Thursday, August 12, 2010

Poll results so far

Thanks to everyone who has been voting on the polls.  Even if you don't post any comments it at least gives me some ideas about the views of those who are reading here.

The results on the chastity and forced fem polls got me thinking a bit about just who is reading here.

The chastity poll results shocked me a bit seeing that > 70% have voted for regularly or all the time.  I didn't expect it to be quite so lopsided.

The forced fem poll wasn't all that shocking in its results so far except I didn't expect it to be quite so balanced.  I guess it shows that people have fairly unique reasons for sissification.

The results also give me the sneaking suspicion that a good number of those who have voted so far are women.  If that is the case it makes me quite happy to know that what I write has some appeal to both men and women.  It made me curious enough to add a few new polls. 

Now that my blog is several months old one thing I've noticed is the absence of the men who use the term "WLM" instead of "Femdom" to describe a Female Dominant D/s relationship that seem to visit here even though I've posted quite a few comments on blogs of this nature.

A big thank you to everyone who has voted and reads/comments here.

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