Friday, May 5, 2017

My Current State of Mind

I haven't really felt like blogging lately and it's kind of disappointing.  So much of what I write about is fueled by interaction, discussion, and trying to share a perspective or figure out how someone sees things and that just hasn't happened as much lately.  To me, blogging is about the exchange of ideas and the rapport built between reader and author (or two authors).  It's a strange form of personal interaction because it also invites others to join in.  I find this incredibly inspiring when it happens. 

I miss it in its absence.

Over the past few weeks I've had a few contacts go dark and a few others stop responding to comments and emails although they are still posting on their blog or fetlife, making it obvious they just aren't responding to me.  I'm also finding a slew of newer bloggers that don't seem to care about those making comments, which is rather disappointing when what they write is decently interesting.  At some points in time this would have brought my mood down but this time around it just sucks some of the fun out of blogging.

Basically, there's not enough input coming back in to fuel the stream of words and that is a bit of a bummer.

I know people blog for different reasons but my own reason is social.  If I wanted to keep it all inside I would have a diary.  To share it, meet, and learn from others is why I have a blog.  I've been part of the "internet scene" since the mid 90's and over the course of my life it has been quite common for me to end up with strong friendships from those I met online, often leading to phone calls or offline meetings and the like.  This has happened over the course of my blog as well. 

Lately one of my blogging friends has become very close and some of that private correspondence has replaced some of my blogging.  I do still wish to blog but I have a feeling that this friendship has kept me from feeling down about the current state of the blogosphere for me. 

As for an update on the fiction front, I have been brainstorming ideas for how to finish Arc 9 of fs01 as well as a couple of bonus chapters.  This is the last arc I plan for the story unless I (or someone else) come up with a really great idea for a 10th arc. 

I am finding ways to reach the mindspace I require for writing fiction, it's just not as easy as before.  Worst case, I will force myself to write the last half of Arc 9 and "fake it" but I would like to keep the quality as consistent as possible.


  1. There seem to be different schools of thought when it comes to blog admin and comments. Some bloggers respond to all the conments, even the ones that don't really require a response. Orhers respond to none, or very close to it.

    Sometimes I write things that I'm really proud of and get next to zero response; other times I'll post something that I feel neutral about in terms of meaning/effort/personal investment, and it sparks a lot of chatter.

    I stopped trying to understand it.

    I communicate with fellow bliggers off-blog as well, and for me, that usually tends to be energizing. Hopefully it will be for you as well.

    1. Thank you, Mrs Fever. I definitely am of the "respond to everyone" type. Part of that stems from the fact that it took me like 50 blog posts before I had a single comment. It makes me cherish every comment I receive. I guess it bums me out when someone with a blog that is a month old makes it standard practice to ignore 90% of their comments.

      It does seem random what seems to take on a life of its own. I have had similar experiences in those regards. I might just be feeling neurotic but things seem quieter than usual. I think that getting zero responses by several people that I have communicated with off-blog before is contributing to this mental state.

      As a side note, much of your writing has been very hot lately, I apologize for not commenting more on your blog. I've been doing the "like" thing but I will make a better effort.

      Take care.