Thursday, July 8, 2010

A second peek

I got a fairly positive response to my last set of pictures, so I figured I'd post a couple more.  If anyone thinks these are almost the same as the last ones, they may very well be but these are actually different items than I took pictures of before. 

If you have read some of my earlier posts you will probably have found references to being forced to dress while serving or dressed for humiliation during punishment, as well as conditioned by only being allowed orgasms while dressed.  These are some more complete outfits that I dug out to show some examples of what those were like.

Serving Outfits

The white outfit would usually have a white mini-skirt.  Both outfits would have some form of coordinating stockings or tights and boots similar to those pictured in the first peek into my world.  These types of outfits were pretty standard.  In the summer, the A/C would be cranked to an appropriate temperature.  In the winter, the window was often cracked whenever Mistress would want to wear her fur.

The winters here get quite cold here and these weren't quite warm enough for outdoor use, so...

Outdoor Ski Bunny/Whore Humiliation Outfit Modification

It's not like the addition of a flimsy fur vest could do much against against the cold, but I knew better than to complain.  It was considered a privilege, along with other items like gloves and underwear.  Vests ended up being rather common as I am of a fairly muscular build and women's coats/jackets don't fit well or allow for a decent range of motion (e.g. for the hands cuffed behind the back). 

As shown in peek #1, on occasion contrasting colors are tossed by the wayside to go with a single color theme.

Virgin White

Sissy Pink


  1. great outfits ... your mention of the air con reminds me of a punishment regime of mine ... to get fully wrapped up in mittens , hat , fur coat or fur trimmed parka ... and the heating turned UP ... usually tied up ... and cooked. Or even to wear furry mittens or jacket and threatened with being turned out of the car in public on a sunny day

  2. I sweat quite a bit so more than likely I would end up soiling/ruining whatever I was wearing if the AC wasn't on.