Friday, March 25, 2011

his/Hers Part II

I finished this one last night but was too tired to post it.  It's along the same theme as my poorly drawn first his/Hers post. 

These were mostly inspired by those awful his/hers matching outfits (think 1988 yuppie tennis outfits) that got popular for a bit around 20-25 years ago (and possibly more times throughout recent history) as well as the still popular Christmas photos where families dress up in some atrocious holiday-themed matching Cosby sweaters. 

So you can think of this one as "imagine a D/s sissy Christmas card photo..."  Of course, for humiliation's sake, his outfit would be slightly more feminine than hers (although in this drawing the only differences are the collar and mittens vs. gloves).

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A couple of new practice portraits

Mistress had several days off in a row so I wasn't on much at all over the past five days or so.

I did do a couple of practice drawings in the meantime experimenting with some new shading techniques in the program I'm using.