Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fur 2012 Part 2

As more winter 2012 items keep rolling out I'm feeling very polarized.  There's a lot of fur this year (more than last year and the year before) but I'm not really digging a lot of it.  The feelings are a lot less classy and a lot more patchwork.  I will say there's a good number of items that have me feeling indifferent as well as it's tough to get excited about a shapeless puffy parka with a small strip of fox on the hood.  Part of this might be that this year's crop of anorexic models really don't offer much in the breast, hip, or ass department to actually give some shape and curves.

It's love it, hate it, or meh.

I found a few more things that I really enjoy from an overall look and attitude standpoint (not all have fur).

I never really enjoyed tibetan lamb much until this.

I really like this look... Very 1920's-30's retro.

I have a couple more "hall of shame" winners.  The earmuffs are the most atrocious color scheme I've seen this year.  I just don't get the hats, though.  I'm sure they're functionally warm but I don't see a woman under the age of 65-70 wearing one of those and the colors are too neutral to be humiliatingly sissy.


  1. Have you seen these 3-pom hats? There's one with natural color and fake pearls:
    (scroll down and wait for the images to load, it's slooow)

    and another with more "interesting" colors:

    1. Those are new to me, but also atrocious :)

      Thank you for sharing, kvaat.

  2. What do you think about this style of fur hood/bonnet?


    More or less sissy than the usual fur bonnets?

  3. Imo it depends a lot on the color and coordinating ensemble, in certain combinations it could probably come off as more rugged or extreme climate. If it was in a feminine color without a heavy top coat it would probably stand out quite a bit.