kiss her feet, first the right, then the left.  I steal a glance as she departs the room, her robe swaying from side to side with each step.

I prepare the food.  Waffles, omelettes, fruit salad, sausage, and freshly-squeezed juice.  I quickly make my egg and toast in the down time and place it in the oven to keep it warm.  I serve Mistress and Kimmy at the table.  Mistress eats heartily.  I am happy.  Kimmy picks around her food. I'm sent back to the kitchen to strain the pulp from her juice.  They converse, laugh, and flirt as they eat.  I remember us in the past.  A twinge of sadness creeps in. They finish.  I clear the table, quickly eat my food, and do the dishes.      

Mistress summons me.  She wears a grey business suit trimmed with a fur collar and cuffs, stockings, and pumps.  Her hair is up.  She is beautiful.
"Black cashmere, gloves, headband."
I enter the closet and return.  She extends her hand, I slide the glove on.  She raises it and runs her fingers across my chin.  I blush, eyes on the floor.  I pull the glove onto her other hand.  Her perfume intoxicates me.  She extends her arm and I help her into the long cashmere coat.  The ritual entrances me.  Coat or robe, her elegance consumes me.  I move around her and gently cince the belt around her waist.  I catch a glimpse as Mistress pulls the collar around her neck, rubbing it on her cheeks.  I rise to my toes and place the black fur headband onto her head.  My Queen and her crown.  I stand at attention.
"Gather my briefcase and the garment bag on the couch, bring them to the car.  Warm it up.  No coat for you today, wear your crocs."
I locate her case and the bag and bring them out to the garage.  I back the SUV out of the garage, making sure her seat warmer is on, letting the heater blast.  I return.

A few minutes later Mistress wants to leave.  I hold the door for her and hurry ahead and wait at her car door.  I find my position, feeling her hand on my shoulder she climbs in.  The window lowers.
"Would you like to sit up front with me today, slave?" she asks with a smile.
My eyes light up.  A smile parts my lips.
She laughs.
"A slave riding up front with his Mistress?  Really, slave."
I hear a beep and the rear gate rises.  I move to the back of the vehicle.  The large pet carrier is in the back.  I open the carrier's gate and crawl in.  The SUV's rear door closes, hemming me in.

A short drive later the car stops.  The back gate opens.  I crawl out, hitting the closing button as I move to the driver's door.  I open Mistress's door, She braces herself on my shoulder and climbs out.  We are behind her shop.  The back door.  The secret door.  The door into the darkness.  She scans her card and the door unlocks.  I open it for her.  We are greeted by Mistress's assistant, Lisa.
"How are you today, Miss Cassandra?" she asks.
"Very good, Lisa, how are you?"
"Me too."
"fs01, you may greet Lisa."  I nod.  I remember my instructed manners.
"Hello, Miss Lisa, you look very lovely today," I speak timidly without making eye contact.
"Hello, fs, it's been a long time, are you looking forward to your modeling debut?"
A lump forms in my throat.
"I haven't told him yet, Lisa.  I'll leave him all to you."  Mistress departs.

Lisa leads me to a small room with a garment rack, make up counter, and a large mirror inside.  She instructs me to hang the garment bag.  I comply.  Several boxes stack in the corner.  My mind races.  I'm scared.

"Take off your clothes."
I slowly remove my shoes, pants, and sweatshirt and fold them neatly, placing them on the counter.
"Oh my, is that a real chastity belt?"  I blush and nod.
"I've never seen one before in person, can I touch it?"  I nod.  I shut my eyes tight and turn my head.  I feel her nails trace along the skin on my waist.  She presses on the metal.  I feel her knuckles knock on the tube accompanied by a metal 'thunking' sound.  
"Aww, you're so embarrassed," she chides, pinching my cheek.  My face burns hotter.
"Once a year, huh?  I can't imagine."  I lower my head.

Lisa unzips the garment bag.
"I got to touch it when it was done, but this will be my first time seeing it in action," she announces rhetorically.
Lisa retrieves the top box and places it on the counter.  She opens it and hands me some items.  Brand new white stockings.  I kneel down and pull the first one up to my knee and follow with the second.  I'm so embarrassed I want to die.  I stand.  Lisa reaches forward and slides the right one up my thigh.  With both hands she gives it another tug, and snaps the tops.  She repeats the process with the left leg.

Lisa returns to the box and picks up two pieces of white fur.  She snaps them in place at the top of the stocking, a cuff that goes around the leg.
"Looking precious, sweetie."  My face continues to burn.  My stomach turns.
"Raise your arms."  I do as instructed.
She pulls open the garment bag and retrieves the maid's dress.  I cringe at the thought.  I've worn it for the past week and grown to hate it.  She slides it over me, the now familiar prickles from the lining flaring on my skin as it slides.  It finds its place over me.  She moves to my back, zips the top.  I feel the fur of the collar flip up and the buckle cinch snugly around my neck.  A lock clicks I present my arms.  She turns up the cuff at the wrist, cinches the buckle, locks it, and "hides" it by returning the fur cuff to its original position.  This repeats with the other wrist.

"I can't even imagine how uncomfortable that must be," she states to no one.  Lisa motions me to a small stool in the corner.  I sit. She retrieves a second box and brings its contents to me.
"You or me?" she asks, holding up the hat.  I lean my head forward and feel it slide onto my head.  I want to cry.
"I may need help with this one."  After a few moments of fidgeting, she places the harness over my head.  I bow my head and lean toward her.  The buckle closes behind my head and the lock clicks in place.  I sit upright and raise my chin.  The buckle closes and a click follows.  She tugs on the straps, inspecting her work.
"That's just fine."

Lisa opens the final box.
"These were just completed!"  The box opens and she presents me with a pair of high heeled boots.  I cringe.  I place the boots upon my feet and zip them up the sides.
"Right foot."  I raise my right leg.  Lisa takes my foot in her hands, flips up the fur cuff, secures the strap, lock, and covers them back up with the fur.
"Left foot."  We repeat.
"Stand up and show me."  Lisa can't contain her excitement, she's giddy.
"Oh my God, you're so cute.  I couldn't believe it when Mistress said we were making a locking leather maid's uniform.  I couldn't even imagine it... but this... hah!"  My heart sinks.
"I can't wait to show it to the clients!"  My eyebrows raise.  My pulse quickens.  My nerves fire, I am uneasy.
"I forgot, Miss Cassandra didn't tell you, today you're modeling it for some VIP clients."
A small noise emerges from the back of my throat resembling a whimper.

"So tell me, fs, how do you feel on your big day?"
"I don't feel very good, Miss Lisa..." I can't look her in the eye.
"Just follow my lead and I'm sure you'll be fine.  If you do everything correctly I'll give you a reward by telling Miss Cassandra just how well-behaved you were."
She pats my head.  I blush.
"Thank you, Miss Lisa, I'll do my best for you."

Lisa opens the far door.  I follow her into the showing room.  Mistress is seated on her throne.  She wears her work robe.  It's a replica of her robe at home but black instead of red.  She wears its matching hat and a pair of leather gloves.  A chime rings in over the speaker.  Lisa departs and enters with the client.
"Would you like a visitor's robe, Dom?" asks Mistress, facing the visitor.
"Yes, Cassie, I think I would."  Mistress claps her hands together.
I quickly retrieve a red robe from the hanger on the wall.  The woman extends her arm and peers over her shoulder.  She's very attractive.  I notice her dark red lips contrasting against her fair skin and long black hair.  She's tall and slender, like Mistress.  She wears a red gown with opera length gloves.  A large gold ring covers the index finger on her right hand curving to a point at the tip.  A talon.

I slide the robe onto her carefully.
"slave, this is Miss Dominque, one of our best clients.  Treat her with respect."
"Yes, Mistress."  I bow my head.
Dominque sits in the throne next to Mistress.  They lean towards each other to talk.  A small table separates the two chairs.  I approach her with a lowered head.
"It's a pleasure to meet you, Miss Dominique."  She extends her hand.  I take it gently in mine, bow, and place a small kiss on the back of her glove.
"I've got to say, Cass, your slave truly has exceptional manners."
"Thank you, Dom.  He has been very trainable so far.  Would you like some wine?"  Dominique nods.  Mistress nods at me.  I retrieve a silver tray from a cart in the corner with two glasses and a bottle of wine.  I approach them carefully, setting out each glass on the table and filling them before returning the tray to the cart.

"I'm really looking forward to this presentation, Cass."
"I'm glad to hear it, Lisa has been excited too.  It's her first showcase of our 'naughty goods,'" Mistress laughs.

Lisa takes me by the hand and leads me to the front of the room.  A bright light shines on me, obstructing my vision.  I can't see Mistress or her client.  Lisa wheels up a cart next to us and begins to speak. it's a sales pitch.

"The dress offers a durable leather outer and the fur trim offers concealment of the onboard bondage gear.  As you'll notice, a quick flip of the collar or cuffs reveal locking straps and a low visibility bondage ring that threads through to the surface so you can restrain your sissy without the need for additional devices."

Lisa holds up my hands.  She hooks her finger through one of the rings on the wrist cuffs and shakes it before letting it fall, again hidden in the fur.  She turns forward the fur cuff and moves my arm to show the strap and lock before returning it to position.  Lisa turns me, facing away, and lifts the collar exposing the strap and lock before letting it down and facing me forward.

"The nipples remain exposed to remind the sissy that he's a flat chested male instead of a girl and allowing for easy access to nipple torture while still dressed."

Her finger circles the nipple holes and gives one a light flick.  I flinch as my face flushes red.

"The belt cinches tightly around the waist and includes a locking buckle and multiple attachment points."

Lisa jingles the bondage rings at each point, turns me to show the lock, and faces me forward again.  My lip quivers.  I'm a human mannequin.

"I should note that it took our design team quite a bit of work to ensure that the fur doesn't touch the sissy's skin.  They get all the visible frills but none of the pleasure of its touch.  Our lead designer was absolutely set on this idea so we made it happen."

My brain screams, "Kimmy!"

"The next two features are optional.  We have the 'full exposure' hem, modeled by our slave, that slopes and contours leaving the sissy's genitals and bottom exposed."

Lisa's hands make a box around the front of my chastity belt.  I want to die.  She turns me and I feel all eyes on my bruised buttocks.  Lisa applies a gentle slap and giggles.  I twitch.  She turns me again.

"The traditional hem is more suitable for public use and features a rear slit that allows you to hang the rear of the dress from the belt when you need access, or as a feed point when you want to plug the sissy with a tail, inflatable, or locking plug."

Fear jolts me as I realize that this can get worse.

"The next option is something we are very proud of.  There are 2 different lining choices.  Standard satin or punishment.  The satin is nice but the punishment lining was developed to put the sissy into a state of constant discomfort.  The material is designed to itch, chafe, prick, and irritate the skin without causing any actual harm.  It's really glorious to know he's suffering and can't do anything about it.  Standard sizing is available or custom fitting for an additional charge."

My eyes close and my cheeks burn.  Kimmy.

"The slave here is showing off head piece type A."

Lisa makes a box around my head with her hands.

"Instead of a traditional maid's cap we have a hat with an over-sized pom pom that just wreaks of 'sissy,' secured on by our newly designed earmuff harness.  This combines a pair of fur earmuffs with a more traditional bondage head harness.  It utilizes a series of straps and locking buckles to ensure they stay in place."

Lisa pats my ears and gives a gentle tug on the harness.  This barely feels real.  My breathing gets heavy.

"This is based upon our deluxe harness featuring easy locking attachment points for optional blindfolds, side blinders, and gags without the need for running yet another strap.  Gags attachments are available in bit style, traditional ball, O ring, or my personal favorite, penis gag with dildo ring."

As she speaks she lifts items off of the cart in front of her.

"Head piece B is still in development but it will be a bonnet-style design.  It should be ready for trial in 2 to 4 weeks.  The ensemble is completed with some fur trimmed stay up thigh highs with optional bells and matching high-heeled boots that have the same locking bondage system as the dress cuffs.  I should note the fur on the stockings is modular and can be transferred to a different pair when the others wear out."

"What about gloves?" asks Dominique.

"I almost forgot to mention them since our slave does a lot of cleaning, but there are optional mittens or gloves that can be secured to the sleeves with a similar locking mechanism used on the gag and blinder options."

"Are there fist mitts?"
"We can definitely make those on request."

"Color options?"
"The slave is showing the first color option, which is dark pink leather with light pink trim and fur.  Stock colors will include black with dark pink, light pink with white, or baby blue with white.  Custom colors are available upon request."

"Interesting.  Can I inspect him?"
"Anything you want, Dom," says Mistress.
"Bring the cart."

Lisa moves across the room and sits down.  I wheel the cart over to the thrones.  I feel Dominque's eyes trace over me from head to toe.
I kneel in front of her.  She slowly peels the glove from her left hand.  Her fingers run through the fur on my collar.  She slides them in, rubbing the inside.
"That really does feel terrible.  Tell me, slave, how does it feel?"  I lower my head.  She intimidates me.
"It feels awful and it hurts, Miss Dominique."
"Any trouble with rashes?"
"No, Miss Dominique."
"How many days have you worn this?"
"This is my 7th day, Miss Dominique."
"Are you able to take it off without permission?"
"No, Miss Dominique.  I can't get my hands or neck out without the locks being undone."

Her fingers find the bondage ring at the front of the collar and gives a firm tug.  I tumble forward almost losing my balance.

"How does it make you feel on the inside, slave?"  My lip quivers.  I can't breathe.  My face burns.
"M... Miss Dominque... it feels... so bad... it hurts."  I barely spit the words out.

Her red lips part into a wide grin.  She runs her left hand over various parts of the dress, fidgeting with buckles and rings.  She takes my chin in her other hand, cupping my cheeks with her thumb and fingers.  She lightly rakes the talon down my cheek.
"Look me in the eye, slave."  Our eyes meet.  I'm shivering.  Her aura is not like Mistress's.  My eyes become moist.

"Does it make you want to cry?" she asks, dragging out the words.
"Yes, Miss Dominique," I whisper.  She laughs and shoves my chin away.

She continues her inspection, slowly tracing the metal talon over my body.  It stops at my nipple.  Rake, rake.  I flinch.

"So, Cass, this was your other sub's design?"
"Yes she did, Dom, she surpassed my expectations."
"Hah.  She must REALLY hate him.  I don't think even I could have come up with a design with so much thought on pure humiliation and suffering.  Are you sure she's not a Domme?"
Mistress laughs.
"Oh, I'm sure, she's just a little... territorial?  Well, maybe very territorial."

"I'll start with 4."  Lisa picks up a pen and a tablet.
"2 dark pink and light pink, punishment material, full exposure hem.  2 black with dark pink, punishment material, standard hem.  4 pairs of fist mitts, matching colors.  2 sets of blinders, 2 blindfolds, 2 penis gags.  Are the boots included?'

"Yes, Dom, they're part of the set.  Don't you want to know how much it costs?"
"Nope, I don't care.  I know perfection when I see it.  I'll send my boys down to get measured on Tuesday if that works."
"Tuesday is great."

"Is your slave for rent, Cass?  I think I'd like devouring him"
A shiver crawls up my spine.  She taps her talon on my nipple.  I swallow.  My sex presses against its tube.  She can smell my fear.
"I don't know if he could, handle you, Dom" Mistress speaks in a half-serious tone.
"Aww, I'd be gentle."
"How about a trade?  My 2 boys for your 1 for a couple of days."
"I didn't think you were that serious, Dom, let me give it some though."

Dominique turns her attention to me.  She holds out her glove.  I take it in my hands.  She extends her left hand and wiggles her fingers.  I roll up the glove and slide the end over her fingers and gently extend it up her arm.
"Smart boy.  Your Mistress has trained you well."

She tugs at my chin-strap and pulls my head forward.  Het talon taps the earmuff.  I swallow.  My mouth is dry.  I feel a chill.
She speaks in lustful breaths, "I... Want to hear... You scream."
I shiver.  My eyes look towards Mistress.  She's smiling.  So beautiful.  Her hand slowly moves on her lap.

Dominique's fingers crush my nipples.  My eyes shut tight and I whimper.
"Pleeeeaaaase, Cass?"  she giggles.  "Look at how scared he is!  I can't make a boy this terrified and not get to finish it.  I'll give you $5,000 for 1 day."

Mistress speaks.  "Slave, how would you like to be on loan to Mistress Dominique?"
I swallow, unable to speak.  There's no warmth in her eyes.
"Answer me, slave."  My eyes scream "no."
"I will do whatever pleases you, Mistress."

I feel Dominique's toe tap against the front of my belt.  I can smell her.  It's different than Mistress.  She's on fire.
"Cass, I'll even throw in that cape that I got in Switzerland that you've always loved."
"That's so not fair, Dom, appealing to my weakness."  Dominique smiles.  Evil.
"The cape and the hat, and 5 grand for 1 day."  My fear grows.
"Kimmy and I are going on that trip at the end of the month..."
I watch Mistress, her gears are turning.  Her hand moves faster.
"Fuck.  Dom you are such a bitch.  I'll take the cape and hat, keep the money.  You can have 8 hours but I have some conditions."

"Let the negotiations begin."  Dominique grins and places her hand on my head.  I don't like this.
"No lips, no tongue, no penetration, and no marks."  Reality sinks in.  Sweat beads on my face.
"Be reasonable, Cass!  How can you expect me to enjoy myself with no marks?"
"If you want it bad enough, you'll find a way, Dom.  That's the only offer that will be on the table."
"Cass, you know that cape and hat are one of a kind from that designer you love.  He made those for me as payment for a session.  They're trimmed in ermine!"
"No lips, no tongue, no penetration, and no marks."  Mistress's lips part into a grin.  She's winning and she knows it.
"Fine, but I want 12 hours.
"Deal."  The air leaves my body.  I feel faint.  I look up at Mistress.  I barely recognize her.

Dominique's hand turns my chin facing me to her.  She leans close, uncomfortably close.  She's breathing deep.  I watch her nostrils flare in rhythm.
"I'm looking forward to it, little one." She beams a blinding smile.  "I will make you scream."

She turns to Mistress.
"I'll have my boys deliver the cape and hat when they come in for measurements.  Call me with the day and I'll make sure my schedule is clear."
Dominique's arm shoves me away and she rises from her throne.  Mistress rises to meet her,  they embrace and make small talk.  I don't hear their words.  My heart aches.

I hear Mistress's voice.  "Slave!  Stop zoning out.  Thank Miss Dominique for her patronage."

I rise and approach her.  I feel defeated.  I bow my head.
"Thank you very much, Miss Dominique.  Mistress appreciates your patronage."
She extends her hand.  I kiss it gently.
"I'll be counting the days, little one."  I blush.  "You know, Cass, having a slave mannequin really made this an easy sell.  I think you should do it more often for new products.  I had a blast."
"Just for VIPs, Dom.  I doubt the slave's heart could handle any more than that."

Mistress and Dominique leave the room together.  I find a corner and collapse.  Tears flow.  Lisa approaches and puts her arm on my shoulder.
"Are you okay, fs?"  I shake my head.
"Is it because Miss Cassandra just traded you for a cape and hat?"  I nod.
She rubs my shoulders.  The fabric burns and chafes.  I flinch.
"Oh, I'm so sorry, fs.  I forgot this has the punishment lining."  She moves her hand and places it on my cheek.
"This might not make you feel better but that cape and hat are worth at least $15,000.  $15,000 for 12 hours.  Doesn't that make you feel valuable?"  I crack a small smile.  Lisa is kind.
"Dry those tears, we have 4 more VIPs to go."  My eyes shut tight.

A dominant wife who feminizes her husband as a punishment.

A pro dominatrix.

A fetish club owner.

A slave owner with a full stable.

I can barely stand.  The maid's uniform is a success.  5 clients, 5 sets of orders.  I hear Lisa praising me to Mistress.  Mistress turns to me and smiles.  My heart aches for her.  I love her.  They close up shop.

I bow my head.
"Thank you, Miss Lisa for being such an excellent guide for me today, your presentations were truly wonderful."
"You are welcome, fs.  I'll be seeing you pretty soon."  This puzzles me.

Mistress chimes in before I can process.
"I wish I could reward you with some time off this week, Lisa, but I think we'll be swamped with orders.  I will make sure you get a nice bonus plus commission on your next check.
"Thank you, Miss Cassandra.  I'll have some time off when you go on your trip."

I help Mistress into the car.  The gate rises.  I'm so tired I don't even care how I'm dressed.  I climb into the pet carrier and we drive home.

A few hours later we are in the dungeon.  It's Sunday. I'm normally excited.  I'm exhausted.    She senses this.  She skips the shackles tonight.  I assume my position against the wall, legs spread, arms extended with my palms flat against the wall above me.  Mistress still has me in uniform.  It stings.
"I'm proud of you, slave, you served me well today. All of the ladies were impressed at your behavior."
My mouth moves into something resembling a smile.
"But, good behavior is something to be expected, not rewarded.  A slave must be constantly reminded of his place or he quickly forgets."
The paddle bites my flesh.  Smack.  I grunt, my body recoils.
Smack.  I exhale rapidly.
Smack.  A light whimper.
Smack.  Mistress is kind.
Smack.  I yelp.  She knows today was hard on me.
Smack.  My eyes begin to tear.
Smack.  She chose the least painful tool in her arsenal.

"Worship me."
I turn, kneel, and kiss her feet.  First the right foot, then the left.  It's milking day.  Mistress places her hand on my head and plays with the fur.  I don't like being milked.  She knows this.  I haven't been backing up as badly the last few weeks.  Kimmy's torture ensures that I spend most of my time flaccid and afraid.

"Mount the horse."
I climb onto the bondage horse laying flat against its top.  Mistress secures my wrists and ankles to the eyes on its legs.
"You've earned something special tonight."  I hear her footsteps behind me.  Leather and metal rustles.  She moans lightly.  She just strapped on her Reverb**.  Mistress normally milks me with a prostate wand.

There's a mirror in front of us.  I look up and see her figure behind me.  She's in her robe and hat.  The robe hangs open, exposing her breasts.  My sex presses violently against the tube.  Her hands caress my buttocks.  They're covered in lube and glide painlessly over my bruised skin.  My body tenses and my breathing quickens.  We've only done this once before.  I cried.  Never since.

I feel the lube slide into my crack.  My body shakes.  My fingers twitch.  I feel the words "no" creeping up the back of my throat.  Mistress pauses.
"Are you going to cry, slave?"
I nod.  She sighs.
"You know that sobbing ruins my orgasm."
I hang my head in shame.
"Do you want the gag?"
I nod again.

I see her retrieve some items from the table in the mirror.  She comes around the horse.  I open my mouth.  Mistress inserts the gag, locking it to the harness.  The blindfold follows.  The shaking continues.  I don't want this.  Please.

I feel something press against me.  It's large.  Too big.  She slaps my rear.  I let out a muffled yelp.
"Relax... slave.  Relax or this will really hurt.  I don't want for you to end up in diapers."
I try to clear my head.  Relax.  Relax.  I picture Lisa's gentle touch.  Calm.

Violation.  My arms and legs spasm in reflex.  I feel her inside me.  I try to moan.  My eyes fill with tears.  She presses deeper.  My mind spins.  Vulnerable.  Frail.  Deeper.  My head snaps back.  I can feel her thighs against mine.  I weep.  Her hands cup my hips.  Out and in.  Out and in.  Make it stop.

She thrusts and lets out a deep moan.  Again.
"Oh, fuck, slave."  Mistress loves this.  She only curses when she loves it.  I hate this feeling.  I love her pleasure.  My mind plays games to endure.  If something this terrible brings her pleasure, that makes it good, right?

Another thrust.  I sob.  She builds a rhythm.  My shoulders and head buck in reaction.  I cling to the only thing I have left.  I love her.  I don't need pride.  I don't need dignity.  I don't need freedom.  I need her.  I love her.  She is my everything.

Mistress's moans break my train of thought.  She's moving faster, deeper with each thrust.  I feel my tube fill with liquid and slowly drain.  Mistress keeps going.  She breathes so loud I can see her chest heaving up and down in my mind.

"Fuck, slave!  Fuck, fuck!"  She spits out words between gasps and moans.  She pumps.  Then again.  Another.  She lets out a cry and I feel her fluids on my thighs.  A deep breath, and then another.  She slides out.  My body collapses flat against the horse.  I feel the blindfold release.  It's soaked with my tears.  The gag comes next.  I let out a weak whimper.  Mistress bends down and presses my face into her breasts.  I sob.

"Shh, pet, it's over."  She pets my head.  I cry harder.  "I love you so much, pet.  I'm so proud of you."  She rocks back and forth cradling my head.
"You make me so happy."

My tears slowly subside.  I whisper, "I love you, Mistress."

She unlocks me from the horse. I dismount.. She points at her hand.  I present mine.  She turns up each cuff and unlocks the buckles, dropping the padlocks onto the floor.  I turn around.  She repeats this process with my collar.  The dress slides over my head.  I kneel and tilt my head forward and then back as the locks release.  She removes the harness and then the hat.  I lay on my back and raise my feet.  She removes the first boot.  Then the second.  I slowly lower my legs and return to my knees.  I bend forward and kiss her feet.  First the right foot, then the left.

I stay bowed.  I feel broken.  She is my Goddess.  I love her.  She is my everything.
Mistress crouches down and embraces me, placing her chest on my naked back.

"pet, do you remember when you wrote the fantasy about being put on display in front of women, quote, 'like a piece of meat,' unquote?"
"Yes, Mistress."
"Cross that off the bucket list." She laughs.  I don't.
"Do you remember when you wrote the fantasy about being pegged quote, 'unmercifully by a fur Goddess,' unquote?"
"Yes, Mistress."
"Do you wish you hadn't written those?"
"Do they bring you pleasure, Mistress?"
"Yes, pet, they bring me a lot of pleasure.  I love them."
"Then I am glad I wrote them, Mistress.  I love you more than anything."
"I love you too, pet.  And just for the record, I didn't grant you speaking privileges yet.  I'll have to punish you for that tomorrow."  She laughs.  I don't.

We move upstairs to her bedroom and head for the shower.  I help Mistress out of her robe, hat, and slippers, kiss her feet, and start the water.  Mistress moves across the room and opens the wall safe with the finger-print lock.  It's cleaning time.  I steal a glance at her nude body.  She's beautiful.  I love her.  The tube blocks my attempt.

I turn and place my hands behind my head.  She takes each wrist and handcuffs my hands behind my back.  She leads me into the shower.  The warm water feels great.  Mistress inserts the key and unlocks the front tube of the chastity belt.  She smiles and watches my cock return to life.

She fills the tube with liquid soap, inserts a small brush, and gives it a quick scrubbing.  It pains me to see her cleaning but in this case it's necessary.  She rinses the front plate and sets it down.

Mistress works up a soapy lather in her hands.  She looks me in the eyes and plunges her tongue into my mouth, locking her lips over mine.  I return the kiss and feel her hands encase my genitals.  The kiss lasts forever.  Her hands fondle and scrub until my penis is clean and standing upright.  She takes a step back and smiles.  Mistress reaches out and cups my testicles.
"I think we got it all earlier," she giggles.

I stare into her eyes.  Her smile is so warm.  Her eyes, alive and full of tenderness.  Her hands extend each pinching a nipple.  She pulls me toward her and our mouths meet.  My cock presses up against her.  I pump a little.  She pulls away.
She slaps it.  It goes limp.  She reaches down and quickly returns the plate to the front of the belt.  Metal imprisoning my sex.  She turns the key.  I turn around.  The locks on the cuffs release.
"Wash me."
I wet the sponge and douse it with her body wash.  I start at her shoulder.  I run the sponge near her neck, over her breast.  I trace out each rib.  She knows I'm teasing her but she enjoys it.  Down the arm, both sides of it.  She lifts, I gently wash her armpit.  I swirl the sponge across her back, starting at the top and working my way down.  Back up her ribs, one by one.  She lifts her arm, I wash her.  I glide over her abdomen, twisting around her belly button.  Slowly back up, I give attention to her breast.  Her eyes are closed.  Her hips squirm.

I gently caress her cheeks.  I move my mouth close to hers.  She feels my breath.  Her lips part in anticipation.  I don't move.
"Kiss me."   I was waiting for that.
I plant my lips upon hers.  The sponge works its way down.  With our lips locked I slowly swirl the sponge towards her crotch.  It dances up and down, not quite reaching all the way.  Her hips move in full motion, chasing it around.

Mistress bites my lip.  The sponge finds its way down.  I gently caress her, she grinds against me.  I long for her.  Tease.  Tease.  Her naval twists and swivels. I haven't finished washing her legs yet.
"You fucking tease, pet."  She grins as I lower to my knees.  I kiss her feet.  First the right foot, then the left.  The sponge follows.  Slowly along the tops of her feet, her shins and calves.  I take my time.  The backs of her knees.  Her posture screams at me, she's aching.  Up her hip, her thigh, her inner thigh.

The sponge meets the tile.  I lean in.  She leans against the wall, arching.  My hands grasp her buttocks.  My face meets her sex.  My lips lock.  Tongue flicking.  She moans.  Gentle suction.  My tongue presses harder.  Her pelvis tilts.  That's the spot.  I glance up, her head leans back, mouth open, eyes closed.  She's beautiful.  I love her.  My Mistress.  My Goddess.

I press my index and middle fingers together and slowly slide them in.  Her chest expands with a deep breath.  Finding the G-spot is easy, her clit is hard on both ends.  I stagger the motions between my tongue and fingers.  Tongue up, fingers down.  Fingers up, tongue down.  Her hands find my head.  She's tired of my games.

I synchronize the motions, swirling my tongue and fingers together.  She cries out.  Her hands slide along my scalp.  She misses my hair.  I notice.  My thoughts flash on Kimmy but I shake them away.  I alternate my pressure from gentle to firm, firm on the sweet spot, gentle on the edges.  Mistress grinds.  I follow.

I increase my pace.  She makes sounds.  "Ah, ah, ah."  More pressure.  Faster.  Her nails dig into my scalp.  I spread my fingers into a narrow V and slide them back and forth.  I feel it in her.  Flip flip.  Flip flip.  Her thighs begin to quake.  I increase the suction of my lips.  My tongue flails, pressing, shifting, pressing, shifting.  Fingers continue.  Mistress lets out a squeal.
"Fuck, fuck, fuck, pet.  Fuck!"

She coats me with her juices.  I slow but don't stop.  Gentle.  Small circles.  My fingers are together again.  Suction is light.  Tongue fluid and loose.  Small circles.  Faster.  More pressure.  Faster.  More pressure.  I feel her insides spasm and relax.  Her head tilts back, she moans.  Small convulsions.  Her thighs shake for several seconds.  I slow but don't stop.  I move faster.  Small circles.  I feel the muscles tighten.  Her mouth won't close.  Her chest heaves.  Every breath makes a sound.

Faster.  More pressure.  My tongue cups and flicks, flattens and presses.  Faster.  More pressure.  My fingers and tongue meet on either end of her clit.  Tiny circles, faster.  Dabs, more pressure.  Faster.  Deep breaths.
"Oh... oh... oh... oh. oh. oh. oh oh oh oh oh."  Spasms.  I keep going.
"Oh oh oh oh oh oh."  Another spasm.  I keep going.
"Oh oh oh fuck fuck fuck fuck, pet!" I feel her inner muscles shake uncontrollably.  I hold my fingers still and relax my lips.  Quiver, shake.  Her entire body convulses.  5 seconds.  10 seconds.  12 seconds.  I gently remove myself and look at up her.

Her mouth remains open.  Her breathing slowly recovers.  I watch her chest, her ribs, her breasts.  Their pace gradually returning to normal.  Her head rises.  Her eyes are staring into "nowhere."

"Stand up."
I rise.  She throws her arms around my neck, pulls me close, and forces her tongue into my mouth.  She devours me.  She grinds her crotch against my thigh.  Her eyes are still empty, like a doll's.  I rub my hands along her back.  Her tongue hasn't stopped.  She hugs me tighter.  She slowly relaxes.  Our lips part.  Her arms release me.  Her eyes return and meet mine.  Her mouth shifts into a grin.  I can feel her love.

"What was that, pet?  You may speak."
"I wanted to try something new, Mistress. Did you like it?"
The grin becomes a smile.  She laughs.  I'm happy.
"I can't believe it.  It felt like my entire body had an orgasm and once it started, it didn't stop."
I smile.
"Brat, remember, you're just a lowly slave, don't get too proud of yourself."
"I love you so much, Mistress."
"I love you too, pet.  I think you've ruined me, pet."
"Ruined you, Mistress?"
"You know I'm going to want that every time from now on."  She smiles.  I love her.
"Speech privileges removed."

She turns off the water.  I retrieve a towel and gently pat her dry.  Mistress's cheeks glow.  She's vibrant and alive.  I'm happy.  I quickly dry myself off and hang up the towel.  She wraps another towel around her hair.
"Robe, slippers." I fetch them.  Mistress paces across the room, opens the wall safe, returns the key, and closes it.  She stands next to the bed and extends her arm.  I slide the robe onto her arm and around her body.  Then the other arm.  I straighten the collar around her neck.
"Leave it open."

She sits upon the bed.  I kneel, slide on each slipper, and kiss her feet.  First the right foot, then the left.  She looks down at me.  Her smile and her eyes look so peaceful, so happy.  Joy fills my heart.  I love her.  I admire her body.  My sex strains against the tube.

"I have something special in mind that we haven't done in a long time.  Fetch the collar, wrist and ankle cuffs, and the hogtie."


**A fictitious dildo similar to a Feeldoe or Share.  This one is silicon with improved angles and an internal carbon fiber shaft that is curved in such a way that when more pressure is applied to the external head or shaft, more pressure is applied to the internal head.  It can be used strapless or with a harness.  Mistress prefers to use a harness so she can have more leverage.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Monikers, Colors, and Identities

Every few months I have a little bit of regret about not having two blogs.  One that is standard colors with a different author name and another that is how it currently is.  What percentage of my posts are actually related to feminization?  1/3rd?  1/4th?  I can't say for sure, but I know it's less than half unless I force some of it in there.

I can almost always logic my way out of those regrets.  The people who are here are serious and focused on content more than appearances.  The people who are here appreciate the ways that I contribute in comments and were able to judge me on those rather than the username, colors, and avatar of my online identity.

Occasionally I will dream of a "very active" blog, posted in a better way (1 post per day at most), and more benign appearance where dozens of comments flow in on topics and everything feels lively.  I know the reality of it is that I will spend more time replying to a lot of things and the intimacy will fade.

I've grown to the point where I appreciate the people who do stop by here more than worrying about the people who don't.  The intimacy and personal connection and attention are more meaningful than a string of +1's.

That being said, I would love it if anyone has any questions, thoughts, or ideas they would like me to explore in writing.  They could be as simple as "hey, have you ever ______?"  or "what are your thoughts on ______?"

I can be very task-oriented and this sometimes works better than trying to dig through the mess that is my own brain.

Fiction: fs01 - Part 2

I got motivated tonight and decided to push on with another section of writing.  This was actually the original idea I had that would have been best done in comic format.  The original plan was to have this "scene" take place over several months, with panels jumping to different days quite frequently.  It doesn't work with how I did the previous part.  Chronologically this falls a couple of months after the first writing.  If I start getting things together and unblocked and able to write I may bridge them together.

This section gets a bit more into my personal fantasy side vs. the first one, which was a lot more generalized.  Some of it is explained later in this section.

I need to pick a name for this series.  If anyone has any ideas, feel free to let me know.

I should probably introduce the cast of characters as well.  This has been brewing in my mind for over a month now, but I don't have much material beyond this.  I do want to document them so I have some idea of where I'm going, am able to remain consistent with them, and to give people some frame of reference as to who they are and help visualize what they would look like.  I have some names in mind, but I don't know if I will use them.

Any feedback is appreciated.


EDIT: Removed cast of characters.  The updated list can be found here: Cast of Characters



Kimmy hates me.  Kimmy is Mistress's new wife and sub.  She's 12 years younger than Mistress and they are almost polar opposites.  While Mistress is tall, elegant, slender, and refined, Kimmy is short, built like an hourglass with enormous breasts, shallow, and her mouth works without a filter.  An outsider might say she has spunk.  She makes my life a living hell.

"Fuck you! Don't look at me!" Kimmy shouts, holding up her middle finger in my direction.
I don't look. I know what she's doing. Kimmy's hand moves furiously, her eyes stay on her tablet.
"Get the fuck out!  How am I supposed to cum with a sissy fag in the room?"
I leave the room, I know better than to tempt the dragon. Kimmy loves to masturbate in the living room watching various types of porn.
"Fuck face, get back in here!"  I return to the room, eyes on the floor.  I can't speak, Kimmy doesn't like the sound of my voice so I wear a gag daily.  I kneel before her and bow my head.  She slaps me across the face.  Tears well up.
"Sissy maid gonna cry?" she mocks.  "Bring me a beer and a hair brush."  I scurry from the room and return moments later, presenting them both on a silver tray.  Kimmy grabs the beer, takes a drink, and sets it down on the table.  No coaster.  If I don't clean that up before Mistress returns I'll get punished.  She yanks the tray from my hands and sets it on the table.  I close my eyes.  I feel a tug at my neck.  Kimmy pulls me to my knees by my collar and shoves my chest and shoulders onto the couch.  She climbs on, I feel her rear on the back of my neck.  I gasp for air with my face buried in the couch.  The back of my maid's dress rises.
"I..." smack.
"Fucking..." smack.
"Hate..." smack.
"You..." smack.
"You..." smack.
"Lousy..." smack.
"Piece..." smack.
"Of shit..." smack.  I begin to weep.  She continues.
"Why..." smack, harder.
"Don't..." smack, harder.
"You...." smack.  I yelp behind the gag, sobbing.
"Just..." smack.
"Fucking..." smack.
"DIE!" smack, left cheek, right cheek left cheek, right cheek, left cheek, right cheek. I flail to resist. I can't touch her, it's not permitted.  She climbs off and pins me down by my neck.
"I just wanted to remind you what I thought of you, in case you had forgotten," she sneers.
"Go finish your fucking chores and get away from me."
I stand and take a step.
"Oh, I forgot, Mistress wanted me to tell you to have the driveway and walkways all shoveled by the time she gets home.  It really came down earlier."
I look at the clock, it's 4:57pm.  Panic.  Mistress will be home at 5:20.  I hurry to the closet.  I can't find them.  My coat.  My boots. My mittens.  They aren't here.
"Better hurry up, asshole!" shouts Kimmy with glee.  I hurry to the garage.  The big shovel is gone.  I take the little one.  The wind bites the exposed flesh on my thighs.  My cheeks burn, fingers sting. I dig with all my might.  The shovel bows under the weight.  Smaller scoops.  Must hurry.  Faster.  I'm cold.  I'm freezing.  Work faster. I hear a creak and watch the gate open.  Mistress is home.  I watch her large black SUV drive up.  It pauses and the window rolls down.
"You were supposed to be finished by now, pet!"
I hang my head in shame.
"Why aren't you wearing your coat?"
I shrug my shoulders.
"Pet!" I am afraid.  I am sad.  Her irritation comes through loud and clear.
"No dinner for you until this is done.  Come in and cook."  The window rolls up and the car passes me into the garage. I want to cry.  I enter the room.  Kimmy clings to her arm.
"Did my little fur girl miss her Mistress?"
"I missed you so much, Mistress.  I love you."
"I brought you a present."
"What is it?" I doubt her excitement is genuine.  Mistress retrieves a pink fur scarf from her bag and wraps it around Kimmy's neck, sliding it back and forth like a strip tease.
"I love it, Mistress!" Kimmy squeals.  They wrap arm in arm and look into each other's eyes.
"Kimmy, why didn't the maid finish shoveling?"
"He's lazy.  I told him about it this morning when I let him out and he said he didn't want to go outside in such a sissy coat and boots and he would do it later.  I thought he was full of shit so I gagged him."
Mistress lets out a sigh.
"You'll never guess what he did later, Mistress.  Come and look."  I watch them depart to the living room.
"Maid! Get in here now!" Mistress is angry.  I walk into the room with a bowed head.  I trace Mistress's arm and follow her finger.  I see the coffee table.  "FUCK YOU!" written in lipstick.
"He ruined my lipstick and made a big mess.  He's such a jerk to me and so mean, I wish you'd just get rid of him.  I hope it's okay I spanked him."
"You did the right thing, Kimmy.  I think the maid will have some answering to do later tonight."  I catch a glimpse of Kimmy's eyes in passing.  They stab me.

As I prepare dinner they talk as if I'm not here.  Kimmy sprawls across Mistress's lap.  Kimmy loves to flirt.  Mistress's eyes glow while they speak.  It wasn't supposed to be this way.  I watch from the corner of my eye.  Mistress laughs and plays with Kimmy's breasts.  Kimmy touches herself through her shorts.  Kimmy is Mistress's cum slut.  Her cute little ski bunny.  Her fur princess.  Mistress revels in Kimmy's overtly sexual nature.  It wasn't supposed to be this way.

Dinner is finished.  I serve them, watching Mistress enjoy the food.  It makes me happy, I cook with love.  I stand at attention, ready to refill the wine, ready for anything.  They finish eating.  Mistress approaches me.  I hang my head.
"Where is your coat?"
I shrug.
"Is it true you wouldn't wear it because it's 'too sissy?'"
I shake my head no.  Our eyes meet.  Mistress knows I hate that coat.
"Have it your way."  She hooks her finger onto the ring of my collar and pulls.  Her long strides leave me stumbling to follow.  Down the hall, into the coat closet.
"Were you freezing out there, maid?"
I nod.  She pulls off my maid's cap and tosses it over her shoulder.  Mistress turns to Kimmy's side of the closet.  Her hands find a "cute" pink hat with a huge fur pom pom.  I lower my head and she puts it on me.
"Hey, that's mine!" Kimmy exclaims from the doorway.
"I'll get you another one, sweetie," coos Mistress.
My eyes dart around, following Mistress's hands.  She picks up a pair of huge pink fur earmuffs and puts them on me over the hat.  My face flushes bright red.
"Hah! Look at his face!" shouts Kimmy. "It looks like he's in pain!" Kimmy laughs.
Mistress continues in silence.  A fur scarf and some matching mittens with big fur cuffs.
"Show Kimmy how cute you look, maid."  I whimper and turn facing the door.  Kimmy's laughs fill the room, she continues and soon holds her sides.
"I think he's perfect, Mistress.  I think you should plug him with a fur tail."
My body stiffens at the thought.
"I think the maid is much much cuter this way, don't you Kimmy?"  Please don't do this, Mistress.  My eyes tear up.
"Definitely, I think we should keep him this way all the time!"  I feel sick.  Mistress rubs the scarf up and down my cheeks.  My sex strains against the confines of the belt.  I can smell her.  I love her.  It wasn't supposed to be this way.
"Maid, you'll wear these as part of your uniform until Kimmy can design you a new one.  I think she'll love doing that."  My heart sinks.  She swats me on the ass.  I let out a muffled yelp, the bruises from Kimmy's beating earlier are tender.
"Go finish the driveway and walkway."  Kimmy makes faces at me as I walk by.

Hours later I finish the snow removal.  Inside there's a piece of bread on a plate next to a bowl of water.  The bread is stale.  I'm starving and eat what I am given.  I look at the clock.  It's 9:30.  Time for punishment with Mistress.

I go down the stairs and enter the basement.  It's chilly the way she likes it.  I adapt quickly, sleep here every night.  Kimmy is supposed to turn up the heat when I'm in my cage but she never does.  Mistress is in the dungeon, waiting. I scurry forward and kneel before her.  I feel her hand on my head.  I bow lower and kiss her feet.  First the right, then the left.  She wears her fur trimmed velvet robe and hat.  I feel the strain of the belt.  I love her.  I endure for these moments.
"Up," she commands.  I keep my head low and quickly rise, moving to the marks.  I spread my legs wide and place my hands behind my back.  Mistress fastens the steel shackles around each ankle.  I steal a glimpse of her form.  My Queen.  I raise my arms forming my body into an X.  I feel the cold steel of the shackle click around my wrist.  Her hair brushes against my face.  The smell intoxicates me.  I crave her.  The other shackle clicks shut.

She paces across the wall, pressing the red button.  The whir of the motor groans.  I feel the cuffs pull taut.  I strain as it spreads me apart.  I bark in discomfort.  This is farther than normal.  Mistress is upset.  My legs strain from the stress.  My hands tingle.
"Naughty little slave.  I've warned you about giving Kimmy trouble and today you were late with your chores."  Her voice is cold, deliberate.  My spine tingles.  Hairs stand on end.  I fear her.
"And what's this about refusing to wear the coat I had made for you?  It matches perfectly with your maid's outfit."
I scream "No" but the gag blocks the words.  It's not true, Mistress, it's not true.
"I think today we'll use the strap. " She paces across the room towards the wall of evil.  My arms flail, shaking the chains.  I sob.  Please, stop.  She calmly retrieves the prison strap from its hook.  She snaps it in her hands and I flinch.  Tears flow freely.  Muted howls.  Mistress approaches me.  She moves the handle, tracing a ring around my nipple.  I strain.  With her other hand she lifts the front of my dress.  Tap tap tap the handle bangs against the metal tube imprisoning me.
"Only 147 more days."  She smirks.  I let out a groan.  Her eyebrows arch.  I know this looks well.  Mistress is wet.
"Your service today was poor, slave.  I think you need a reminder of what happens for poor service."
My jaw strains, "No, no, no, please, no!" but a mess of low groans and mumbles fill the air.
"Good, I'm glad you agree, slave."  Her paces steal her from my view.  The cloth of my dress dances on my legs, moving upward.  She secures it to the hook on the back of my belt.  Her gloved hand caresses my bruised buttocks.  I wince.
"Kimmy really did a number on you."  I flail my arms with limited success.
"A punishment like this doesn't deserve a warm up..." Smack.  I shriek.  Pain.  Tears.  Smack.   Sobs fill my lungs.  Smack.  I cry out.  I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry.   Smack.  I wail.  Smack.  The world blurs, my eyes obscured by their flow.  Smack.  I shudder and shake in response.  A low growl seeps out from behind the gag.  Smack.  My body recoils on impact.  Smack.  Someone please save me.  Smack. My body collapses and falls limp against the shackles.  That was only 9.  Smack.

I can't move.  I barely exist.  The whir of the motor lowers my limp form.  I hear a click and I slump to the side.  Another click and my chest meets the floor.   A tug at my ankle, then the other.   I feel the gag shake in my mouth.  Her hands are on my lead.  The rustling of the buckle and free.  I can only weep.  The bruises will last for weeks.
"You may speak."
I lose myself.
"I love you, Mistress.  I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry!"  The pitch of my voices dances from desperate to falsetto between sobs.
"Oh, my pet."  Warmth returns to her voice.  I feel her arms on my shoulders. The soft embrace of her bosom on my back.
"Kimmy didn't tell you about the shoveling until it was too late, didn't she?"
I nod.  I can't speak.  I sniffle.
"And you couldn't find your coat because she hid it?"
I nod.  Mistress strokes my head.  It feels different with the hat on instead of my hair.
"The lipstick was her, too."
I nod again.  Mistress knows, she knows everything.
"Do you remember our first month?"
"Yes, Mistress." My voice is tiny.
"Do you remember the fantasies you wrote for me?"
"Yes, Mistress, a new one each day."
"Do you remember the one about the two Dommes, and only one likes you?"
I nod.  My body trembles.
"Do you remember the one about chastity and once a year orgasms?"
I nod again.
"Do you remember the one about the sissy maid?"
I nod.  Regret enters my heart.
"Do you remember the one about being an abused slave locked in chains?"
I cup my arms around her waist.
"How about the one about me taking a femsub and humiliating you?"
I squeeze her.
"Do you remember how we met?"
I nod vigorously.
"Venus in Furs seeks a Severin to compliment her Wanda."
I feel her petting the fur.  My ears, my hat, my neck.  She is my Goddess.
"You are my Severin.  Am I your Wanda?"
"Yes, Mistress.  I love you.  You... own... my heart... and my soul."
"I love you too, pet.  You are mine.  I know you will endure this."
"I hope so, Mistress."  My voice squeaks with a hint if tears.
"I know you will, pet.  This is as much for me as it is for you.  You'd still be here even without the contract."

She rises.  I kiss her feet.  First the right, then the left.  I press my forehead to the ground at her feet.
"You really do get me, pet."
I look up.  Her smile is warm enough to fill the room.
"You may kiss me, once."
I rise to my knees, press my face to her robe.  It smells of her.  My head spins with love and desire.  I trace the contours of her body with my nose.  I can smell her sex.  I touch my lips to the robe, press its fur against her and kiss.  She lets out a low moan.  Her passion boils.
"Thank you, Mistress."
She smiles.  Happiness enters my heart.
"Speech privileges removed."
I lower my head.
"Finish up your chores and be on call.  I have to go take care of Kimmy, she's aching to feel me inside her.  You know how she gets if I make her wait."
My face turns red.  I'm jealous but I won't disappoint Mistress.  I watch her pace across the room.   Longing.  Only three more days until I can taste her again.  My sex presses against the metal hell locked around my waist.  I need her.  Longing.

End ACT.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Components of Punishment

There's something else I've never quite understood about chosen methods of punishment.  Thinking about this makes me realized that I've just taken on something very complicated.

When you look at the ways Dommes choose to punish subs, I had originally thought there were a handful of levels that could be approached:
1. Physical
2. Emotional
3. Sexual

I'm now realizing this is an inappropriate breakdown  My mind is going about 100mph right now but I feel like I've noticed something new.  Maybe the best way to view a punishment isn't so much rooted in its action, symbolism, or process, but the desired end result of the punishment.

After a bit of thought, I've come to two desirable end results of punishment:
1. Remorse - Deep regret or guilt for a wrong committed.
2. Atonement - Reparation for a wrong or injury.

Let's use an example of an over the knee spanking.  On its surface level, I see two basic components:
pain and humiliation.  The next process is to trace in what ways these components trace their way to an end result.

Pain leads to physical suffering.  Suffering is necessary for atonement.

Humiliation has two parts, embarrassment and shame.  I consider these different in that embarrassment is the emotional pain felt during the experience and shame is the emotional pain felt after the experience.  e.g. If a woman humiliates you, the embarrassment is the pain of hurt feelings and shame is the after feeling like you are weak, inferior, etc.

Embarrassment -> Emotional Suffering -> Atonement.
Shame -> Remorse.

Reaching these end results would then make an over the knee spanking being "suitable" as a punishment activity.

I'll use corner time as another example.  This one is a bit more complicated since it doesn't affect the sub equally in all cases.
If the sub feels he did a wrong and feels bad for it, corner time includes the components of humiliation and loss (of time).
Loss of Time -> Something being taken away -> Atonement
Humiliation -> Embarrassment/Shame -> Atonement/Remorse

What if the sub doesn't feel like he did something wrong?  Instead of spending the time reflecting upon his error, he simply stews and bides his time.  In this case, corner time leads to atonement but no remorse.

With these results, corner time is "often" suitable for punishment, but the punishment isn't always as "complete" as other options.  

Another interesting notion is that the relationship between the punishment and crime can change the way it is processed.

For this example I'll look at chastity as a punishment.
If this is the choice of punishment for a sub who masturbates without permission, this brings on humiliation, physical suffering, and loss (of freedom).

Loss of Freedom -> Atonement
Humiliation -> Atonement/Remorse
Physical Suffering -> Atonement

Now if we look at chastity as a punishment for forgetting to take out the garbage, this most likely changes.  In this cases it's a safe assumption that the sub experiences this punishment frequently, so humiliation is far less likely to be felt.  What we have left:

Loss of Freedom -> Atonement
Physical Suffering -> Atonement

So when using chastity as a punishment, it's more complete if used to combat sexual offenses, less complete if used to combat non-sexual offenses.

I'm trying to write less clinically and more personal, so let's go with forced feminization as a punishment.  This brings on Humiliation -> Atonement/Remorse, so it covers the two end results we are looking for.  It also has no "conditional" basis:  it's humiliating regardless of what the sub feels about his wrong or what type of wrong was committed.  The only time this doesn't work as a punishment is when a sub prefers to be feminized.

Any thought on any of this?

Punishment: Correction vs. Prevention

A recent post over at The Secret Life of Miss Lily on the subject of punishment got me thinking about some things.  I know these are topics I have written about before, but here we go again.

I've realized over the years that there are two schools of thought on punishment, each of them having their own common "catch phrase" of delivery.

1, The punishment should fit the crime.
2. Punishments should make the sub think twice before breaking a rule.

The first style treats punishment as a fair and corrective measure.  A minor offense leads to a minor punishment.  A major offense leads to a major punishment.  Ideally, the punishment is "bad enough" to where the sub stops breaking rules.  I think of this as "punishment as a corrective measure."

Punishment as a corrective measure is probably the most fair and common method when it comes to punishment.  A sub does wrong, he pays his dues, it's all good again.  If he's smart, he learns to do less wrong over time.  Simple and effective, functional for training purposes.

The secondary style serves as the foundation for a philosophical concept known as deterrence.  This is the idea that if the punishment is bad enough, the rules won't be broken in the first place.  The easiest example of this is handicapped parking and ~$250 fine.  This is a larger fine than driving 25mph over the speed limit in a residential zone.  Parking doesn't harm anyone, so why is the fine so large?  The answer:  to keep people from doing it.  If the fine was $1, I'm sure people who were in a hurry would park there simply to pay the $1 to save time.  At $250, only a few choice assholes do it and the majority of us don't even consider it.  You'll find traces of this ideology in various laws across various countries.

Punishment as a deterrence in D/s is somewhat similar and somewhat different from punishment as a correction.  Unless the penalties are laid out for every broken rule, the first punishment for that offense is in fact corrective, but it goes well beyond what is "fair" in order to be effective as a deterrent.

As an example, if a sub fails to address his Mistress correctly by title, a corrective punishment would probably be in the realm of 1-10 swats.  These will bring back his attention to detail quickly, and hopefully reduce the frequency of his errors.

From a standpoint of deterrence, let's say the Mistress chooses 100 swats.  One slip-up and he's screaming for his life, bruised, broken, and aching for weeks.  After this happens once, it's doubtful that he will ever make the same mistake twice.

People may stand by their choice, but I have to believe there's a happy medium that may do this best.  A place where corrective punishments are a bit worse than the crime, but not so over the top that they can cause trauma.  

In the end, you'll find Dommes that support both styles:  correcting the crime vs. preventing the crime.

Fiction: fs01 - Part 1

I made a few small edits to increase the sub's response to the dialogue at about the 2/3rds point.  I figured it was worth re-posting rather than editing the original (and losing it).  I was planning on adding more reaction to the list of conditions, but it's just not feeling right when I try to get into it.  I may just not be in the right state of mind, but I think everyone would kind of have their own response internally to that.

I have included a link to the original version since it contains comments.  fs01 - Part 1 (Original Version)


I bury my face into her crotch.  My lips encase her clit and her sweet smell surrounds me.  I apply gentle pressure with my tongue.  She responds, hips lurching forward, grinding.  I feel her hands grab my hair.  She falls back upon the bed, pulling me forwards.  My neck cranes under the force.  I kiss, lick, and tease her with my tongue.  She moans.  Her back arches as she takes a deep breath.  I keep licking, sucking, swirling my tongue.  This is how she likes it.  Her right hand makes a fist with a handful of my hair.
"Keep going, pet," she gasps.
I glance up.  Her head tilts back, her breath uneven.  I speed up, pressing my tongue harder, firmer, faster.  She throws her legs over my shoulders.  Her ankles cross, her heel digging into my back.  I lurch forward against the edge of the bed.  I strain, the cuffs around my wrists reaching the limits of the hog tie's length.
"Harder, pet," she moans.
I press my knees back and tip forward, chest pressed against the edge of the mattress, and press my face deeper into her sex.
Her heel bounces off my back over and over, in perfect rhythm with the pace of my tongue, the grinding of her hips, the tug of her hand on my hair.  We move as one.
She exhales and moans, the fingers of her left hand gently teasing her nipple.  More with the tongue, focus... harder, faster, harder, faster.
"Oh fuck," she cries.  Her hips buck violently.  I feel her liquid on my chin and dribbling down my chest.
Her legs relax, sliding down my shoulders and to either side of me.  She relaxes her grip on my hair and I feel her pelvis drop back against the bed.  Her head flat on the mattress facing away from me.  Her breathing slows, relaxing.  I sneak a quick kiss, she squirms under me.
"Naughty, pet!"
Her head tilts up and our eyes meet.  I love her.  She is my Goddess.  She smiles and her eyes are warm, I feel them looking into my soul.
We remain like this for several minutes.  Our eyes stay locked.  I give her a peck of a kiss on her inner thigh and follow with another on the other thigh.  I speak with my eyes, "you are my love, my world, my everything."
"You know, even without words I can read you like a book," she says with a wider smile.
I sneak another kiss between her legs.  She grins and shakes her head, breaking our eye contact.
I watch her slowly rise, propping herself in her elbows and easing upright.  She now sits in front of me.  She pets my hair.
"My sweet pet," she coos.  "How's your naughty stick?"  She looks down.  I close my eyes and blush.  I feel her toe touch its base.
"Not.  Quite.   Yet.  Turn around, pet."
I shuffle my knees and ankles as far as the restraints allow, slowly turning until she is behind me.
I topple forward onto my chest and crane my hands and ankles as far as I can lift them.
"I know you can do better."
I take a breath, bury my face into the carpet and strain.
"That's good.  You move for me, not the other way around."
She reaches out and unlocks the hog tie one point at a time.  I maintain my posture until all four are removed.  My extended limbs shake under the strain.
I slowly lower my arms and legs to the floor.
"Good boy," she chides.  "Fetch my robe, hat, and slippers."
I climb to my knees, turn, and plant a kiss on her right foot and another on her left.  I turn away on my knees, pull myself ahead a few feet, stand, and head to her closet.

As I return I see her standing at the dresser.  Her nude body entrances me.  She pulls on a pair of leather fingerless gloves and picks up the white remote.  A few beeps later and the air conditioner blasts.  I watch her walk gracefully across the room and stop in front of the chair.  The chair is her throne.  My Queen.  My Goddess.  She extends her right arm and snaps her fingers.  I hurry towards her.  I raise the robe, sliding her right arm into the sleeve, then the left, and I lift the rest over her shoulders.

The robe is special.  It was her first creation when she opened the shop.  I smooth out the large fur collar around her neck and straighten the red velvet around her body.  It sculpts perfectly to her form, my hands tracing over her hips.  She turns to me.
"Top 3 hooks."
I carefully fasten the robe, one by one.  My eyes admire her cleavage while my hands continue with their work, gently, without touching her, just as she trained me.  She turns again.  I delicately gather her long brown hair and slide it neatly outside the collar.  I shift to my toes and ease the matching velvet downbrim dress hat onto her head, carefully making sure its contours are aimed correctly.

She turns and sits.  I drop to my knees with a lowered head.  While upon her throne my eyes steer away from her face.  These are the Queen's rules and I obey.
She lifts her right foot and I slide the fur lined slipper onto it.  Then the left.  I bend down and kiss each foot.
"Service position."
I straighten my posture upon my knees and bow my head, hands at my sides.  My finger begins to twitch.  She notices.
"Cold, pet?"
I nod.  The room swirls with the chill and breeze of the electric air.
I feel her eyes pierce me.  I know that fantasies and images swirl in her head.  She is working herself into a frenzy.  Her hand slides down the outside of the robe.  Her fingers move, caresses, back and forth, back and forth, the fur lining of the robe teases her sex.  Her hands stop.  She slides forwards in the throne, closer to me.  I watch her hands, they left and extend towards me.  She slips her wrist forward, sliding back the fur cuffs, and feel her index fingers and thumbs clamp down on each nipple.  She tugs and twists.  My cock reacts and I take a deep breath.
"Your nipples are freezing pet.  But... that... is... what... I... like... about... you."
The rhythmic tones of her voice charm me.
"Pet endures and doesn't complain.  Poor, poor, little pet, I'm such a cruel Mistress."
I blush.
"What I really like about you, is that the meaner I get..."  She digs her nails into my nipples and crushes them.  I squeal in pain.
"The more you love me."
I sense no more cuteness in her voice.  She is ready.  She spreads her legs and parts the lower part of her robe.
"I want to feel your hands."
I reach forward, cupping my hands over her breasts.  My body leans and my mouth moves towards her crotch.  Her pelvis lunges forward, meeting me.  It hungers.  I lock my lips with a light suction.  My tongue flicks over it.  My hands continue to massage.  She moans, notifying me they found the sweet spot.  Gentle but deliberate, the rhythm, the fur against her breasts and nipples.  She grinds, pressing my head back and forth, my lips chase her.
I slide my hands down and cup her breasts from below.  I feel her ribs heaving with every breath. Both of her hands tear at my hair, forcing my lips against her.  My tongue presses harder and moves.  Her hips intensify.  Harder and faster.  Her left hand grabs my wrist and forces my hand down her side to her thigh just below her waist.  My right hand instinctively follows suit.  I firmly rub her thighs, the fur teases them.  Around and around, we again move as one.  My lips, my tongue, her grinds.  Her clit meets my tongue with eager anticipation.  I pull against her hips, pressing my lips harder.  Her right hand continues to pull my hair toward her.  Her left hand finds her nipple through the outside of the robe, teasing it with the fur.

Her whole body heaves in a fixed rhythm, she gasps and moans with each repeating cycle.
"Fuck, pet.  Faster!"
Our pace quickens.  My tongue moves firmer, faster, firmer, faster.  My hands slide up and down her sides outside the robe.  Her hands cup her own breasts.  We grind.  Her breaths heave.  She squeals and soaks me in her juices.

She slumps back in her throne.  She is spent.  I kneel back and watch her breathing, her chest expands slower and slower and it finally relaxes.
"Look at me."
Our eyes meet.  She is warm again, happy, content.  She smiles.  It's beautiful.
"Are you cold?"
I nod.
She stands and takes my hand in hers.  Guiding me, I follow.  She lays down on the large bearskin rug next to the bed.  She pats her lap.  I lay next to her and snuggle up against her, the little spoon.  She opens her robe and pulls the side over me.  The fur is warm but I focus on the heat from her body, both skin on skin and her heat left on the robe's fur.  It envelopes me.

I feel her arm reach around me, her fingers fidget before taking shape around my penis wrapped in the edge of the robe's fur.  She clasps it firmly, it stiffens within her touch.  Slowly she strokes it.  My head spins, dizzy with both love and desire.
"I have to tell you something, pet.  Please listen carefully.  I met someone."
My heart skips a beat.  A wave of inadequacy crashes against me.  A wave of fear soon follows.  My body tenses and she notices.
"Your love for me is real.  My love for you is real too, but I met someone... a woman... and it makes me feel something I've never felt before."
My eyes tear up.  I sniffle.  I'm afraid more than sad.  She continues to rub but it's no longer hard.
"This isn't the end for us.  It will be different, but she knows that we can only be together if I can keep you."
The tears flow.  My body shakes.  Her hand releases my cock and embraces me.  Her lips are next to my ear.  I can feel her breath.
"Do you remember when you said you didn't care if I played with other women?"
I nod.  Is this regret?
"Do you remember you said you thought it was hot?"
I nod again.  My cheeks flush red with a mix of guilt and shame.
"Well I played and it was hot and it grew into something more.  You want me to be happy, right?"
I nod, choking back more tears.  I know she is right.  
"You may speak."
"I'm scared, Mistress," I whimper.
"Are you scared that I will leave you?"
I nod, starting to sob.  She knows my weakness.
"Would anything make it feel okay?"
I shrug my shoulders.  My thoughts race.
"What if we make your bond to me, legal.  Not marriage, but as legal as we can make it, would that make it better?  That way I can't leave you and you can't leave me."
I clasp her hand in mine and squeeze.
"So you'll be okay if we make it that way?  That you can never leave and I can never send you away?"
I press her hand against my lips.  My body shivers in a mix of confusion, sadness, fear, and my love for her.
"I need you to say it, pet.  That you are okay with this."
I close my eyes tight.  My voice cracks under the tears, "I love you, Mistress, more than anything.  You are my Goddess, my world, my everything... you are the keeper of my soul.  I love you and will do anything to make you happy."
"Thank you, pet, I'll get my lawyers working on the contracts.  Things will be a little bit different after she moves in.  She had some conditions as well to let me keep you.  Some of them are straight out of your fantasies.  I know you and know what you can handle and it's nothing you can't endure.  Go to the nightstand and retrieve the paper from the drawer."

I get up and move quickly across the room.  It's freezing.  I shiver as I move, dizzy with confusion and pain.  I retrieve the paper and return to her.  We resume our spooning.  She slides one arm over my shoulder and grips my nipple, the other closes around my penis.
"Read them, pet."
I read aloud.
#1. The slave will no longer have a name, but will be referred to as fs01.
#2. The slave may not speak to Kimmy without permission.
#3. The slave may not look at Kimmy without permission.
#4. The slave must obey Kimmy as he would the Mistress.
#5. The slave will be kept in chastity with weekly milking and cleaning, and orgasms permitted once a year on the date of his original collaring.
#6. The slave will hold the official title as maid and will be required to present himself in a professional manner befitting the role."

I feel my erection grow against her grip.  Her fingers squeeze and tease.

"#7. The slave will have personal contact with the Mistress 30 minutes per day for disciplining.
#8. On Sundays the slave will be permitted an additional 2 hours of alone time with the Mistress."
"I made certain we would have personal time together," she whispers in my ear while twisting my nipple.

"#9. The slave must accept additional corrective punishments if required, with Kimmy performing this duty in the Mistress's absence.
#10. The slave must unconditionally accept any additional rules deemed necessary for behavioral control."
"Those aren't so bad, are they?" she asks with a giggle.
I don't respond.
"Those are some of YOUR fantasies.  Now they can be real."

She rocks her body forward and sits upright.

"Are you going to make me proud?"
"Yes, Mistress."
"Lay on your back."

I follow her instructions.  She climbs over me, straddling my torso, facing away from me.  The back of her robe drapes over my face.  I can see her back.  She's beautiful.  I feel her hand on my penis.  It perks to life.
"Speech privileges removed.  Rub my sides."

My hands trace the shape of her body through the robe.  I gently caress her body, feeling each rib, moving slowly up and down from breast to hip.  Her hands continues to rub me.  She's so intoxicating I only now recognize my lust for her.  It swells within her grasp. She notices.  Her heat presses against my stomach.  She is moist again.
"You're going to make me proud pet," she pants, grinding her body against mine.
Her stroking intensifies.  I feel things build.  Faster.  Faster.
"I'm so proud of you, pet."
Faster, harder.  Faster.  I lift my hips.  Her sex burns against my skin.
"So proud.  You make me happy."
Faster and faster.  I moan.  She squirms, her pelvis shifts on top of me.  I love her.  My mind goes blank. I arch my back and press my hips toward the sky.
"Cum!" she shouts.
I explode, spraying a stream upward.  She blocks it with her hand.  Spurts continue, muscles contracting, pulse, pulse, and calm.  She wipes her hand off on my skin, her hips slowly gyrating over me.
"I love you, pet."
My eyes tear up.  I love her too, more than I can express with words.  She dismounts and looks down at me.  Her eyes blaze again.  The predator looking down at the meat.
"Worship my body in the shower.  Bring your knee pads, I'm feeling kind tonight."