Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sissy Fantasy: Humiliation Boutique

Lately I've been toying with the idea of doing some sort of on-going series/story/comic type of a thing but each time I tend to run into obstacles preventing me from doing so.  Usually it's something along the lines of being too complicated to draw, requiring significant background art, etc.

After having some pretty good feedback on my shopping fantasies that I targeted at Kimberley and reading about some of what Marc is going through on From vanilla to kinky, I had a few ideas swirling around in my twisted mind.

What if there was a shop that specifically catered towards providing a playfully humiliating shopping experience for single sissies and subs with Dommes seeking to humiliate them publicly?  Assuming said shop did in fact provide a relatively private safe haven for shoppers, they could probably get away with some rather enormous markups on products since they are technically selling a service that would be paid for with the items. 

The scenario my mind has been wading through is of this type of shop with the clientele being primarily single sissies with a few Dommes with sissies in tow.  The sales staff would be trained to tease, humiliate, and arouse the shoppers knowing full well that an aroused male has difficulty saying no.

This type of fantasy tends to turn me on in many ways.  A specific scenario, a catch-phrase here and there, etc. are the staples of fantasy, but for some reason I get way more "into it" when trying to develop the "back end" of the business model.  This is probably because I know some of it would be very effective and the thought of men (myself included) being taken advantage of always tends to get my head spinning.

Some examples:
What type of earnings potential and benefits would need to be present for a woman (dominant or not) to be willing to do this job?  Assuming there would be a constant stream of customers what type of mark-up would be needed to make this happen?  What kind of discount could be given to women shoppers yet still keep profitability intact? 

Male workers could easily be lured in to provide free volunteer help.  What kind of basic carrot (beyond the D/s environment) would be necessary to keep them coming back?  How badly should their rights be abused in order to weed out the wannabes from the dedicated workers?

How would business decisions be made?  What type of "market research" would be done?  What would the store rules and policies be?

I know this is probably better reserved for fetish fiction but there's plenty of these scenarios I've wanted to draw.  I may go further into this but I was curious if anyone had feedback first.  I have done a couple of drawings (one of which is a "lazy artist" type with minor changes to an existing drawing) covering some behind the scenes stuff and if I keep going it will likely be a mix of interactive shopping experiences as well as following specific workers across a given day.  I guess I'm also curious if people would be okay with single character drawings with a caption or if they need to have both characters present?  It seems that some of the better pictures I use for models are better suited for the single-character type... which leads to the question if people prefer the situation or the women in my drawings.  Feel free to chime in. 

Women's orientation:

male orientation:

A sales staff meeting:


  1. I think you have a very sound business model! Interesting and erotic, with sooo much potential.


  2. Obviously this is a fantasy, however, if someone could pull it off they would make so much $$$. I am quite sure Cleo would drag me there kicking and screaming. She would not leave until a sales girl earned that $100 bonus. LOL.


  3. Excellent art!!! Would love to see more.

  4. Thanks, RW.


    in the right area and with the right word of mouth, I think it could actually work, especially if they supplemented things with an internet store and possibly a pay website with videos.


    Thanks. It seems people are in favor of this idea so I will keep it going.