Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fiction/story ideas

I see from the surveys that people are fairly in agreement that they would like to see me write some stories or fictional scenes.  As I've said before I have a lot of half-finished writings as well as a lot of ideas for premises that could easily be extended to novel length.

Since it would be you, the readers, that would actually be reading said writings, I have a few questions for you that may steer in which direction I go with writing.

Think of this as a survey and you can respond with answers in the comments.  I don't care if it's anonymous or not but I like to know my audience.

1.  In school I was a math and science guy so things like writing style and prose aren't things I'm well-versed in.  I do my best to try to have some style but sometimes I struggle.  Are you okay with my writing being on the weaker side of things?   (it will likely improve over time)

2.  As you can probably tell so far, I have some rather particular fetishes, which to me are enjoyable but to others it may get rather repetitive and boring since it's not their cup of tea.  In all honesty, these will probably serve as masturbation fantasies for most readers, but for me to take genuine interest in writing them, it will probably wreak heavily of my own specific fetishes.  Are you prepared for (or even encouraging) this to happen?

3.  As I've also written before, on occasion I struggle to get into the true mindset and motivations of a Domme.  Basically, I just sort of assume that being on the dominant end of certain activities "does it" for her in a similar way that being on the submissive end of the same activities "does it" for me.  Would you like me to make an attempt at capturing the mindsets of both roles or just stick to the submissive side of things?  If I did try to capture the "essence" of a Domme it would be in stories where the Dommes were the primary characters.

4.  On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being most vanilla and 10 being the most extreme, how extreme do you like your Femdom to go? 

5.  Do you prefer stories that are more realistic or ones that throw realism and practicality to the wind and incorporate fantasy elements that go beyond what could happen in every day life?

6.  Do you prefer situations that flow along on a more consensual level or ones that are rather inescapable?  Or maybe a mix of both, sort of in a "bitten off more than he could chew" variety?

Any input would be much appreciated.


  1. HI fur - Let me take these questions one by one:

    1. I've read a lot of your writng on this blog and you certainly have nothing to worry about in regard to skill. I doubt that anyone would expect a polished masterpiece, and as long as your spelling is correct and your grammar not too awful, you'll be just fine.

    2. I would think that if you stick with the things that turn you on, plus things that you think would probably turn you on, your writing will be more truthful and interesting. As the old song goes, you can't please everyone, so you've got to please yourself.

    3. I think you'd run into trouble if you tried to accurately portray what's going on in the head of a Domme. As far as my blog goes, I can only really speak from a Domme's perspective, so when I want to get into a sub's head, I simply ask the sub what he's going through and ask him to describe his own feelings. If I were writing a piece of fiction, I think I'd solve the problem by using a dialogue instead of a description when I was trying to delve into male subspace, and that way I would be getting it from the horse's mouth, so to speak, and cheating somewhat because I'm actually getting it from a real sub. If the Domme were the main character, you'd be wise to enlist the aid of a Domme as a "proofreader" of sorts to determine whether what you were saying makes sense and/or has any basis in reality.

    4. Depends on your definition of "extreme". Can you be more explicit? What would a number ten extreme include?

    5. I would personally prefer the realistic end. Every time I read a Dom/sub story that takes place on another planet or something like that, I turn off to it.

    6. If it's well written, either way can be entertaining, so it wouldn't really matter to me, at least.

    These are merely my own opinions, but that's what you were asking for, so I hope they help. Good luck.

  2. Thank you for the comments, Lady Grey.

    I prefer to write to an audience although it definitely would be situations that appeal to my own fetishes. I was mainly curious if people would be interested in reading those or not.

    In regards to #3, I think it would be difficult. My second Mistress would have me write things and have me try to capture her processes, decision-making, and motivations and then giving me praise or punishment based upon how much the scenario turned her on and how many times she would "correct" me. When you respond to my comments it brings up many memories of those days, especially when you "one-up" one of my guesses (the dusting with wrists chained to his waist vs. balls reminded me a lot of this).

    In regards to #4, a 1 might include some bedroom bondage and mostly topping by the woman. A 10 might go so far as to include non-consensual branding, very severe beatings/cuts/markings, maiming, castration or permanent chastity, total dehumanization, etc.
    My own personal tastes tend to stop around 8 with possibly a few more extreme elements sprinkled in here and there. If it gets too graphically violent or gory it tends to feel like a snuff film disguised as a porno: you think you're watching to masturbate but instead you want to throw up.

    In regards to #5, I may have to dance a fine line. I'm a big fan of the inescapable when it comes to fiction, so things tend to require a somewhat fantasy undertone to thoroughly establish the premise.

    A few examples of what I mean here.
    -She kidnaps him unwillingly and he uses a phone to call the cops and get freed = real.
    She kidnaps him unwillingly and he finds no means of escape/means of contacting the outside world or no one believes him = fantasy.

    -They agree to a D/s marriage and sign a BDSM contract. She/he doesn't like how it goes so the get divorced = real.
    They agree to a D/s marriage and sign a BDSM contract that manipulates the legal loopholes of the state so that if he wants out he faces public ridicule and total financial ruin = fantasy.

    A slight tweak here and there of governing laws can bring about some rather interesting premises. A semi-sci-fi/fantasy invention sprinkled in now and then can also be quite interesting. e.g. Could you imagine some remote control handcuffs that took the form of a pair of metal bracelets that were bolted around the wrists of the sub and with a button press on the remote they would pull the wrists together and hold them securely via some powerful magnetic field powered by harnessing body heat of the wearer (or some tiny powerful battery)? Fantasy, yes, but sort of convenient too?

    My dream bondage devices that I've written about of it are other examples.

    I guess a follow-up would be:
    Realistic everyday world = okay.
    Time travel and aliens = no go.
    Some new semi-realistic BDSM invention = probably okay?
    Taking place in a fictitious foreign country where the laws are a little different in regards to slavery, consensual or otherwise?

    Thank you again.

  3. Well, if you include maiming and castration in your "10" category of extreme, I'd have to say I'm somewhere around 6 or 7.

    As to your follow-ups, I'd agree with the first 3 and say okay to #4 if it weren't completely far fetched.

    How about a little teaser sample of some of your unfinished stories? And, by the way, where are the comments of all of those people who took the survey? Strangely quiet out there.

  4. Lady Grey,

    Thank you for the further input.

    I will see what I can dig up in terms of stories. They range anywhere from 3 to 50 pages so far. I was going to post some premises of ones I have worked on or ideas for stories I have written down in the past or started and never finished.

    As for comments, I wish I knew the answer to that (although I have my guesses). From what I have gathered over the years, submissive men (especially sissies) tend to only comment when something tickles their particular fetish. Also, my posts seem to be so "all over the place" that I probably only appeal to any one reader with about 20% of what I write (read as: they don't care about 80% of what I write). We had gone over some of the other reasons a while back in one of my earlier blog posts when I stated curiosity that I wasn't getting more readers from submissive men looking to court a Domme or convert a wife/girlfriend.

  5. I am a sissy slut to my wife and adore reading anything and everything about the femdom,D/s sissy training, humiliation, strap-ons corporal punishment and even just short of sadistic and it can be reall or 100% fictional, I love it all and we live it 24/7

  6. Thank you for writing, slavetoby.

    I will see what I can put together in the near future.

  7. I found your site fur even though I have not read any thing of yours yet i thought I would give you a bit of advice so you dont worry about how your doing.

    well here it is.

    If you write you are a writer if some one reads what you write you are a good writer if some one tells oyu if they like or dis like then you are a great writer.

    take that bit of wisdom with you.

    with that being said my stories can be foound at sissykiss.com under my pen name anna357

    good luck in all you do a story is a world you create you tell your tail so the world you make can be born.