Saturday, March 5, 2011

Lesbian Femdom Fantasy Drawing

I finished another drawing today that I think for the most part turned out rather well for my current abilities.

It sort of covers the Lesbian fantasy that I have written about in the past and Lady Grey's post on The Appeal of Disinterest.

 This is also my first drawing where I tried to add some sort of hand-drawn background (rather than just using clip art or pre-fab CG).

I was going to have a sign hanging on the wall but I wasn't really motivated to think up something clever and Femdom to have on it.  If anyone has any ideas I will add them to the drawing.  If you have ever been to someone's home that had like a circular embroidered sign hanging on the wall that said something like "Home Sweet Home" or another cliché... I'm going for what the Domme of the house might have hanging on the wall announcing their lifestyle.  If I come up with something I may add it but I'm open to suggestions.

I've also added Lady Grey's suggestion for the sign on the wall.  I also added some window frost and poorly drawn icicles.  Lastly, the sub's butt didn't turn out quite right so I fiddled with it for longer than I'd like to admit and it still doesn't look right... but now in a different way than before.


  1. How about:

    "A Woman's Work Is Never Done - Unless She Owns A Male Slave"

  2. Thank you, Lady Grey.

    I've posted another updated version of the drawing including that and a couple of other touch ups.

  3. I love the icicles. They lend such an ominous feel to the work being done outside while the ladies enjoy themselves inside. How hard would it be to add some sort of chain or shackles attaching the shovel to the slave's wrists? Just an idea - I do like hardware on my man:)

  4. Chains are quite time consuming but not too difficult as long as they are short and don't have significant directional changes. The only problem with them is that if I end up making changes I then have to go back and move/rotate each link individually.

    However... that didn't stop me from adding them. I posted the updated version in my newest post. It took some thinking about the most practical way to chain someone to a shovel, so I ended up going with two pairs of long-chain handcuffs, with one cuff around the wrist and the other around the shaft of the shovel. That would be quite easy to do in real life and also be quite effective.

    I originally had intended to do a long chain attached to the collar and a dog tether but after how the women turned out in the drawing I had wanted to keep them as the focal point and leave the sub as an afterthought. I ended up adding the tether but used just a cable instead of chain and connected it to an unseen ankle cuff.