Thursday, March 15, 2012

Checking In

I'm still alive... but still feeling pretty shitty.  It seems like every time I get close to turning things around some things flare up on the home front that knock me back down. 

The weather just made a pleasant turn... hoping to be feeling like my normal self again soon.


  1. be careful) wish you all best!

  2. Hang in there! Chap with your brains should be able to figure everything out.

  3. Thank you, Giles. If only I could just figure it out :)
    My brain shorts itself out during these times and takes a while to get up and going again.

    Thank you, Anon.

  4. Good to see you back! Here's a thought to relieve those doldrums (from a wonderful Depression era song called "Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries"): "The best things in life to you are just loaned, so tell me how can you ever lose what you never owned?"

    Repeat that several times when everything seems to be falling apart. Then smile and get on with life.