Saturday, April 29, 2017

Slowing down...

It has been seven days since my last post.  I know that really isn't that long but it shows a shift in my daily habits after churning out 20+ posts a week for the past month.  It seems that the blogging community in general has slowed down over the past month or so.  Fewer posts.  Fewer comments.  Fewer views.  The means that are my "fuel" for writing haven't been completely absent but they have definitely diminished. 

I blog and write as a hobby.  While I have several hobbies, I generally focus on one hobby at a time until I get tired of it or find something else that appeals more strongly to me.  I tend to cycle through these, nearly always returning to them but when and for how long varies drastically.  When it is my focus, it's all I want to do in my free time. 

So yes, when I go through spurts of huge amounts of writing it is because during that time, it's all I want to do.  When I get home from work I'm excited to write.  When I'm at work I constantly think about wanting to be at home so I can write.  I scour other blogs for topics that I can comment on and/or that inspire other posts. 

I know that might seem strange to some.  Blogs generally reflect what people have going on in their lives.  When I'm in writing mode, it becomes my life. 

At the moment I find myself standing at a crossroads, unsure if blogging will remain my primary hobby or if something else will swoop in and take over its role. 

I'm not sure but generally when I make posts like these some topics end up finding me.


  1. Considering that you've put out four posts today, I don't think you have to worry about not having things to write about, Fur.

    I'm an introvert, and as such, blogging suits me. I can interact when I want, and step away as I need. I find I write less, the more busy I am in "regular" life. But sometimes, no matter my vanilla activity level, I crave the ability to read what others are writing. You're right in that it's a wax and wane cycle, but I find quite a bit of material for pissible blog fodder when I peruse prompt responses. Tom Allen's "she-held" blogroll is also a good spot to find FemDom and FLR material.

    1. Possible, not pissible. Yeesh.

      I suck at touch-screen typing.

    2. Thank you, Mrs Fever.

      Whenever I write one of these posts I end up burst writing a bit. I hope that things keep flowing so that I continue feeling the desire to write. I do know that the exchange of comments goes a long way to keep things going as it brings up questions and ideas to consider. I sort of fall into the shy extrovert role. Blogging is sort of like my softball team.

      Take care.