Wednesday, February 9, 2011


My experiences being humiliated in public by Mistresses has been varied but usually on the tame side of things compared to what is possible.  What I've learned is that it really doesn't take much.  A well-planned item can be enough to garner the desired effect and it doesn't have to be over-the-top to do so, both for an external reaction from onlookers and the internal reaction for the sissy.

I've seen items similar to these before but I guess you could call these "this year's model." 

Even if mostly worn under a coat with the scarf ends running up the sleeves, the design leads to a constant state of self-awareness for the sub as every time they move their arms it will give a tug around the neck.

I guess you could think of them as a state of of mild bondage with a greater intent to humiliate than restrain. 


  1. i have been made to use mitten strings throughout the winter - I know hos this feels ... I love these designs though.

  2. Has anyone, male or female, acually commented out loud to you when you're out in public and being humiliated by your Mistress? Or do you just bear the sideway looks and snickers without any real verbal commentary on the part of a stranger?

  3. Lady Grey,

    Not really, except in a few cases in upscale department stores that had salespeople that worked on commission and Mistress had me model something for her (usually some sort of fur accessory). So for the most part, not in the manner that I think you're referring to. I haven't really been put into a position of full-blown exposure though as my Mitresses that did this the most usually preferred the emotional turmoil and mindfucking aspects of it than the outright humiliation... so in short, watching me squirm under the threat did more for them than the outright act.

    For me it has been mostly looks and snickers and that is fairly consistent with most other sissies I have corresponded with. In 9 out of 10 cases it's usually the act of buying something where you have forced/necessary contact with another person where any direct comments are made.

    As a whole though (which blows many a stereotyped humiliation fantasy out of the water), most people are too busy/self-absorbed to notice anything beyond themselves and that is especially true around busy sale times or x-mas shopping. There may be 200 people around you at all times, but none of them are paying any attention to anyone else.

    Men rarely if ever notice anything. Women are often able to notice very minute details, but that is under the assumption that they do in fact notice you. People that have a habit of "making a day" of a mall trip and spend as much time hanging out as they are shopping are more apt to notice things. In these cases, they're more likely to keep their distance and point rather than make any kind of approach.

    mittens, I felt these were similar to strings in their end result but they're definitely a notch higher on the visibility scale.

  4. Oh, I do like these, hon! I can immediately see and feel what you mean by the sense of sissy self-awareness and mild bondage.

    It took me until nearly the end of December, but I finally found myself a pair of very feminine looking winter boots that fit. I was actually a little sad that nobody commented, but a girl came into my office last week and immediately fell in love with them. She was gushing about how great they looked, especially with the furry tops, and asked who they belonged to. When I said they were mine, she just walked out without another word.

    They are mine, and I love them. :)

  5. Thank you for sharing, sissy heathyr.

    When she walked out what was her reaction like? It seems women will either enjoy being able to share that moment with you, get freaked out by it, or are angry that your tastes overlap.

  6. I have had comments passed whilst wearing mittens on strings . On two occasions I had been stopped by a woman doing a marketing survey in the street - they both commented on how 'wrapped up' I was looking and how they loved my mittens . ON the second occasion I was required to sign a piece of paper after answering the questionnaire so had to remove my mittens and had no choice but to reveal the strings attaching them ... " wow are those mittens on a string ... how cute " ...she said. After signing she said , I have to tell my colleague - who was standing a few yards away - she introduced us " this guy has really cute mittens on - and they are on strings " ... we exchanged a few more words then parted ... I still wonder what conversation they had after and who they told later on ... I can say that this was a very exciting experience ..and I felt VERY exposed.

  7. The mind can certainly race when you try to imagine it. I have a feeling the second group probably had a good laugh at your expense after you left.