Sunday, August 1, 2010

Forced Feminization - Complete vs. Partial Transformations

This is a topic I have seen varying views from Dommes that implement forced feminization as a regular part of their lifestyle.  Should a sissy be fully transformed and borderline passable as a woman or are they better off being kept "obviously a man" in their appearance.  I know the views vary heavily on a case by case basis both by what Dommes wish to accomplish by feminizing their sub and by what subs truly desire.  I'm pretty much ignoring the sub desires side of this since if they really want to be feminized it really takes away the forced nature of the fetish and it gets into scenarios where there are subs who wish to be women, wish to be gay, etc. and those can mask the reasons they state on the outset.  So my topic of interest really is a Domme's view on complete vs. partial transformations. 

Reasons a Domme would want their sub to be completely feminized:

-It gives a "there's no going back now" feel to the situation.  Once it starts, things tend to keep moving forward.  Panties can be hidden, full-on dressing is pretty blatant.  When the transformation happens, he knows she's absolutely serious about it.

-Primping.  He must now experience much of what women have gone through for years.  Keeping their bodies shaved/waxed, putting on makeup, uncomfortable lingerie, nail care, eyebrows sculpting, and so on.

-Complete removal of masculinity.  His male ego is no more.

-Improved aesthetic pleasure.  The male figure lacks the grace and elegance of the feminine form.  Increasing femininity makes him more pleasing to the eye.

Reasons a Domme would want their sub to be partially feminized but still obviously a male:

-If she is a Female Supremacist, a complete transformation is a bit of an insult for a man to be able to pass as a woman.  If the transformation is only partial it can be used to parody years of restrictive feminine ideals towards women and turning him into a caricature of stereotypical femininity. 

-A well-done complete transformation might allow him to actually pass as a female.  If she wants him to be humiliated she is better off keeping him in the obviously a male stage as this will draw more attention and ridicule, especially if used in public.

-Increased emotional agitation.  It's easier to try to be a man or a woman than it is to be somewhere in between.  "Unisex" clothing has told us that it's okay for women to wear masculine clothing but that's a one-way street.

-He's not supposed to be pretty, so stop him short of being able to achieve that.

I'm sure if I could keep digging I could rattle off at least half a dozen more reasons but I'm not sure if that would lead to anything.  Dommes vary a lot in their feelings on this subject (with many not wanting any feminization at all) and there's no chance of nailing down a consensus.

From my own personal standpoint it trickles back to that cycle I go through of humiliation, deeper subspace, increased arousal, peace in my soul, strong association, humiliation, deeper subspace, etc. that spirals me into a love/hate relationship with forced dressing.  I can say that this cycle happens most strongly with the a partial transformation.  The more realistically feminine it gets, the more ordinary it tends to feel and that leads to less humiliation to fuel the cycle.

Any thoughts?


  1. Hi, I have just come across your blog and found this post really interesting and for me very topical, I have until recently only ever craved 'partial' feminisation where by for example having false nails very trimmed eyebrows and wearing female slacks and blousess I am still observed as a male but all be it a very feminine/sissy one.
    Earlier this year I was very fortunate to meet with a well known London Domme and without boring you with the details I am now very much her submissive sissy/maid and she certainly enjoys when we are out together (as of course I do)the humiliation I suffer being seen as a partialy feminised male with a quite obviously dominant woman and she likes me 'displaying myself as her 'sissy' in public.
    We are now at a stage though where she would like me to demonstrate my commitment to her by undergoing a more 'complete' transformation for example she would like me to become a redhead, have ear/nose piercings waxed thin eybrows, longer nail extensions, more feminine dress, hormones and in the future possibly even breast implants and she knows that my personal circumstances are such that I could accommodate such a transformation if I so desired it.
    In relation to your post my Mistress has also sited 'removing my masculinity' to ensure a more feminine attitude,'the no going back scenario' so she knows she has my full commitment and whilst she openly admits that she enjoys seeing me in 'halfway house' land as her sissy maid she would get more enjoyment out of having a former male transform into a genuinely feminine maid learning on a daily basis what it truely means to be feminine as opposed to just a sissy

  2. Thank you very much for sharing.

    I think I would probably be quite terrified if I was placed in your situation. The "prove your devotion" method can be a bit dangerous. I'm not sure I'd be able to go through with something like that unless we were married and had some form of pre-nup in place covering the bases.

    I don't think it's wrong to exercise caution and if doing so implies lack of trust or devotion, I'm not sure what I would do faced with that situation. I haven't given it tons of thought though as I haven't been faced with that situation and a complete transformation has never been something that was of interest to me.

  3. Hi fur sissy, thanks for your reply, you are quite right when you say it's not wrong to exercise caution and that shouldn't be seen as a lack of devotion, as for being 'terrified' I guess there was an element of that but in my case it's only really served to increase my desire rather than reduce it.
    I too, as I said in my first post originally did not see myself as wanting a 'complete transformation' but having met and become the submissive of the most wonderful Lifestyle Mistress I have revalued what I want out of my life and realized that I really do want to take this opportunity to live my 'kink'.....she is very genuine about wanting to transform me and see's it as a long term "project" as well as a long term relationship..... I do trust her and have now committed myself to her and the complete transformation I now desire

  4. Cool. I hope things turn out well.

  5. Hi Fur Sissy,
    Great Blog!
    I have experienced this I took my sissy Martina to Spain this summer she was not at all happy when I took her male clothes and padlocked them into her case and hid the key leaving her with only the feminine clothes we had brought. At first she would not leave the villa but after a day she submitted as usual and put her bikini on she was also aghast at having to go out at night fully dressed now I am very lucky as Martina is very feminine which is one of the reasons I collared her and once she grew her hair out was extremely passable before the 2 years of femming she has gone through.
    What did surprise me was during the fourth night out she was dressed very sexily in tight jeans and heels and she was so confident the humiliation she always felt when I made her dress was not there! What you described by saying(The more realistically feminine it gets, the more ordinary it tends to feel and that leads to less humiliation to fuel the cycle) is totally true!

  6. Thank you for the comments rfoj74.

    I'm glad to see that your experiences have mirrored my own thoughts on the subject. On occasion I theorize about things I have very little experience with (e.g. extensive public outings) so I just try to get somewhere with my thoughts that make sense.

    It seems you are able to utilize quite a bit of insight into the sissy/submissive psyche. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on more topics I have written about.