Sunday, August 22, 2010

Putting the "Forced" in Forced Feminization

I am in the midst of some busy things in my personal life so my access to the internet will be sporadic at best over the next 7-10 days.  Hopefully everything should smooth out soon.

I was reading the blog at:
and something in the comments got me thinking about this topic again.

How does a D/s relationship make feminization feel forced when it's obviously a source of pleasure for the sub.  I have no desire to crossdress but forced feminization has become a big part of my submissive life.  There always seems to be a fine line between a sub sharing his feelings about what aspects turn him on and attempts at topping from the bottom.

What I was thinking about are ways to drive home the forced aspect of feminization and what sort of things are capable of doing that.  Each type of activity seems to stem from a particular root aspect that is usually more D/s than sissy fantasy.

My list so far:
1.  Remove choice. 
-Lock away (or throw away) his male garments in a "wear this or go naked" sense. 
-Choose what he has to wear.
-Threaten compliance with punishment.
-Do it whenever, even (or especially) when he isn't in the mood.

2.  Establish feelings of inescapability.
-Lock the feminine items on.

3.  Create a negative association.
-Establish a link between dressing and chastity and/or orgasm denial.
-Place him in uncomfortable situations.
-Work him hard with unrealistic expectations when he is dressed.
-Make sure he is dressed during any and all punishments.

4.  Establish permanence.  (This is a bit extreme but also removes the fantasy connotations)
-Breast implants or cosmetic surgery.
-Feminine tattoos and/or tattooed make-up/eyebrows.
-Horomone therapy.

#4 most likely goes beyond the realm of what most couples will ever wish to experience but I figured I would list them anyways since they fit in with the overall theme.

Any thoughts or additions?


  1. One idea that always seems to work is chastity. If you control a sissy's genitalia and only give sexual rewards for feminine behavior, voila...

  2. Chastity is very important but so are removing choice and the mental anguish the inescapability of their situation causes. I remember the night i first put my sissy Martina's chastity device on her she was so angry she demanded i take it off. I said ok but you have to leave my house and never come back. When she sat back on the bed and and started crying at what i had done to her (her forced femming) i was very pleased. Going forward i would periodically give her a choice but the choice was always between two feminine chores/behavior's so even though she may not have wanted to do either she always had to choose one which was always humiliating for her.

    1. rfoj74, I was just checking to see if you were still around and maybe had signed up for notifications to comments. I'm back to writing again and I've missed hearing from you. This comment still haunts me, but in a good way.

  3. rfoj74, Thank you for sharing.

    The illusion of choice is a very powerful tool and it has given me an idea for my next blog entry. I was going to write more here but I will write it there.

    Thanks again.

  4. "When she sat back on the bed and and started crying at what i had done to her (her forced femming) i was very pleased."

    ouch. i doubt your sissi can be considered as happy, i really don't envy her.

    ok, perhaps she learned to enjoy her situation with time (i hope so), but it's hard to imagine why anyone would stay with such a Mistress?

    this is a rather sad comment, imho.

    sub george