Thursday, February 2, 2017

Random fun

I know I've mentioned in a handful of posts that I was an athlete growing up.  I'm a huge sports fan and basketball is my favorite sport to both play and watch.  I've always been a fan of slam dunks and have followed the slam dunk contest each year since I was in elementary school.  In junior high they finally made hoops that were easy to raise and lower and my friends and I would spend hours every day practicing dunks on a lowered hoop and with a smaller ball. 

The NBA dunk contest has had its up and downs over the year, mostly because they always tend to screw with the format.  The 2016 contest was in my opinion the best one of all time (the first NBA dunk contest was in 1984) and probably had 3-4 of the top 5 individual dunks as well (Vince Carter in 2000 has the only single contest dunk I felt was able to match a few of these). 

Unfortunately the 2016 winner (who also won in 2015) is not competing this year and that bums me out since there is no chance at a rematch.

For those out there who didn't see any of it but have 5 minutes to spare and enjoy watching humans do amazing things, I highly recommend checking this out.  If anyone isn't familiar with the dimension s they are working in, a hoop is 10' tall, the free throw line is 15' away, and an official ball has a circumference of 29.5".  

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  1. Super bummed. Not only was the guy that won this epic dunk-off not going to compete in it this year, but last night he tore his ACL and is out for the season :(