Tuesday, November 2, 2010


A few weeks ago I picked up a drawing tablet for my computer.  It's something I've wanted for years but didn't buy one until now.

I'm good at a lot of things, but sadly, drawing never has been one of them.  Over the years I've always wished I was a more talented artist since there were many ideas and scenarios I've had go through my mind or dreams that I wanted to be able to share in a visual format.   I have done some sketches here and there but I'm usually very ashamed of my poor drawing ability.  Learning to do artwork on the computer has always appealed to me since I don't end up rubbing through the paper from erasing so many times and there's lots of existing art to build off of.

Over the years my Mistresses have often wanted certain serving outfits that just didn't exist in any form without having to make them ourselves or commission someone to make them for us.  Since getting the drawing pad and some new software I've entered the realm of vector-based art... which is an entirely new thing to me.  Since I've needed a mental escape from some of the more emotional things going on right now I've been killing time messing around with drawings and figuring out the new software during some of my free time. 

My first attempt at a drawing was a D/s scenario that I tried to do free-hand.  Unfortunately I'm rather terrible at drawing accurate body proportions and I just wasn't happy with how that was turning out so I decided to try a few new pictures using a vector silhouette as a starting point, modifying it a bit, and then filling in the details over it.

While I'm very self-conscious about my drawings, I figured an anonymous place like an anonymous blog is probably a place that I can share it without getting my feelings crushed too badly.

Just to get my neurosis out of the way...

I know I'm terrible at (and trying to get better at):
-drawing faces (especially eyes and mouthes)
-accurate body proportions
-drawing hands and feet

The original art for this is much bigger and I didn't realize just how much detail would be lost when I shrunk/compressed it so a few details that might not be clear:
-Yes, that is supposed to be a CB-2000.
-The chain across the chest is attached to nipple rings and the letters spelling "Sissy Boi" are supposed to be letter-shaped charms dangling from the chain.
-The belt is padlocked on.

I just found the command to easily outline things so I converted another version with borders around everything.  If you think one looks better than the other, please let me know.

If anyone has any feedback or requests, please let me know.  All I ask is to please keep criticism constructive.


  1. I like the positioning of the hands, legs, and feet, but I could use a bigger belt buckle with a more obvious lock. I like the chain on the muff, but the cb and the nipple clamps are too feminine for my taste, as a more masculine look with these items might have made an interesting contrast that would emphasize the fact that it's a male sissy. The face shows a bit of discomfort. Was that intended?

  2. great pictures ... i love the chained muff ... these are really good. I have started to draw and scan a few pictures whereby I can 'surface' my fantasies too ... love to see more ... more fur ... more mittens ... ideas for public humiliation :-)

  3. Thank you, Lady Grey.

    I agree the belt buckle should have been larger. The "canvas" I'm working with is 4x larger than the picture and I wasn't sure just how much detail would vanish when it was resized and compressed.

    I will keep in mind more masculine contrast for future drawings. The CB is the same color/model as the one I have. I'm glad the discomfort came through in facial expression, especially without using any shading in the face.

    Thank you, mittens, I will try to keep making more.