Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sissy from the dance club drawing

I still get relatively little feedback overall so I'm not quite sure what things float people's boat more than others aside from the good/bad/weird votes that drawings get.

On the Cheerleader and Dance Club drawings I can post single pictures of any of the characters if people are interested in having those individually.


  1. The constant earmuffs and beanie hats get kind of repetitive. I assume it's a personal fetish? You could switch it up a little with those.

  2. Thank you for writing.

    They are a bit repetitive but mainly because the commonly-used outfit closely resembles what I have had to wear while serving. You can think of it as sort of... inserting myself into the fantasy.

    My fetish for fur is mainly on women. The unrelated fetish that leads to those repeated items is my draw to humiliation. Having experienced forced feminization involving fur with several Dommes certain things have constantly been involved: mainly items that they thought were silly/goofy/sissy looking. Earmuffs, hand muffs, anything with pom poms, mittens (instead of gloves) etc.

    The other two reasons for the repetition:
    -It's easier to just re-draw a familiar subject than come up with a unique one every time.

    -I spend about three times as long drawing the woman/women in the pictures as I do the men. Drawing a hat is easier than trying to draw decent male hair.

    If you have any ideas you would rather see, I'm always open to suggestions.

  3. Another aspect of my fetish that I should mention dates back to some cruelty on my ex's part. She used fur to mindfuck me by having me wear fur but not allowing any of it to touch my skin. e.g. wearing a thick itchy wool turtleneck sweater and mittens and then putting a fur scarf and cuffs on over the wool. Other times she might use it to cover up bondage restraints from public view. "If you take it off everyone will see you're wearing a locking leather slave collar." Basically she twisted my love of its touch into an ornament of shame.

    I think that's why most of my sissy drawings end up with very impractical fur items. I know most fur lovers prefer touching fur, so I can understand why people would wonder about those.