Friday, July 9, 2010

Open to Suggestions...

As usual, I'm guessing the themes of my posts seem to be all over the map.  I do this a bit intentionally since I don't want to get into the habit of pigeonholing myself into one theme so I try to exert some balance, mixing my Femdom philosophy, personal thoughts, experiences, and more sissy/humiliation-oriented material.

Is there any type of post the readers would like to see more or less of?

I'm open to suggestions as I tend to just sort of write whatever flows out of me but if there's things that people like or dislike I'm willing to keep those requests in mind for future posts.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Erections: Self-Control vs. Prevention

Something that I've thought about a lot over the years is the idea of erection control.  I posted a bit about this with my KTB post, but I figured I'd revisit the subject. 

It's very common for a Domme to exert orgasm control over her sub.  Taking it a step further becomes erection control.  But what about another step further? 

Controlling an erection via chastity device vs. erection control via self-control by the sub.  I'll be the first to admit that my submission is closely connected to my sexuality, so I'm not sure I would enjoy a lifestyle without having it turn me on or at least the attempt at being turned on (if chastity was in play).  However, in my ideal submissive mindset being able to control my erections enough to only get hard on command is a lofty dream that I doubt I would ever be capable of controlling. 

I've read case studies of yoga practicing monks in Tibet who are able to exert such control over their bodies that they can perform amazing physical acts like raising their external body temperatures to 120 degrees F, slowing their heart rates to the range of 2-5 beats per minute for 10+ minutes, averaging 1-2 breaths per minute for 10+ minutes, and the like.  I can only liken a virile sub who is able to remain flaccid under any amount of teasing and upon her command, immediately spring to life to fall amongst those feats. 

I'm sure a Domme would be incredibly proud to have a sub she trained willing and able to follow erection commands to that extent.  At the same time, I have to wonder if that would be a bit boring for her.  I guess it depends a bit on her disposition, whether she enjoys watching him struggle to obey or have him be perfect every time. 

At some point during one of my single periods I had debated as to whether or not having this kind of control would have made me a more attractive sub or not, but it was never something I really worked on nor was it valued very heavily in the greater scheme of things.  Most of my Mistresses would have preferred to have me writhe away in excruciating sexual frustration than be self-disciplined enough to keep my penis in full control at all times.

Any thoughts?

A second peek

I got a fairly positive response to my last set of pictures, so I figured I'd post a couple more.  If anyone thinks these are almost the same as the last ones, they may very well be but these are actually different items than I took pictures of before. 

If you have read some of my earlier posts you will probably have found references to being forced to dress while serving or dressed for humiliation during punishment, as well as conditioned by only being allowed orgasms while dressed.  These are some more complete outfits that I dug out to show some examples of what those were like.

Serving Outfits

The white outfit would usually have a white mini-skirt.  Both outfits would have some form of coordinating stockings or tights and boots similar to those pictured in the first peek into my world.  These types of outfits were pretty standard.  In the summer, the A/C would be cranked to an appropriate temperature.  In the winter, the window was often cracked whenever Mistress would want to wear her fur.

The winters here get quite cold here and these weren't quite warm enough for outdoor use, so...

Outdoor Ski Bunny/Whore Humiliation Outfit Modification

It's not like the addition of a flimsy fur vest could do much against against the cold, but I knew better than to complain.  It was considered a privilege, along with other items like gloves and underwear.  Vests ended up being rather common as I am of a fairly muscular build and women's coats/jackets don't fit well or allow for a decent range of motion (e.g. for the hands cuffed behind the back). 

As shown in peek #1, on occasion contrasting colors are tossed by the wayside to go with a single color theme.

Virgin White

Sissy Pink

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sissy Fashion - The Bonnet

Well, in the past I have written posts on muffs and earmuffs, so now I'm visiting another long-standing symbol of femininity, the bonnet.

There was a time when many hats were termed bonnets, but eventually it came to reflect a certain style.  Bonnets were commonly worn year-round, providing warmth in winter but during most times, it served the function of keeping hair tidy at all times and free from wind and dust when outdoors.  These mostly stem from the pre-indoor plumbing amongst the masses eras of society and if you are in any first world nation, you likely have at least semi-regular access to a shower and hair brush.

This would then place the bonnet into the category of a dated and needlessly feminine item, likely to draw stares and a great deal of humiliation if a sissy was forced to wear one in public. If it ties at the chin a bonnet can also add a second level of security for sensory deprivation, holding earplugs (or the like) in place.