Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fur 2012

The fall clothing has started showing up on department store websites.  Early browsing says this will be a good year (although it felt that way last year and ended up being rather weak). 

My favorites so far:

I love this coat. It's hot, shapely, and can both conceal and reveal.

My first impulse on this was mixed.  It has a bit of a huntress/warrior vibe though and I really enjoy the middle picture of it.

I love the collar.  The sweater is its vehicle.

This is a pretty classic look. I love the waist taper to show off the hourglass shape even if it doesn't exaggerate the cleavage. 

I like this as well. I usually hate skinny leg pants, but the jacket has just enough flare at the hips to make that work.

This is nice but I think only certain body types could pull it off.

Sissiest item of the year goes to:

The hall of shame award... goes to something that looks like it came out of a backwoods taxidermist but about $1500 more expensive:


  1. the LBD looks great.. which the wrong body type it will sure look very different and instead of being sexy it would work for humiliation ;)

    some of this years fur-based designs look, like the animal was not shot, but was run over with a truck... but: the red jacket looks hot!


  2. the red sweater, the third one is my fav :)


  3. Fur Sissy,

    I'm thinking of how "sissy hot" it would be to have to carry that pink fur purse over your shoulder!


  4. I agree on both counts, Sissy.

    Thank you, L

    It is a bit terrifying, isn't it RW

  5. I love that purse, and I know just the one who should have to carry it. It's perfect, because he would be drawn to it like a moth to a flame, but he'd also have a fit about having to carry it out in public. Where can I buy it, please?

    1. That purse is available at Saks and can be found here: Fox Fur Purse

      It's a bit pricey pulling in at over $2200... but a furrier could probably make a duplicate for more like $200-500. I would also bet a faux fur one could be found at some boutique aimed at tweenage girls in the $20 and under range.

      A couple of years ago I received an entire ensemble of fur items in that same color: earmuffs, scarf, and bikini top and bottom. They are dreadful.

    2. Yes, it is a bit pricey, but I like the idea of him asking a furier to make one for him, so I have copied the pictures.
      In the mean time, I guess he'll just have to use his muffs.
      Thank you

    3. If he had a muff purse in that color I would that would have the desired effect as well :)

      Thank your visitng my blog, this has made my head start to spin.

  6. Here's an alternative, but unfortunately it isn't pink. Still, it's very very girlie and totally appropriate for a sissy.

  7. Hi sissy

    Here's another candidate for the sweetest and sissiest outfit for the season. I would love to see you made to wear it!

    1. Wow, that is rather over the top. Thank you for sharing.

  8. another accessory to go with the pink fox purse!


  9. Hi again

    Here's another cute outfit which is sissy perfect.