Saturday, June 19, 2010

A little peek into my world

I was a bit reluctant to post a picture of some things before.  I figured I would try once more and see what kind of response I get and it may be something I will continue with in the future.

I am calling this post a little peek into my world since it probably illustrates quite well just how my initial fetishes got twisted into what things are now.  In hindsight, it was actually quite skillful how my sexual responses were manipulated over the years and a deep attraction to women in fur and an enjoyment for the touch of fur eventually forced me down this road to sissyhood and humiliation.
These pictures represent only a small subset of items and combinations that I have been forced to wear over the years.
Keep in mind that these don't just come into play during the winter, they happen year round while serving and during play.
A serious threat of being taken out while dressed in these is usually enough to almost bring me to tears.  Shopping for items like these ends up being a bit exhilarating but quite humiliating if I am forced to try any of them on in the store.
It brings me great shame and embarrassment that being forced to dress up turns me on and I doubt that will ever go away.
The completed outfits are usually quite "whore-like" with short skirts, tight fitting tops, stockings and garters, etc.  Even when dressed in male clothing, being forced to wear hats, earmuffs, and gloves like those pictured above is enough to bring on severe humiliation.

 Any comments?


  1. If it doesn't harm anyone else, you have no business being shamed and embarassed at what turns you on. Surely you know that's true, fur. Get rid of those thought and revel in your own pleasure. Isn't that what it's all about?

    "Life is just a bowl of cherries, so live and laugh at it all." Great old song and oh so true.

  2. you shouldn't feel shame at all ... you have become to understand what turns you on ..and that is a journey. I am also extremely turned on by being made to wear furry feminine things in public ... and even by the threats ... the thought of being furry and tied into mittens and MADE to go buy something ... you are NOT alone. I think your outfit accessories are great ... and you have inspired me to add some items to my 'punishment regime' :-)

  3. Thank you for the comments.

    The hard part for me to make sense of is that I believe it's actually the shame and humiliation that is the turn-on more than the actual items (it just so happens that the items are the types that I have been conditioned to respond to over the past 5+ years). I guess the odd question I have to ask myself is the shame necessary for the pleasure? If so, is it better off continuing as is?

    I actually wasn't sure what kind of response I was going to get to this but it wasn't quite what I expected :) That's not a bad thing though, I appreciate the support.