Monday, June 21, 2010

Yay! 10 Followers

This is kind of a milestone for me but I finally hit 10 followers.

I know it only shows 9 (one of which is myself) but in my dashboard it says 11, which I'm guessing means there's a few private followers.  It's nice to know that there are some people out there reading.

A big thank you to everyone.


  1. Hi Fur Sissy,

    First thing first! Thank you so much for your blog, really. I remember reading some of your posts in the old NTCWeb forum, about a poll on clothing you would were on a ski trip with a Mistress...You were already amazing, and you still are.

    (Sorry for my english, I'm a french sissy ;p)

    You're doing an amazing job, I know what I'm talking about, I made my own blog/website on the sissy/femdom topic, I know it's hard work, so thank you so far for every comments, ideas, encouragement or enlightenment you already made here...

    I'm, for my part a wool fetishist, fabrics like mohair, angora or soft wool are "my thing" if I can put it that way. I have the same feeling about humiliation as you, enjoying more the concept or fantasy than the real thing.

    I found all your article very instructive and wise to read for any sub, experienced or not... it really helps. Thank you :D
    Plus, I want to share with you some of the drawing I made some years ago, I hope you will like them ;)

    here is the link (sorry a bit long) :

    Feel free to use them, it would be an honor to me really :)

    Have a nice day, you're a real inspiration to every sissies !


  2. I'm one of your private followers - just for the record. I always follow "privately". Not sure why I do it that way, but it seemed like a good idea when I first started following these blogs, and I've just always done it that way.

    At any rate, I always read your entries and always find them thought provoking and informative. Plus, I truly enjoy your comments on my blog. So, all in all, count me as one of your biggest fans and keep up the good work.

  3. Candy,

    Thank you very much for writing. I remember seeing those drawings 3-4 years ago. They are very good. I kind of miss the original NTCweb board... I think by the time I began posting there it was on version 3. Please let me know if you would ever be interested in doing some custom drawings.

    Lady Grey,

    Thank you very much as well. Your blog has inspired me to write a lot and your comments have given me a lot to think about and keep me going. I will keep reading as long as you keep writing.

  4. Fur, it makes me very happy to think that I've inspired you in any way. All I can say is a heartfelt "ditto".

  5. Of course I would be interested in doing custom drawings, I'm sure you could have some wonderfully wicked ideas for some sissy humiliating furry outfit, scenes should take a little longer to draw. Please continue this blog, just as you said to Lady Grey I'll keep reading as long as you keep writing :p

    You can contact me at :