Thursday, June 29, 2017

Finally the right fit... well right enough

After more than a decade of searching and over a thousand dollars wasted I finally have found a chastity device or two that isn't horrifically painful and may be suitable for longer term wear.  As much as I didn't want to purchase a third steel device in under a month, I figured it was worth another $26 to see if this would be the magical fit (I am not using it with the catheter tube as that freaks me out).

Almost perfect.  One downside is that my foreskin gets irritated by the "spokes" at the end (another downfall of being uncircumcised).  The other issue is that after repeated arousal attempts, part of my scrotum can also get irritated on the spokes.  It is definitely more comfortable and a bit longer than the other short tube steel device I ordered.  I am not sure if this is the best route for long-term use or if I simply need to add some lube.

This device came with a spiked anti-pullout ring add on but before I was able to even get it on it immediately felt like this is a tetanus risk waiting to happen.  It should fit on all 3 devices.

The alternative is to go with the longer tube version of this device that I received last week.

I feel a bit like Goldilocks... one is a bit too short, the other a bit too long, but there isn't one that is just right.  The longer tube definitely doesn't have the same irritation concerns and it seems to control urine a bit better.  Its downside is its weight.  This device feels significantly heavier (even though it might only be a couple of ounces).

The big positive is that between these two devices, I'm fairly certain that I will be able to find something that will work.

I wouldn't have learned enough if not for the struggles with the Holy Trainer V2 that I went through earlier this year.  I am glad that I was willing to give these cheapo devices from Amazon a chance.  All three locks are keyed alike, so I basically have 3 locks and 6 keys in case any of them break.  I also have 2 rings that are good fits and 1 ring that is a bit snug but could possibly be moved to if anything changes over time.  All of the cages will fit on all of the rings although a couple of them take a bit of jockeying to get locked.  The regions meant for the lock aren't exactly machined to exacting standards... I'm guessing they had to bend some things on every single device to make sure it would take a lock.  I'm out about $80 on the three and I'm feeling pretty good about that considering I have some extra hardware and have spent about half of what most devices cost.  I also have a reference point for if I want to go with something higher quality in the future.

And now... my OCD can rest.


  1. I'd like to see a photo of the spiked anti pullout ring, if it's not too much trouble. Also, wouldn't the heavier weight of the second device serve as a nice reminder of the fact that you're being "forced" into chastity? From a Dom's point of view, that would be a plus, and I know you'd like to please your Dom, right?

    BTW, perhaps I missed it in an earlier piece on chastity devices, but what does OCD stand for? I assume the CD part refers to Chastity Device, but the "O" has got me stumped.

    1. Thank you, Lady Grey. I will try to post a photo of the spiked ring later today.

      I will keep that point of view in mind about the device weight. Stretching and pant bulge are a bit of a concern but they may be less important at some point.

      OCD = obsessive compulsive disorder :)

      Take care.

    2. Oops. My take on OCD was not even close:)

    3. I can understand where it might get confusing, Lady Grey. BDSM loves to abbreviate, initialize, and acronym pretty much everything.

      When I get on quests I go a little bit overboard until either I mood crash or I reach my goal. In this case I feel like I reached my goal as well as could be expected.

      Take care.

  2. Hmmmm.... maybe longer is better ;)