Monday, September 13, 2010

For the time being...

Sorry I haven't been "up to speed," things are still stabilizing and I haven't had the free time to dedicate towards blogging or commenting on other blogs that I had hoped.

I may be able to whip up a quick something this evening, but if I can't...

I have a feeling that shopping with Mistress will be quite fun this year.  On a quick side note (that may just be my insecurity talking), but please let me know if you enjoy (or dislike) the posts with pictures of clothing that I think my Mistress would enjoy wearing (and look damn sexy while doing so) as I seem to get little if any response on these types of posts and I can always stop. 


  1. Sorry you haven't had any free time lately. I've certainly missed your commenting on my blog, especially the Slave Weekend entries. Your insights are always a highlight.

    As to the photo entries you publish, such as this one, I find them interesting, but usually don't comment because they don't seem to require comments. Which is not to say I don't like to see them. I'm always interested in the type of clothing that turns a sub on, and your selections certainly reflect the "fur" in your name!

  2. I hope things settle down for me soon so that I can give appropriate attention to the other blogs out there (as well as my own). I've been having to just read quickly rather than analyzing my own emotional responses while reading (which is usually where I find what I would like to comment on).

    Thank you for commenting on the photos. I like to think a lot about what types of clothing turn a Domme on (or women in general). A lot of it may be rooted in a Domme's pre-immersion reading, but most Dommes seem to have an affinity for certain types of clothing, especially when it comes to leather, types of lingerie, shoes/boots, and the like. Most women seem to share an enjoyment for particular luxury fabrics, silks, soft high grade leathers, cashmere, and fur tend to provide them rather enjoyable tactile or sensory pleasures.

    If wearing something makes her feel sexy and powerful, she will act sexy and powerful.

    I'm a big gift-giver and I've often used this to introduce exposure to some of the more pleasurable clothing during the courting phase. I pay a lot of attention to the female form and try to find items that will highlight her particular characteristics in an attractive way.

    Something that I have noticed over the years is that I've never found a woman that didn't enjoy the touch of fur on her skin (even from women that were politically opposed to fur). In many cases this has led to a fur fetish on her part but I suppose it has also led to the place that I am now. When she loves fur she understands how to use it to turn me on, how to use it to humiliate me, and how to mind-fuck with it (e.g. forcing me to wear fur but not letting it touch my skin or fur over something that is very scratchy/uncomfortable).

    Alas, it seems when I share pictures that the fur aspect tends to completely overshadow my appreciation for women in boots, gloves, and certain types of hats :)

    I'm always curious if women or other subs think what I post is attractive or not (in regards to the non-sissy-related pictures).

    Thank you for the comments.

  3. I love seeing your shopping posts ... the fashions are great ... especially with some fur in there somewhere. :-) The women always look very suitable to be 'in charge' ... the boots , gloves , furs , jackets look great ...