Saturday, August 11, 2012

Identity Crisis

I've been browsing some newer blogs lately that were written by or linked to readers of mine and I feel like my blog has a bit of an identity crisis (although this is not a new sentiment and I have written about it before).

In some ways it seems like I have two primary types of posts.  Some posts are from my inner submissive that think about aspects of submission that I like (or dislike) and what about them makes me (or others) tick.  Then I have posts from my inner fetishist.  These include posts or drawings that involve some form of submission or humiliation but likely end up being something closer to masturbation fodder for other fetishists.  My readers tend to be looking for one or the other, but rarely both.

I sometimes wonder if I had been better off with two separate blogs from separate pen names. When I think about it, I think that keeping them together probably gives a better representation of who I am... I am a submissive with a fetish and I am a fetishist with a brain.

I don't know... I guess I just had a rough night last night which has led me to cast doubt upon myself once again.


  1. I would keep them together. I saw your blog from "A Life of Submission." All of us have our won fetishes, fantasies, etc. Keeping them in one place is a better representation of who we are.

  2. Please, keep your blog as it is.

  3. I have been thinking about your post. I can understand, why you think you need to split ... I don't think you need to do this. Your drawings bring a lot of your approach to fetish, your other posts give some submissive insight... I like the mix very much, that is, why your blog is one of my favorites!


  4. U wrote:
    "It is with great embarrassment and humiliation that I have finally accepted that it arouses me to be forced to wear women's clothing."

    U mean u don't want to wear women's clothing but get horny when someone forces u to wear them? Um.....did it ever happen? If yes, did u put up a fight and lost, ending up in panties, 6" heels, a bra, and let's say a gray fox fur coat?

  5. I think they should stay together. The art is what initially got my attention, but I have really started to enjoy your writing. I think that you don't give yourself enough credit. The vast majority of the people that post on your blog seem to really enjoy what you are doing.

  6. Thank you, Sissy.

    That is correct, Ayesha. It has happened and initially, those circumstances were set about as a punishment already. During those times I could resist but had to be prepared for something even worse as an alternative and punishment for being disobedient.

    Thank you, Anon.

    1. you're welcome.

      It's so fascinating to me... for me wearing female cloth is everything but a punishment... being forced to dress male at home is punishment to me ;) that's why I am so happy to find all this in your blog... but if you should decide to split them: I'll follow both of them!


    2. Thank you, Sissy.

      I do differ in that way from most that would classify themselves as a sissy.

    3. Hello fur sissy,

      we are all individuals. Though I think that forced feminization and humiliation through humiliation by dressing and exposing as female is a kick for a lot of Sissies... What we all have in common is that we live or wish:
      * fetish-lead sexuality
      * be the submissive in mainly female dominated relationships
      * feminization in different ways
      * and most of us have chastity cage experience...

      all other topics like cuckold, "adult babies", French maid dresses... you name it... that's the nuances.

      I am a Sissy, not forced to be female and spanking is not punishment to me... so? And still I feel a closer relationship to those who call themselves Sissies than to "real men".

      I like the emotional tone you bring into your blog. You are an inspiration. My blog does not have a clear direction (yet)... my everyday life has some space there (living with fetish and having a family is sometimes really hard) ... but also I show my fetish, my Sissyness... and maybe some day more of my art too.


  7. You are free to believe what you wish. I could have elaborated but it wasn't as apparent that you had only read the first paragraph of that post before choosing to comment on this one. I normally wouldn't respond to a provocation of this nature but a lot of time and events passed from the first time to it actually being a turn on... about 3 years' worth where a lot of things happened to lead to that outcome.