Sunday, July 9, 2017

Sardax's Venus in Furs

A big thanks to Vanessa at Queening Chairs for reminding me that I still hadn't purchased Sardax's Venus in Furs book.  Sardax is my favorite fetish artist of all time and served as one of my gateways into the realm of Femdom when I first stumbled upon his artwork circa 1997.  While his pay site is no longer going, I can say that his site was one of the handful of times that I had ever paid for "adult content" and I have even gone so far as to purchase most of the available works featuring his art (including ordering a number of publications from the UK).  When the book was released I was in a tight situation financially and buying anything beyond what was necessary (food, gasoline) wasn't really an option.

Unfortunately, if I want a hardcover edition of Venus in Furs, it looks like I will have to order from the UK once again.  In the meantime, I did purchase the Kindle Edition for $4. This version features ~10 amazingly beautiful drawings to go along with a new translation of the novel.  The hardcover version includes an additional 20 drawings and I may have to find a way to get it just for those.

I only read the first bit of the translation so far but I may post a review of it at some time down the line.  I will be curious to see how this translation compares during my favorite scenes from my previous experiences reading different translations.


  1. sexy pratiche e giochini meravigliosi baci baci baci !!