Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Quick Blurb

I realize I haven't posted a whole lot lately.  I've been quite busy and haven't had much time to think about things nor have I lingered much in the submissive mindset.

I seem to have picked up a few new readers who are leaving comments.  That makes me very happy.  Thank you for posting here and letting me know that I'm writing to someone :)

The picture below is a photo from several years ago of some of the items that have been part of my forced sissy experiences.  As you can see, my fur fetish was really turned against me and strongly contributed to the sissy state I find myself in now.  For 5+ years my only permitted orgasms happened when dressed in items like those below (and usually with an entire matching outfit) and it really did one hell of a job conditioning my sexual responses into the twisted mess they are now.

Things have gotten even more humiliating since then.  


  1. - I can see your predicament ... i LOVE the mittens with fur trim ( fox ?) ... are you made to wear those often ?
    I will need to get some mittens trimmed with fur I think :-)

  2. It's been a couple of years since those mittens came into play. Mistress usually wants me to have more hand dexterity to do other things...

  3. ... i am usually required to struggle to use mine. Mittens are compulsory. if dexterity is required then the mittens must be attached to strings and dangle from my wrists ... thats of couse if they arent locked , tie wrapped , or taped on !