Monday, September 22, 2014

New (or new to me) blogs?

I know I keep falling off the planet.  It seems that very few of the blogs I used to frequent are still up and going.  Does anyone have any recommendations? 

I know if I am able to get more active here I will be more likely to keep up with posts and possibly drawings.


  1. You might try "Strict Julie Spanks" for the drawings from an email sub that Julie often puts on her blog.

    I can't think of any brand new blogs that have caught my eye lately, and as you say, many have disappeared.

  2. Thank you, Lady Grey, I will check that one out.

    It seems google has started filtering out a lot of search results so non-commercial blogs are becoming much more difficult to find than a couple of years ago,

    Take care.

  3. Maybe its better to go somewhere else? like tumblr? you know, that you have several fans, that very like you and all you post. But maybbe not too mane people find your blog?

  4. i want to see your drawings soon again,,,, that would be great !!


  5. I want to see your drawings soon again...I LOVE YOUR FUR DRAWINGS AND CAPTIONS !!