Thursday, December 30, 2010

More drawing practice

Well... I keep drawing but I'm not really getting any better... just faster.

I guess I have to actually learn some fundamentals and train in them in order to make some progress but for the time being I'm just messing around with things I want to draw.

This drawing is based upon an advertisement for a coat I saw.  I drew it with and without a hat.


  1. Forgot to say - this is rather good! I wish I could tempt you into some non-sissy femdom images...

  2. Thank you, Giles.

    I have done them in the past and would look at doing them in the future but it may be a while, especially if it involves naked figures. My weakness is facial detail/shading and unfortunately, drawing a semi-naked sub then requires a great deal more detail and shading... more than my currently ability levels and understanding of drawing merit.

    Right now the bulk of my non-sissy artwork basically features just women. When introducing the sissy aspect of it I can at least try to get by on the content even if I lack talent for its execution :)