Tuesday, March 29, 2011

2011/2012 M. Miller Collection

I've always been a huge fan of ski-wear from M. Miller.  By random chance I was surfing the web last night and found they posted their winter 2011/2012 collection just recently.  I know the ski boutiques have to have their orders placed in March to have them all filled by October or so (I found this out when trying to special order a coat for Mistress one year) and it strikes me as a little odd that the collections are done this early in the year when most clothing designers don't unveil their 2011/2012 winter collections until August/September.  The pictures here are of the new items. 

I think that's one reason why I consistently like so much of what M. Miller does... they don't just make up to the minute trends, they make attractive women's ski-wear that is also practical and pretty much in style at any time during the winter.  Most of the Dommes I have served have ended up sharing my affinity for fur and also liked my taste in what I would help them pick out when shopping.

Being that I've gone shopping a lot with my girlfriends and Mistresses over the past decade I've come to the conclusion that Mark (The M. of M. Miller) is most likely heterosexual.  I feel like I understand where he's coming from.  Even though he's designing warm winter coats, he probably thinks women are sexy and really tries to accent the beauty of the female form.  Add his flair for fur and it seems like it's a perfect match.  What seems to separate his items from many of the upscale designers is that his lines and cuts almost always do the most to draw out a woman's curves with tapered waistlines that bring out that hourglass figure that many men (myself included) find attractive.

Most of these items are available in a ton of different colors for both the base material and fur.  Each winter I like to get my Mistress at least one new coat as a gift and it's with items like these that make me regret going to work for a small business right out of college and not the corporate route.  These coats tend to carry a price tag in the $500-1500 range, and while that's not too expensive in the greater scheme of fashion, they aren't something that I can afford to buy two or three of every year along with matching accessories.

While most of the women that I know also enjoy a lot of these, whenever I post any of these on the web I don't seem to get much for feedback from people of either gender so if anyone has any comments, they'd be much appreciated. 


If I were to buy any of these from this year's designs for Mistress it would probably be one of these three:

Here are some of my favorites from previous years:

I'm also particularly fond of their "on location" photo shoots.

 The only real gripe I have with them is that these pictures are the largest resolution they have available on their website.


  1. i LOVE these huge fur collars - and the short fitting jackets ... would love to see these being worn out and about .. or even have a larger one and be MADE to wear that gorgeous thick fur collar. I love the first , third and fifth frames :-)

  2. Great link.
    My favourite is the white coat with the white earmuffs in the fifth picture.


  3. Thank you, mittens. One of our neighbors is a very tall and slender Russian woman that has a coat similar to many of these but the collar is so large that it extends all the way down to the waistline. It's a very flattering coat.

    Thank you, Kimmy. I kind of figured that one would have an appeal to some readers.