Thursday, July 8, 2010

Erections: Self-Control vs. Prevention

Something that I've thought about a lot over the years is the idea of erection control.  I posted a bit about this with my KTB post, but I figured I'd revisit the subject. 

It's very common for a Domme to exert orgasm control over her sub.  Taking it a step further becomes erection control.  But what about another step further? 

Controlling an erection via chastity device vs. erection control via self-control by the sub.  I'll be the first to admit that my submission is closely connected to my sexuality, so I'm not sure I would enjoy a lifestyle without having it turn me on or at least the attempt at being turned on (if chastity was in play).  However, in my ideal submissive mindset being able to control my erections enough to only get hard on command is a lofty dream that I doubt I would ever be capable of controlling. 

I've read case studies of yoga practicing monks in Tibet who are able to exert such control over their bodies that they can perform amazing physical acts like raising their external body temperatures to 120 degrees F, slowing their heart rates to the range of 2-5 beats per minute for 10+ minutes, averaging 1-2 breaths per minute for 10+ minutes, and the like.  I can only liken a virile sub who is able to remain flaccid under any amount of teasing and upon her command, immediately spring to life to fall amongst those feats. 

I'm sure a Domme would be incredibly proud to have a sub she trained willing and able to follow erection commands to that extent.  At the same time, I have to wonder if that would be a bit boring for her.  I guess it depends a bit on her disposition, whether she enjoys watching him struggle to obey or have him be perfect every time. 

At some point during one of my single periods I had debated as to whether or not having this kind of control would have made me a more attractive sub or not, but it was never something I really worked on nor was it valued very heavily in the greater scheme of things.  Most of my Mistresses would have preferred to have me writhe away in excruciating sexual frustration than be self-disciplined enough to keep my penis in full control at all times.

Any thoughts?


  1. I don't want my husband to have any control at all over his erections. I want that control, and if by some miracle he actually could control the "up and down" of it, I'd be very unhappy. That would imply that he had a power that is rightfully mine. That cock of his is like a litmus test for me. If he's aroused, I want to know that it's because of something I did, and vice versa. If he were able to control it at HIS will (even though I might be ordering it) it feels as though it would be too much power to allow him.

    Put me in the category of "Most of my Mistresses would have preferred to have me writhe away in excruciating sexual frustration than be self-disciplined enough to keep my penis in full control at all times."

  2. I am often subjected to a CB2000 which is a plastic 'prison' for my cock ... the thing that it incredibly frustrating ... is that whilst it effectively prevents a full erection - i can be stroked with fur which comes into contact with my skin though the bars on the CB2000 forcing me to attempt an erection in the cramped confines of the cage ... very uncomfortable and if i had the control you explain above i would be able to escape this punishment ... but i cant ... and my erection is at the demand and control of my wife. ... :-)

  3. Thank you both for the comments.

    Lady Grey, that was exactly the type of thought process I was curious about. Thank you very much for putting that into words.

    Mittens, I also have a CB2000 (as well as a CB3000 and CB6000). In small doses I find the CB2000 somewhat pleasurable for the reasons you described above even though it is quite uncomfortable for me to wear. In my deepest reaches of subspace I'm actually grateful that it's the CB2000 rather than the 3000 or 6000 since those dig into my skin in a painful way.

  4. i love cb3000 too.