Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Question to the Dominant Women out there

I'm a bit curious as to how you react when you are around other submissive men.

If you were at a D/s-friendly function or gathering and there were submissive men serving the Dominants in attendance, how would you react towards them? 

-Formally?  Like a waiter or butler.
-Indifferently?  The fact that they are submissive wouldn't matter.
-Aggressively?  Submissive men are meant to be toyed with.
-Scornfully?  If they aren't your sub, no need to give them any respect.
-Other?  Something completely different or a mix of some of the above?

Would your thoughts be dominant even if your actions weren't?
Would it depend on whether or not they were claimed or not and if they were claimed, if you had the consent of their Domme?

Any and all input would be greatly appreciated.


  1. It would depend upon the consent of their Doms and just what the purpose of the gathering was.

  2. Thank you for the reply, Lady Grey. I had figured it would be highly conditional although I am still curious if the Dominant impulses are there even if the conduct isn't permitted.

    If you wouldn't mind commenting, I have a few situations that come to mind.

    For the sake of hypothesis, let's say it's a mix of claimed and unclaimed (but considered worthy) subs. The "rules" of conduct are anything goes that doesn't involve any overtly sexual contact (basically only the penis and vagina are considered off limits) nor anything that will cause significant marking.

    A couple of scenarios to consider:
    A) A private gathering of Dominant Women where the subs are there to serve and be used if any way.

    B) A public BDSM gathering where submissive men and women roam the room as waiters/waitresses, carrying hors d'oeuvres, drinks, etc.

  3. First of all, fur, short of going to a funeral or being present at some sort of tragedy, my dominant feelings and impulses are always there to some extent.

    In scenario A, I see no problem in enjoying any form of service that might come to mind from the subs who are present. That's what the Doms we're there for, right, and I'm assuming the subs are there for the same purpose. I've been to a few of these, but it's always with a rather small number of Doms and subs, and it's always Female Doms and male subs. Each sub belongs to a particular Dom, but for fun and games, all the subs are fair game to each Dom. In truth, I much prefer one on one between me and my sub.

    In scenario B, I wouldn't be there if there were female subs. Not my style at all.

  4. Thank you again for the comments, Lady Grey.

    I wrote this post after thinking a bit about about some blog entries I read from male subs from contrasting views, those who felt submissive around multiple women vs. submissive to one woman.

    I was just sort of curious about the opposite of those situations, namely if Dominant Women are more likely to feel dominant to many men vs. just one (or a few).

    I look forward to reading your latest post.