Saturday, May 6, 2017

SPH: Tee Ball for Humiliation

Small Penis Humiliation (SPH) is a fascinating topic to me because of how blown out of proportion penis insecurity is. 

At its core fall two basic principles:
  1. Your penis size is inadequate to the point for you to exercise sexual proficiency.
  2. Other people will shame you if they see it.
I tend to ignore #2 because people that look at your genitals are creepy.  I say this having been shamed in my youth due to being uncircumcised.  If a dude is looking at my junk, that's on them.  If they try to make a comment to bring attention to it, they are fucking disturbed. 

With that in mind, really the great fear becomes sexual proficiency.

This is where it really gets weird.  I'm not big, but I have endurance for days and excellent G-spot aim.  One hour?  No problem.  Two hours?  No problem.  Making her cum?  No problem.  I also have a talented mouth/tongue, dexterous fingers, and I pay attention to every response from her body, paying special attention to certain muscles, the depth and pace of her breathing, and so on.  I'm quite confident in my level of sexual proficiency.

With that in mind, any mention (or implied comment) of its size and I'm immediately sent spiraling into the subspace abyss.  Wave after wave of shame crashes down, pummeling my ego into nothingness.  Within seconds I'm in that deep space where I'm driven to try my hardest... to prove that I'm good enough by any means necessary. 

It's so easy... it's like tee ball.  The fact that I know all of this and that it still works is sort of silly.  It's even more screwed up that it gives me an erection.

I did actually find a new small penis name today that gave me a good chuckle: Penisn't

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