Monday, January 30, 2017

Fiction: fs01 - Part 59.3

Author’s Note: This is a continuation of Chapter 59.2, taking place roughly two weeks later. This takes place several years before the start of the first arc.

Bonus Chapter 59.3: Passing Tests

I tug again in vain, rattling the chains above my head. The shackles hold firm as my muscles continue to ache and throb. The leather hood over my head does its job admirably: the blindfold blocks out all light. The gag mutes my muffled moan as the strained cramping continues through my arms, legs, and back. I breath heavily through my nose while I teeter on my toes. The hood is scented with her perfume and it intoxicates me. I have no clue how long I’ve been like this, nor do I know how long I will remain.

My skin along my wrists and ankles stings, rubbed raw by the cold metal holding me in place. So very cold. I slump and let out a low whimper. How much longer? My stomach churns in hunger, a reflection of the forced diet and the extent of my captivity.

In my youth I was always strong at passing tests. This test pushes me to my limits both mentally and physically. I am determined to pass. She is my hope… for a life that feels right… my hope for love… my hope for salvation from the emptiness. If this is what I must endure to prove myself to her then so be it; I’ve come too far to turn back.

I can’t tell if my mindset makes time move quickly or slowly. I have no frame of reference. The clink of metal on metal, the sound of each breath being pushed and pulled through my nose, the muffled gasps and moans, and the beating of my heart are all that I know.

Time drags on. The ache of my toes and the tingle in my fingers feel like I will reach my limit soon. I release another cry into gag. I’m so cold.

My ears perk as a new sound stimulates my senses. Click, click, click, the sound of her heels across the stone floor brings me to attention. I attempt to remain motionless. I want to impress her.

The cool touch of leather on my bicep, my strained muscles contract in response. The brush of fur against my bare torso. My body shivers as the goosebumps form. The fresh scent of perfume fills my nose. I can hear her breathing next to me. My cock stiffens and stands straight up.

Whrrr, smack. The crop strikes its head. I let out a cry and buck against the chains. I feel myself go flaccid as it slumps itself down against my thigh. The clicking resumes as she taps the crop lightly against my flesh. My naval, my ribs, my nipple. Even without sight I can feel her eyes judging me.

Whrr, smack. I yelp and flail as the crop bites into the flesh on my buttocks. Whrr, smack. I convulse and exhale rapidly, causing the chains to rattle both above and below. I feel the straps on the side of the hood loosen. She slowly guides the gag from my mouth. I feel the touch of the plastic tip of a water bottle on my parched lips. I take a small drink and swallow, feeling the fluid travel down my throat and all the way to my empty stomach. Another drink follows before she pulls it away.

The blindfold comes off next. I bat my eyelids and squint as the light forces my pupils to adjust. My vision comes into focus of the stone wall in front of me. I hear the whir of the electric motor and feel the shackles lower themselves. My body buckles as I fall to my knees. I feel a tug on the chains as my ankles are released and then my wrists. I turn myself on my knees and kiss her feet, first the right foot and then the left. I keep myself prostrated to the floor.
“Thank me.”
“Thank you, Mistress.”
“What are you thanking me for?”
“Thank you, Mistress, for the privilege of suffering for you and to prove my devotion to you.”

She smirks. I’ve learned to interpret this positively, usually if I meet or exceed her expectations.
“Do you have to use the toilet?”
“Yes, Mistress.”
“Hurry and relieve yourself.”

I slowly rise from my knees and hobble a bit as the circulation returns to my aching legs. I use the small bathroom just outside the dungeon. This is the only bathroom she permits me to use. After I finish I wash myself and hurry back to her in the dungeon. I take my place before her on my knees and await her instructions.

My eyes finally adjust well enough to truly gaze upon her. Her beauty makes my heart ache as she stands before me, wrapped in a large fur coat. I feel so very lucky just to be in her presence.

“Are you hungry?”
“Yes, Mistress. Very hungry.”
“Are you cold?”
“Yes, Mistress. Very cold.”
“Are you sore?”
“Yes, Mistress. Very sore.”
“Good, then you are ready for the real test to begin.”

I take a deep breath and try to clear my mind from the wave of fear that rushes in with her words. This is the end of the second week of evaluations. Mistress has put me through a battery of tests, ensuring that I can perform tasks as well as endure pain and hardships for her. She trains me daily in worshipping her feet both with my hands and with my mouth. I have not been allowed to pleasure her sex since the first night I visited her here. I have the feeling that she wants to be certain and I appreciate the gravity of her decision. She made it clear to me that she expects total obedience and no resistance to her will. I dare not test her on this.

“Show me your wrists.”

I present my hands to her and wince as she touches bruised and raw skin. My hands shake as the muscles in my arms struggle to hold them in place.

“Do you wish to delay this test until after your wrists heal?”
“No, Mistress, I will do my best to endure for you.”
“Smart boy.”

In the pit of my chest I get the feeling that I would have been dismissed permanently had I requested a delay.

“Am I beautiful?”
“Yes, Mistress. You are the most beautiful woman I could ever imagine. You are a Goddess.”
“You will suffer for the Goddess.”

I nod my head. It feels inappropriate to respond beyond that. She reaches down with her hand and tilts my head back. Soon the blindfold covers my eyes, strapped to the hood and blocking out all vision. The gag follows.

“Crawl the to the cage.”

I prop myself on all fours, wincing a bit as I support myself on my hands. I try to picture in my mind’s eye the layout of the room and where I am in relation to the cage in the corner. Slowly I make my way blindly across the cold stone floor. Her knee nudges my ribs, causing my to change direction slightly. Before long my finger grazes the metal beam of the frame. I move my hand across it, tracing its dimensions before I slowly continue in. I stop with a clunk as my forehead hits the bars at the end.

The gate clangs shut. The click of the lock resounds over the sound of my breathing.

“Extend your feet through the bars.”

I inch my feet back, finding the openings and carefully guide them through behind me. The cold steel circles my skin as she locks the shackles around my ankles, the chain running outside of the bars.

“Raise your hands above you.”

I painstakingly raise my hands above my head, feeling the bars in my hands, I continue until my hands and wrists are exposed out the top. I wince as the shackles again find my tender skin, closing around me and locking in place. I relax my arms and they are held high, suspended at the top of the cage by the chain.

“Are you comfortable?”

I pause for a moment, feeling the metal bars digging into my knees and shins, my aching arms and the throbbing in my wrists, and my stiff and tired legs all become readily apparent to me. I shake my head no.
“Think of this cage as your new home, little one. If I choose you, expect to spend many days and nights locked inside. I can always find new ways to increase your discomfort. Think about this seriously over the next hours. Can you handle this? Do you want to endure this? This is not pretend, nor does it even reveal the depths of the cruelty I will inflict upon you. I will expect an answer from you when I retrieve you.”

I hear her boots click away as she departs. The hum of the vents starts and my body is soon hit with a gust of even colder air. I shiver to my core. I must be directly below a vent, it feels like the air is dumping directly onto my naked flesh.

I attempt to block out the pain and the cold by losing myself in thoughts. Minus the cold and hunger, this is like something out of a fantasy. Would I ever have guessed I would be living out this fantasy? Never. Over the course of two weeks I have been more intimate with a woman than ever before. I have lived more than ever before. I have felt good about myself more than ever before. I overcome every obstacle. I persevere. I display my worth. I earn her attentions.
She is more beautiful than I could have imagined. She is more intelligent and calculating than I could have imagined. I will fight and cling to this, even if it kills me. Is there a better way to die than chasing what I had always hoped for but never dreamed of obtaining? This is no dream.

I relax myself into the confines of the iron cage and steel shackles. I want time to fly by, not to end the pain but to see the look on her face when I succeed. No one ever cared when I succeeded. It stopped mattering long ago… even to myself. I am alive. I feel alive. I want to live. I love her… for giving me this chance to prove myself… for finding me worthy of her attention. Please keep me, Goddess.

The hours drag on. I’m dehydrated. My entire body shivers, shakes, and quivers under the strain and the cold. Without sight I picture her, clad in furs, standing over me. This woman that I adore. I ache for her.

Others might see this cage as a prison. To me it makes me feel like a guarded treasure.

I lose all track of time. Has it been hours or days? I haven’t slept a wink. I ache, I freeze, and I starve. How much longer? I feel like I’m slipping into and out of reality. I give in and fade away.

My feet twitch as I feel a tug on the chain. The shackles loosen and I flex them and turn them in circles quickly before returning them into the cage. My wrists soon follow. I rub them gently, the nerves spiking with pins and needles. I hear the gate open. I’m ecstatic and delirious.

“Present yourself.”

I back slowly out of the cage and turn around, taking position on my knees. The gag loosens and I feel a cold squirt of water enter my mouth. I relish the moisture before gulping it down. She unzips the hood at the back before removing it completely. The cool air on my cheeks feels good. I compose myself and lower my eyes, motionless before her. I am a broken man kneeling before a Goddess. I lean down and kiss her feet.
“Do you have an answer, little one?”

I burst into tears and sob uncontrollably, pressing my forehead to the ground. My words come out stilted and broken between sobs.
“Mistress, I want to learn everything about you. I want to be by your side day and night. I want to be perfect for you. Thank you so much for this chance to be close to you.”

I feel the fur of her coat on my back as she envelopes me in her arms.
“Shh, little one. I’m here now.”

I nuzzle my face against her gloved hand as she gently caresses my cheek. My tears slow as she continues to comfort me. She runs her fingers through my hair and I rub my cheek against her fur-covered thigh.
“Oh my, you’re affectionate like a kitten aren’t you, pet?”

I smile at her without opening my eyes.
“You know, little one, you continuously derail my plans.”
“I’m sorry, Mistress, I did not mean to.”
“Silly boy.”

I slowly open my eyes and see a warm smile glowing down at me. Her face, framed in fur, gazes fondly into my eyes. I feel my heart warm from within.

“Do you know what day it is?”
“No, Mistress.”
“It’s Monday. Did you get any sleep?”
“No, Mistress. I didn’t want to disappoint you.”
“You’ve been captive for the past 20 hours. The last 12 in the cage.”

I pull my elbows to my sides and rub them against my skin for warmth.
“How many more hours do I have left, Mistress? I’m okay to keep going.”

She responds with a soft laugh as she parts my hair on my forehead.
“Silly, silly boy. Do you have to work today?”
“I can call in sick, Mistress.”
“Good. I want you to get some rest. Tonight you are taking me out on a date. Since you don’t know what I like, I want you to choose things that you like. Share yourself with me. It doesn’t have to be fancy. I want it to feel genuine.”

I begin to cry again as my emotions overwhelm me.
“What’s wrong, pet?”
“I’m so happy. I was so scared that you were going to send me away. That I didn’t do well enough.”
“Silly boy.”

She caresses my cheek again. I respond with a cooing sound.

“Are you hungry?”
“Yes, Mistress. Very hungry.”
“Are you cold?”
“Yes, Mistress. Very cold.”
“Are you sore?”
“Yes, Mistress. Very sore.”
“Are you tired?”
“Yes, Mistress. Exhausted.”

She pauses and smiles down at me again.
“I’m going to give you a choice, little one. We can go upstairs where you can warm up, eat, and get some sleep, or we can stay down here in this cold room and you can lick me until I’m satisfied. I think you can guess which one would make me more proud of you.”

My eyes light up and I beam a smile up to her. She rises and paces across the room to the high-backed chair. I watch as she sits and parts the front of her coat, exposing her neatly trimmed sex. I rise and walk over to her. Every muscle in my body feels like it’s on fire. I ignore the pain. This is the chance I had wished for, for years.

I kneel before her and gently kiss her feet. First the right foot, then the left.
“Oh my sweet pet. I think I’m becoming quite taken with you.”

I can’t contain my smile as I move in closer and press my lips against her erect clit and kiss it gently. I’m truly a lucky man. I feel my penis strain as it rises with an erection of its own. I love you, Mistress.


  1. Very hot, fur. I assume this reflects your own fantasized willingness to go through hell to prove yourself worthy of the perfect Femdom? Is there anything in this story that you wouldn't go through, and why not?

    1. Thank you, Lady Grey.

      This does reflect my willingness... part of feeling like a marble in the barrel and knowing mine must shine brightly to be noticed.

      In this chapter I would be willing to endure with one stipulation. In my own experiences I would have been extremely reluctant to partake without more of an emotional conmection in place. In fiction it seems to work okay but in reality it isn't quite this simple when trust and relationship compatibility factors come into play. However, if we had communicated quite a bit beforehand and it felt like a fit, this would all be within the realm of "reasonable" in regards to being tested.

  2. Fs is willing to do whatever it takes! I can't wait to read about the date he takes her on. Well done, furcissy!