Thursday, July 6, 2017

Individual Fantasies

Recently a couple of blogs I follow have made requests for readers to share their sexual fantasies in an effort to give some inspiration for ideas.  I have found that at some point I stopped having sexual fantasies. That's not to say that I don't fantasize, but I no longer really have singular specific acts that I desire or wish to experience.  I fantasize about life.  A lifestyle.

For a while now I have come to believe that I only really respond sexually to subspace (submissive mental space).  It is what I crave, what I yearn for, and what turns me on.  I fantasize about a life that is capable of pushing me into subspace and has dynamics in place to keep me there.  I fantasize about a life that may shift the depth of the subspace that I am in, but I never truly leave it.

Such a life doesn't have any singular act that becomes the focus of my fantasy.  This life is a system of interwoven acts, expectations, and rules.  It is an interactive creature of actions and reactions where both parties perform their part to keep it pleasurable and sustainable.

I do not think it is valuable to analyze one party within a vacuum.  There is a continuous interplay of cause and effect and both parties are involved in performing actions and having reactions.  We feed off of one another.  The Domme feeds her Domspace from the actions of the sub.  The sub feeds his subspace from the actions of the Domme. 

I don't know if I should feel odd in feeling this way.  I am starting to feel that I view things differently from most people.