Friday, December 9, 2011

Biomechanics - The Physics of Corporal Punishment

This is mainly for the Dommes that read here, but I was curious about something.  I have a background in sports instruction/biomechanics and could diagram some of the techniques and physics for things like:
-How to deliver the hardest slap with a paddle/slapper/hairbrush with the least amount of effort.
-How to achieve the greatest velocity (or greatest destructive force) with a crop or cane.
-How to vary the motion in order to create a quick, biting sting vs. a deep, penetrating bruise.

Would there be any interest in this?

I know it might seem kind of wrong in some ways, learning flogging techniques from a male sub, but I figured since I have the knowledge I may as well offer to pass it on.  It's so odd that the methods for hurting someone are the same methods used for hitting a ball, etc.


  1. Sure. I am interested. Go ahead :-)

  2. I will start working on it and should have at least something posted by Saturday evening.

    I will probably begin with shorter flogging objects and see the response from there before moving onto longer tools.