Saturday, September 3, 2011

"Virtual Mistresses," Fetish Fiction, and the need for outcomes beyond our control

The waters have been rough in my relationship lately and I've been feeling single even though I'm not.  In doing some reflection it reminded me to points in my life where I was single and between D/s relationships.

When single, lonely, horny, and needing a more interactive fantasy I dig up a few sites dealing with the idea of a "virtual" Mistress.  These and the ideas of them always seemed to do more for my submissive side than porn and most stories, etc.

An example would be something like My Key Safe , which is a programmable chastity key safe that can be linked up to the internet and controlled by a virtual Domme, called "Strict Mistress."  You choose your experience level and are supposed to lock on a chastity device and lock the key in the safe.  The terms of the chastity period are determined by the experience level you selected.  During the period you can ask for permission to be unlocked with one of three desperation levels (I'm not sure how these affect the likeliness of it actually being unlocked).  The frequency with which you ask also affects the likeliness of being unlocked (asking too often makes an unlock more difficult to obtain, asking very infrequently makes it easier to unlock).

The system uses a random number generator and stores the "odds" of succeeding based upon what you have done over the desired period.  

If you selected "experienced" in your experience level (level 3 out of 5 levels), your maximum lock up duration is 30 days.  You can ask for permission for release once a day without being automatically penalized (although it might have been once every 3 days).  Waiting more than 7 days between asking permission improves your odds.  Depending upon her "mood," you will get one of the following outcomes: 
A) Unlocking the safe.
B) Unwilling to unlock but your odds will be better the next time you ask.
C) Unwilling to unlock but your odds will be worse the next time you ask.
D) Unwilling to unlock but your odds will be much worse the next time you ask.

Asking too frequently ensures the outcome will be either C or D.  To build the fantasy aspect of it there's a picture of a Domme dressed in leather giving a facial expression symbolic of her mood and response.
You are guaranteed release after 30 days have passed no matter what.  Upon release you are supposed to jerk off once, lock yourself back up, and restart the period (although you are allowed to change durations at this time). 

This is by far the most elaborate virtual Mistress I've come across.  There is a now defunct Forced Feminization site on geocities that used to have a "what to wear" program where the user would run a program and randomly generate a list of items that would include both male and female items (you could alter the probability to skew towards one side or the other).  I've come across other sites that have had "pick a card" type of options that would "randomly" give you a humiliation assignment (random as long as you didn't pick the same card twice). 

One other site (that I can't seem to find) that comes to mind was a virtual discipline site that had a couple of fictitious Dommes named Mistress Pinar and Mistress Auria (one was nicer than the other).  You would select your infraction from a list as well as how frequently this infraction had occurred and it would generate a punishment (also mood based) for said infraction.  e.g. for repeated masturbation you might "receive" 50 swats with a paddle on the bare ass and have to sleep with your hands tied behind your back for 30 days.  It would also add a nice little kicker of "maybe rubbing a sore buttocks will keep the sub's hands out of trouble."  If anyone could find this site and provide a link it would be much appreciated.

Another past time of the lonely fantasizer is reading fetish fiction.  I'm sure almost everyone is familiar with this so I don't really have much to say on this topic except its weaknesses are that you are at the mercy of someone else's personal fetishes and they rarely have re-read value (once you've shot your load it's done and gone) and these can often open doors to new arousing experiences you had never imagined.  e.g. Reading Giles English's novel, The Chastity Belt was able to deliver this fantasy to me in such a manner that I became interested in chastity.

What fetish fiction and virtual domination have in common is what interests me.  They remove control of the fantasy and the outcome is uncertain.  This is a very strong draw to some and I think it explains a lot of why men (at least fantasize about) crave a cruel woman: the fear of something very unpleasant is equally, if not more arousing than something you really enjoy.

The more unfair it is, the more real the fear of a bad outcome, the more arousing it seems to be. 

I think I spent more time masturbating to virtual domination and interesting fetish fiction than I ever did to visual images/videos.  When I could modify the odds in the random games, I found it far more arousing to fantasize when stacking the odds against me.  Fantasizing about a perfect and ideal situation where everything happens exactly as you want it to gets boring rather quickly.  Not knowing what will happen and expecting the worst never really loses its excitement. 

I'm not sure if it's only males that feel this way (or if I'm a total odd ball), but I find the fact that I feel this way to be rather fascinating. 

I think that's also how some of my other fetishes became so ingrained.  At first I just wanted to be with a fur-clad Goddess who would tie me up and rub fur on my nipples and cock.  That did happen, but once she ordered me to wear fur (when I refused I got my ass beaten and still ended up wearing it) and it was something I didn't want to do it seemed to open up a whole new level of subspace. 

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