Saturday, October 8, 2011


So... Halloween is coming up again.  This time is always strange to me when it comes to forced feminization because it's a time when things open up a bit. 

Sissies have the freedom to shop for pretty much anything and simply cite that it's for a Halloween costume.  Similarly they can dress how they want without having severe social repercussions if they are "going to a Halloween party." 

Due to this, I've often seen many sissy assignments be ordered to perform "at a time other than around Halloween." 

I guess I'm curious if those who still struggle being outed would feel more comfortable being on display around this time of year than any other.


  1. I'm taking some time this early morning to do some "catch up" reading on blogs I haven't read in a long time. I've read through some of yours and this one caught my eye. I remember talking about Halloween in the very beginning of our FLR journey. I thought hubby would be THRILLED when Halloween season came upon us. Inititally, I was surprised and confused to his "no big deal" type outlook. But after he explained it, it made sense.

    Hubby loves to be made to dress. This is used as a reward for him, and as a mind fuck (threat of exposure). He hid this side of himself for most of his life. "What's wrong with me? I can't tell anyone. What would so and so say/do/think..." (I'm sure you know the drill). Anyways, hubby never once took advantage of the freedom Halloween would have offered him. Not once. The way hubby looked at it, it was a sign of disrespect or mockery. Here was this side of him. A side he didn't fully understand (or accept for a long time). The judgement from society is...God...what's a strong enough word here? I'll just say immense to save time! He felt if he dressed up for Halloween, he would be mocking himself. Making fun of the very part of him he so wanted accepted, both by himself and others. It would be a slap in the face to make fun of this part of him he was already struggling with. His desire to dress is not a costume. It's real. If he were to actually dress up as a woman and go to a party, everyone would get a good laugh knowing it's just a Halloween thing. But he would feel like he was betraying his own self. He would be playing right into the stereotypes.

    Hopefully this came out correctly and clear enough. Maybe I'll let hubby leave a comment as well.


  2. Thank you, M FH.

    I know what you are talking about with this. Halloween does sort of violate the humiliation aspects of forced fem. It sounds like he and I are on the same page in that regard: we don't enjoy dressing, we enjoy being forced to dress.

    That is a fine line that not many understand very well.

    I think there are many out there where Halloween can provide them the courage they were lacking before, but it does kind of cheat things a bit.

  3. Hm. I guess I don't think this as heavily. Now, if one goes out, buys a costume off a rack and wanders in it, the humiliation certainly isn't there.


    In my case, the makeup, nails, shoes, and costumes match. It's not easy to get heels in my size. Anyone with half a brain realizes I'm dressing up out of enjoyment, yet covered my Halloween. It IS humiliating in my eyes to wander around dressed like a little honeybee, etc. But that may just be my experience.

  4. Thank you for sharing, lil Ash.

    I had originally written this post with a particular pair of readers in mind that had been dabbling in the idea of a forced fem humiliation outing and this was meant to give them a possible idea in a safe way to test the waters.